Exclusive: MDC-T backs military intervention, Tsvangirai jets in

Douglas Mwonzora

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai returned to Zimbabwe and will tomorrow to hold a series of meetings with his party structures amid revelations his party is backing the current intervention by the military.


MDC-T secretary general Douglas Mwonzora made these and other revelations in an exclusive interview with the NewsDay this afternoon.

The interview, which focuses on the current events in the country and features Mwonzora, Douglas Mahiya, Jacob Mafume and others, will be aired tonight on our Youtube Channel. Please subscribe to our channel to get notifications of the video


  1. Backing an unconstitutional usurpartation of a civilian authority by the very same people who basically stole the election from the MDC in 2008? Chiwenga and co are only doing this to foist mnangagwa on the populace as the new president.. Retardation truly knows no limits.

    • Totally agree with you. Mnangagwa and Chiwenga are the most corrupt in ZANU PF, responsible for rigging the elections,looting Chiadzwa diamonds and murdering innocent civilians. I can’t celebrate the rise of these wicked man. Tsvangison as usual, will hop into bed with them, only to be dumped. He was told point blank, they will never salute him but he still thinks things will change, how stupid and naïve.Chiwenga told us that they appoint and dismiss ZANU PF Leadership just like they used to do during the war and they will never salute some one without war credentials, as President.

  2. But why so fast Tsangirai ,my suspicion is that he was called to be part and parcel of the transition set up, lets wait and see, but welcome back home .

    • Comment… Who says MDC holds key to ligitimacy? After all how do you grab power only to dish it out. Zimbabweans…..

  3. Comment…Only a few weeks ago, mdc-t was saying no more coalition with zpf. Morgan is suddenly up and running to join or form a gvt of national unity

    • The situation has changed! Better to set up a transitional government asap. This is encouraging news.

      • I agree we may think Save is stupid but You never know, things may change for the better. People need sanity and reclaim their dignity as human beings. This goblin had reduced us to the sewage

  4. I know pple lyk that pasipamire i call them armchair critics cz they are gud at doing nothing except spewing dogshit.so u want gire to b the vice?better team lacoste than G40.

  5. Man proposes, God disposes! Self-styled ‘President-in-waiting’ Grace Mugabe engaged herself in witch-hunt from her real and perceived enemies. She hardly knew that her downfall will come from one of the unlikely quarters. Its now time to negotiate and find the missing link. Unapologetically the end justifies the means.

  6. Guys this is ZANU PF succeeding itself. Tsvangirai and the MD should avoid being sucked in as that would effectively neutralise them. Leave ZANU PF internal politics alone

  7. After removing Mugabe a transition gvt of all parties is created as a caretaker gvt up to elections.May grade 2drop outs who do not understand gvt dynamics after military takeover please remain quiet not to comment about what you don’t understand.This is no longer about ZANU but Zimbabwe.We need progressive citizens of this country who need development not cheap individuals always thinking about the past and usless party politics.

  8. Comment…obviously the soldiers would want to use MDC to earn legitimacy. The vicious circle that started in 1980 with the inclusive govt of prime minister Mugabe is back again. We saw the deceitful ZANUpf and ZDF as partners in the GNU of 2009 abusing their MDC partners. Mugabe might be gone by the boys who did the dirty work for him are in direct control. They are the architects of our economic demise. Don’t be fooled: the devil in them still lives.

  9. vehukama dzikamai imi, chirungu chinoti “a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush” kutenda cherima kutenda auya nacho, ngatimbotambirai ava vatibvisira mugabe ava then toita stratergy tiri muInterim government. this is a prayer answered, i remember well maPrayers kwaiendwa naana Tsvangirai ana mai mujuru vachiti ngative neBig tent iri inclusive of all parties tibatane tibvise dictator and up to now pange pasina chabuda. ngatitambe iri kurira nekuti husiku hurefu

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