‘G40 cabal responsible for Chiadzwa diamond looting’

Minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri

ZANU PF politburo member Oppah Muchinguri has sensationally claimed that the ruling Zanu PF’s G40 cabal was responsible for the looting of diamonds in Chiadzwa and called for the culprits’ immediate arrest.


Addressing delegates at a fired-up Zanu PF provincial co-ordinating committee meeting in Mutare on Sunday, Muchinguri thanked the party members for uniting to push out former President Robert Mugabe and other “rogue elements that surrounded him”.

“Following the unfolding events in Zanu PF, we all know that we now have a new leadership and let’s now unite and develop our province and country,” she said.

“Let’s all fight for development and guard against criminals. We should protect what is ours. We should not just look and remain quiet seeing our diamonds being plundered by criminal elements from the G40. That must not happen again.

“We don’t want such elements in our party and government. It is now the duty of everyone here to work hard to build our province and nation. When we see things (corruption) going on, let’s alert each other and make amends there and then, rather than waiting for the rot to continue as what has been going on in the party. ”

Mugabe once publicly admitted that there was rampant looting of diamonds by his government officials, saying $15 billion worth of diamonds could not be unaccounted for.

Muchinguri, a staunch ally of newly-installed President Emmerson Mnangagwa, is one of the top officials earmarked for the post of Vice-President.

Her candidature was, however, being contested by her rivals in the G40 faction, who openly decampaigned her before the sudden turn of events last week which saw Mugabe stepping down for Mnangagwa following the intervention of the military in the country’s political arena.


  1. The then President R G Mugabe told us that diamonds had been looted to the tune of 15 billion dollars, but from that rally he just went home and enjoyed his sleep, without doing anything about it. Maybe it will help if the new President, and all other future Presidents become real patriots and defend the people from criminals.

  2. Oppah, who is Lacoste, says it was the G40. G40 hinted it was the Military Defense mining companies. Which is it? As a starting point, why not start with the late Chindori Chininga’s report for parliament on diamond mining. Was it ever eventually tabled? And while we’re at it, a committee to look into a number of mysterious deaths, including his. Not for vengeance, but for the sake of the families… and justice. A sort of Truth and Reconciliation exercise of our own. Foundations are so important.

  3. We are tired of these counter accusation without any action. The only truth from this is that Zanu looted the diamonds, its G40, Lacoste and Zvipfukuto combined. It was a joint operation.

  4. Comment…It was Obert ‘Dumbuguru’ Mpofu, Gen Chiwenga and ED who looted the diamonds hence the coup to protect themselves

  5. Oppah, you are asking us to shout out loud and not be quiet when we see corruption, so why did you not speak out when you saw the G40 looting our diamonds?
    This lady should be called in to give her evidence on the diamond looting!

  6. After all the quarrels pliz keep all posts including those of the president & first secretary,& his deputies at yr zanu pf congress open for contest by all.Pliz don’t simply just go there to endorse Munangagwa & few of his favorite fools-that will b a sign of the start of democracy at party & eventually filter at the nationwide.You are highly recommended for yr renowned act of doing away with the evil one centre of power concept.Pliz don’t start off the Mugabe way again preserving top posts for one person or few selected or favoured individuals again the Grace way bec she was related to some top sheff like Mugabe.Allow the floor to chose.Keep the so called factions in the party;they are not factions but different views & inclinations in the party;that is yr real democracy in action.That is health for yr democracy but I don’t mean breaking the laws of yr party.If u suppress factions you create paths for criminals like Grace to capitalize

  7. It was Obert ‘Dumbuguru’ Mpofu, Gen Chiwenga, SOB RGM, Grace, ED and everyone in the ZANU-PF hierarchy who looted the diamonds hence the coup to protect themselves. The whole clique are criminals.

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