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In response to Purge on ex-VP allies continues, WEZHIRA says: Let them axe former Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, but Zimbabweans will show First Lady Grace Mugabe and her G40 the exit door come 2018. Voting for Grace is like voting for disaster. She will drive the country down the precipice, to death and darkness.

Compiled by Tinotenda Samukange,Online

TAPIWA 187 says: The major reason why they want to fire all these officials is plain and simple.

They want to fire Oppah Muchinguri simply because she is the only one who poses danger to First Lady Grace Mugabe’s ambitions of being VP soon after the congress. This is correct due to the fact that Muchinguri is more senior to Grace in the Zanu PF hierarchy. Therefore, Grace can never be a VP while Oppah is still active and sound in the party.

In response to Mnangagwa goes into hiding, TOM says: It is said the late Vice-President Joshua Nkomo left the country dressed as an old woman after the hounding and threats on his life by President Robert Mugabe. Now sacked Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa is alleged to have tried a similar trick and failed. How things change. If it is true that he wanted to skip the border, he has no sympathy from me, let him taste his medicine. Former Vice-President Joice Mujuru must be laughing her lungs out.

CDE MAZIVISA says: If you know one clueless person who is just thirsty for power, it is this iron lady, but she will soon come to a halt. If Zanu PF loses the 2018 elections, what will be her fate? I think the punitive sanctions by the United States should be tightened so that we feel the pitch for the next four months. I tell you we will wake up from the slumber we are in, particularly rural folks. They betray us a lot. That way, people will wake up and vote change.

In response to ‘Zim faces worse dictatorship should Grace take over ’, CHIMANGENI MAPIKO says: President Robert Mugabe’s behaviour is like that of a robot that has been programmed to destroy everything in its way and kill everyone that it encounters. Eventually, that robot must kill itself after achieving its mission.

So the current scenario shows the coming off of the pieces that kept that robot intact. The pieces of that robot have indeed come off all of them, including the arms and the legs. What’s left now is for the head of that robot to blow off. The scary thing is that when the head blows off, some will be hit by splinters. So whether one is scampering for cover or braving themselves and enjoying the explosion, it’s good for this country.



  1. I think those who feel pity for ED are misguided. ED is the cause of our problems today, he helped steal the peoples victory in 2008. This country could have recovered by now but look at the mess that we are in because of this crazy Robert Mugabe. ED must rot where ever he is, at least we have fewer people to deal with. I was angered by one of addresses where he likened Zanu Pf to an Elephant to which dogs can just bak as the elephant walks. So he is another bakking dog today. Rest in peace ED.

  2. Every zimbabwean who are rightful thinking must open there eyes and minds,we don’t want anything with Mugabe and his gangsters.They must demised.

  3. If ever she gets to be vp then the only thing in her way will be Mugabe the man himself, we will see if he survives then

  4. Dreaming,,,,,,,,,, i think you are quite right,2008 elections were stolen,we would have been in a different situation than this we are in.

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