Exclusive: Resign Now or face humiliation, new Zanu PF leader Mnangagwa


OUSTED Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa has warned his former boss president Robert Mugabe to step down immediately or suffer humiliation at the hands of the suffering Zimbabweans.


In a statement early this morning from an undisclosed location, Mnangagwa also said he will not be returning to Zimbabwe because he feared for his life as he no longer trusted Mugabe.

Emmerson Mnangagwa caught on camera praying with one eye open

“His Excellency, Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe has always said that if the people no longer want him he will leave office, now that have spoken he must now ACCEPT the will of the people and resign. President Mugabe in his televised State of the Nation Address admitted to a number of a latent disregard to the interest of the people and dereliction of duty, surely after making such an admission common sense dictates that it should have been followed by an apology and immediate resignation to save the legacy of the aforementioned principles,” he said.

The statement comes after General Constantino Chiwenga said said the two had spoken and were moving to resolve the current crisis.

Mnangagwa however said this was not his fight but one between the people and the President and therefore Mugabe must face the people instead of seeking his former VP.

More details to follow. . .


  1. A possible scenario is Mugabe (zezuru) has struck a deal to hand over power to Chiwenga(zezuru) who has in return promised to protect Mugabes interests. Mnangagwa (karanga) is lured back to be neutralised and perhaps the croc is tipped and is in no hurry to come nack

  2. Its slippery slope for both gentlemen.One is adamant to be coerced into a shameful resignation the other has gain a soft spot from the mass

  3. Whats an idiotic information,these guys are up to confuse Zimbabweans at large.Chiwenga vachati confuza or else zimbabweans takuto roverwa musaga se kiti.

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