Former headmaster pens book on retirement

FORMER National Association of Primary Heads (NAPH) president Philip Rudhanda has written his debut book, Plan for Your Retirement: An Indispensable Comprehensive Guide for Retirement Preparation, in which he shares insights on how people can prepare for life after employment.


Rudhanda officially launched the book at the ongoing NAPH conference on Wednesday.

He said he was moved by poor living conditions experienced by many retirees.

“Many people feel they have been robbed of their energy and dreams at their work places upon retirement. They find themselves merely existing and not really living,” he said.

“Seeing the desperation of these people prompted me to alert workers to prepare for their life after retirement. I am a retiree and am not regretting because I made preparations.”

The former Rusununguko Primary head said failure to plan for retirement is a problem cutting across all employment sectors regardless of posts occupied. Ads

The educationists said many organisations were silent about retirement discourse.

“Retirement is a subject which is not talked about. It’s a silent issue, no employer talks about it. They won’t talk about what you will earn all they demand is for you to do work for them. You are not told how much you will be earning and conditions of retirement,” Rudanda said.

He called on those employed to do income generating projects and avoid working overtime for peanuts.

“I am earning more than when I was a headmaster. I have written two books the second is titled The Questions Children Ask. From this conference I am likely to walk away with $4 000. I had never received such an amount in a short space of time,” he said.

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  1. Death by a thousand Twitter stabs

    Thanks for a good idea but what has killed retirement term planning is economic mismanagement. We are all struggling to make ends meet, and living from hand to mouth with no discretionary income. Almost all retirement schemes have collapsed, pensions wiped away, with a few pensioners now receiving $80 a month which is a social welfare token before people find peace in the cemetery.

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