Coltart calls for Mugabe impeachment


FORMER Education minister David Coltart has urged the opposition to take advantage of Zanu PF’s current internal fights to mobilise disgruntled ruling party legislators and push for President Robert Mugabe’s impeachment.


Coltart argued the nation faced a grave constitutional crisis following a rare statement of discontent by Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantino Chiwenga, who warned that the military would not hesitate to “step in” to rein in “counter-revolutionaries” posing a threat to Zanu PF party and the country.

“It is important, therefore, that the opposition speak with one unequivocal voice that the military needs to stay out of politics and be confined to barracks. However, that will not deal with the crisis our nation faces, made worse now by this statement of discontent by the military. What then is the constitutional way out of this mess?” Coltart argued in his analysis posted in the social media.

“Zimbabwe simply cannot afford to have a de jure or de facto coup; once any change of power in any nation comes through a means other than the strict fulfilment of the Constitution, in letter and spirit, a dangerous precedent is set which is hard to reverse.”

He added: “Furthermore, I suspect that if all MDC-T, MDC and independent MPs and Senators join forces with disaffected Zanu PF MPs and Senators (who quietly support former Vice-Presidents Emmerson Mnangagwa and Joice Mujuru) it may be possible for them to achieve the required two-thirds majority to remove Mugabe from office.”

Coltart argued if Mugabe does not resign, the only remaining lawful and constitutional method is to impeach him in terms of section 97 of the Constitution.

“In my view, if President Mugabe refuses to accede to the military’s demands this is the only lawful means for those within Zanu PF, who are annoyed by President Mugabe’s recent decisions to address the situation.

“The opposition, of course, will play a role in this if it indicates that it will support any resolution brought by Zanu PF members to remove President Mugabe from office. It seems to me that it will be relatively easy to get the initial simple majority in Parliament to start the impeachment process,” Coltart said.


  1. Coltart you are mad. You think you can remove Mugabe through the ballot! Oh my foot. Mnangagwa and Chiwenga know very well that you cant remove the despot through the ballot. They are right in everything they are doing now. Pamberi na Mnangagwa and Original Zanu PF.

  2. Coltart’s suggestion is brilliant. Extra-consitutional means of removing Mugabe will eventually back-fire. The international community will not recognise such a regime, leading to the imposition of real sanctions.

  3. the opposition is disappointing david. just imagine how it would won the battle now had they not fought over useless things in 2005. although they can come up with something now, it might be a challenge because the army is fighting for zanu not Zimbabwe and the opposition. it is not time for them to sit idle. their intelligence should be working full time, because no one is checking and worried about them now. those who do are fighting each other.

  4. David-the opposition is sleeping !!This is what happens when you keep a leader beyond his sell by date ! Morgan should have stepped down and a new leader put in so they could do what David posits. They are sleeping these guys!

  5. I am in SA, Honestly Mugabe is a very good leader, he stands for being black, he stands against white power. Coltart is just being against oppression. Why is it so painful for whites to be oppressed? They subjected us on this also, it is just a return. The Zim economy can still survive under Mugabe, let him establish a commission as to how, is the fired VP not Sanctioned personally? Why Mugabe was sanctioned? in SA, whites have so much power in a way that their Party,DA might win again in 2019 and its because of people like fired VP. Long live Leadership of Mugabe but take hunger off our fellows in ZIM.

    • You South Africans are very dull and we expect such comments from our dull brothers. Thank you for your for keeping that stupidity to yourself. Us Zimbabweans are tired of Mugabe and his wife. You can take him there and worship him all you want.

    • No you are not in SA and you are not a South African!
      You are a Zimbabwean operating under the regime, we know you!
      You are sent here on these comment platforms to brainwash readers to think mugabe is right, you are sent on these platforms to post favorable comments about mugabe

      we will never be brainwashed and its too late for you to keep posting your rubbish, your statements are weak and foolish

    • From a 1000 km or more away, RGM seems a jolly good fellow. Not so when you’re close to his direct influence. What he says and does are totally unrelated. Which is why even the army got tired of him too. Voters have failed to remove him from power through voting, a pity he has to be removed militarily. It didn’t need to end this way but absolute power corrupts absolutely!

  6. Why do we wait nearly 38 years only to have someone else, another brute (Mnangagwa), come in? Glad to see Mugabe tyrant go, but he is living his last days anyway. We wait 38 years for what would happen anyway within the next 2 months. Now we have Mnangagwa who supported the tyrant all along and is guilty himself of terrible crimes. Ashamed. Who are we? Lost people.

    • This is a point many people fail to comprehend or just don’t care to think about. Healthy democracy or thriving economies are a result of contesting ideas. Mugabe and Mnangagwa are one and the same, have despot tendencies. In Zanu right now they have this one centre of power which Mnangagwa put in place, they have mimicked the same thing in the country’s constitution. He can hire and fire as he pleases. All dissenting voices G40, Gamatox will be brought in line under this one centre of power or get fired. The only thing that he needs to appease will be the military as long as he is ok with them they can guarantee his stay until he dies. Mnangagwa understands law much better than Chiwengwa ever will, the next stop is gutting the constitution agreed under the GPA to ensure that he has Zimbabweans and its wealth firmly in his hands. People will squirm, wait and see.

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