Do you see the opportunities?

Maybe for today, let me be general in my writing so as to speak to everyone in this country at a time like this. It does not matter how you view your circumstances or even say or think about them.


The truth is there are opportunities in every situation good or bad. Suddenly, we have a dispensation that we dreamed of but never expected.

The natural response for simple people is to sit back and grumble, and become unnecessary analyst and see limitations and many other non-existent barriers and eventual miss the passion of the moment.

It is important to understand this simple principle of opportunity which says that what you see is what you get. My question therefore is what do you see? Do you see the opportunities that are so abound?

It is my prayer that you will not miss these. I want to show you a few things that may make you miss all these numerous opportunities around you.


Grumblers operate on laymen opinions and pretend they know more and are wiser. In a situation like ours, in Zimbabwe, opinions abound. Not all opinions require your attention, if you are a wise person. It does not matter whose opinion it is.

The best opinion now is that of God which says “make use of every opportunity because the days are evil”.

Grumblers see evil in every opportunity. They never trust anything or anyone. They over judge their circumstances and in the process lose a lot.

I pray you are not going to join this team but you will have your spiritual sight on so as to see what is happening. These are days of faith.


Your attitude towards what drives the situation or change in the country will either cause you to grab opportunities or spurn them. Most of us are servants of a master called fear.

Fear robs you of your ability to see clearly and to be clear of what is happening. Fear keeps you locked up in a prison whose doors are wide open.

At a time such as this, you need boldness and clarity. How far do you see? What do you see? If you are still seeing yesterday, you might lose tomorrow. If you are still seeing your limitations you will miss the enabling passion of the moment.

My prayer for you is to begin now to see the future, bright and beautiful. See yourself engaged in the re-building exercise and see the opportunities. Do not miss out. Just arise and walk out of such traps. It’s about time. These are days of faith.


If you are not careful, your character might rob you of the opportunities of the present day. Many people in every dispensation fall and fail because of character, their character.

It is foolishness to want to be relevant in the new dispensation but still carrying yourself the way you did in the past dispensation.

These two dispensations are totally different. Take stock of your character right now. Free yourself and renew your mind so you can experience transformation necessary for you to be relevant here.

This means you will have to de-learn things and learn new things. I know that this change is hard but necessary to all those who think they matter and want to move on. You cannot hold on to your dead character, you will lose everything. These are days of faith.


Who you are going to team up with is very crucial. Many people lose their future because of their associates. The people around you matter in how far you will go in the distance of life.

If you come along with wrong people you will not go far. In this new dispensation you need future focused people. You need people with a rebuilding mindset.

Corruption will not pay you anymore. You need to up your game. Who are you walking with? Do they see what you see? Do they feed your passion or kill it? You will have to choose your team well.

Beloved, this life is beautiful when we walk with the right people. These are the days of faith.

Ignorance of your gift

Every human being is born with a gift from God. Unfortunately many people journey through this life ignorant of their gifts.

This is one reason for lack and all this desperation in many people. Your gift has to make room for you. Your gift opens doors for you.

My appeal to all serious and wise people in this dispensation is to quickly discover your gift. This is what you need now.

It will just fit you where you are supposed to be. Work on your gift. Discover it first. Make it work for you. Stop struggling unnecessarily.

What is your gift? That is what the world needs from you. In these last days, you need to be serious and be gifted to make an impact.

These are days of faith

I have tried here today to inspire you for the current and future. We are in something new. Please open your eyes and see it. Stop being carried away by opinions.

See what God is up to. See the future. See the opportunities and make use of them. I pray that God will open your eyes and you will see what He sees and is doing. These are days of faith.

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