Chiyangwa in panic mode


ZIFA president Phillip Chiyangwa is desperate to save his political and economic empire, as it emerges that he is one of the “criminals” being hunted down by the new political dispensation seeking to weed out all alleged corrupt elements that had surrounded former President Robert Mugabe.


Following the arrest and detention of former Finance minister Ignatius Chombo, who appeared in court on Saturday on corruption charges, Chiyangwa has been on a ferocious drive to try and distance himself from the people aligned to the deposed former Zanu PF leader.

If he is not live streaming on social media, painstakingly pleading his innocence and dissociation from Mugabe or the G40 faction that was backing the former President, he is issuing Press releases through his Zifa office, offering compliments to new President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

In his latest bid to be acceptable to the new leadership and, in turn, avert possible prosecution, Chiyangwa announced yesterday that he was organising a friendly match between the Warriors and Chipolopolo of Zambia next month to celebrate Mnangagwa’s ascendancy.

“The Zimbabwe Football Association advises the nation that it has organised a celebratory international friendly match between the senior men’s teams of Zimbabwe and Zambia to mark the historic assumption of office by His Excellency, Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa as the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe. The friendly match between the sister nations will be played on December 23, 2017 at the National Sports Stadium in Harare,” Chiyangwa announced in a desperate move to charm Mnangagwa.

“On the same day, Zimbabwe and South Africa’s football legends will provide pre-match entertainment as the curtain raisers. As the custodians of the nation’s most popular sport code, Zifa duly appreciates the sincere call by His Excellency for every citizen regardless of political orientation, tribe, gender, colour or creed to positively contribute towards the building of our nation.

“Sport in general and football in particular is a proven catalyst for unity, peace and social cohesion. We are confident that the new start that the nation has been granted in the hands of His Excellency Cde Mnangagwa will lead not only to the revival but flourishing success of sport.”

Chiyangwa, who is believed to own vast tracts of land in Harare and other cities, is allegedly named in a document prepared by Harare City Council chronicling corrupt land deals by individuals who are close to Mugabe.

It is the same document that is being used by the State as a basis to prosecute Chombo, who is facing three counts of corruption-related charges.

Chiyangwa, a Zanu PF central committee member, has previously posted, on regular basis, videos on social media showering praises on the former First Family, often describing them as inimitable and indispensable.

And as the succession war played out in Zanu PF, Chiyangwa would take to social media, where he, through his posts, openly aligned himself to the G40 faction which was apparently clearing the path for former First Lady Grace Mugabe to ascend to the presidency.

The flashy businessman would, in the videos and audios, often remind the suffering Zimbabweans that their only way out of their misery was through supporting the Mugabes.

“How can you expect to make money in Zimbabwe if you don’t support President Robert Mugabe. You can’t oppose Mugabe and Zanu PF and try to make money at the same time. Those that have attempted to do so (oppose Mugabe) know the consequences,” he remarked in one of his audio recordings.

In one of the videos which he took while travelling to Rushinga, where Grace was holding a campaign rally, Chiyangwa bragged about being part of “Team Grace”, a team that was backing her in a bid to be President.

He was also part of the crowd at Grace’s recent apostolic churches interface rally at Rufaro Stadium, a day before Mnangagwa was eventually sacked from the Vice-President’s post. The rally was attended by G40 loyalists.

But after the military intervention last week that led to the peaceful transfer of power from Mugabe to Mnangagwa, Chiyangwa has been scrambling to save his skin by dumping the Mugabes and the G40 grouping.

He has been trying desperately to realign himself with the new dispensation.

In his pleas, some almost comical, he distanced himself from politics.

And on the day after Chombo was detained, with reports emerging suggesting that Chiyangwa was the next to be arrested, he was quick to try and clear himself.

“Just to put it on record, I’m in my office here [along] 160 Enterprise Road and I slept in my house. I’m not being sought (because) in my life, I have never been a government minister. I have never been anything that makes decisions on anybody’s life. I have just been doing my own thing and people get very interested, very jealous. I’m just about making money and running my football,” he said in a video post.

“These falsehoods being peddled all over, putting my name alongside people who have been Cabinet ministers where I haven’t been. What was I doing with them? I will be travelling away for my football engagements, bringing football to Zimbabwe. That’s all I do.”

Despite his links with Mugabe, Chiyangwa was one of the first people to congratulate Mnangagwa after he was inaugurated as President.

“The Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) president, Dr Phillip Chiyangwa, the executive committee, the secretariat and the council would like to congratulate His Excellency Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa on the occasion of his inauguration as President of the Republic of Zimbabwe on November 24.

“We, as the football family, are elated that the transition was smooth, peaceful and it allowed for the continuation of the beautiful game across Zimbabwe without any hindrance. For that, we are grateful. We pledge to work with you on your mantra ‘jobs, jobs, jobs’ to transform not only football, but sport in general into an industry that employs millions across the country and that receives support from the corporate sector and indeed, your new government.”


  1. Everyone who attended that disastrous Rufaro rally on that unforgettable day must be investigated from the Ndangas to whoever and if Fidza is fingered in the council land report then he must be arraigned before the courts to clear his name if need be.

  2. He is a tsotsi. I dont know why you left out the biggest tsotsi by the name ROBERT MUGABE? PLIZ ARREST MUGABE TO SHOW THAT YOU ARE SERIOUS. IT DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE TO LEAVE MUGABE SCOT FREE. ARREST HIM!

  3. I once commented in this newspaper that those supporting RGM have a very short vision term of less than 10 years. Philip is one of them, he must have his day in quote. There are many others Undenge, Chivayo etc especially dubious contracts awarded by parastatals. Whilst we are at it, those working in the media who propagated monovision need to be kicked out so that these institutions provide a balanced and truly national outlook. All those who relied on RGM to the last day, welcome to the world of vending!!

  4. We do not need selective prosecution in Zimbabwe as it is now common practice. Arrest all these thieves unless all of you are thieves.

  5. The truth if to be told is that Zanu yakaora kare, why, corruption is their DNA, no-one in Zanu is clean. They are all the same, thieves, what we want to move forward is to have international supervised elections then deal with the rot. Jumping from one zanu to another will be making one step forward and two steps backward.

  6. Kana mbavha dziri kusungwa Chiyangwa sei asati asungwa right now he is collecting money from Southlea Park residents who had already purchased stands from his counterparts he made disappear so that he cold rob poor suffering residents NGAASUNGWE MBAVHA now they are paying twice for that same land not fair at all

  7. Comment.We are trivially all staring at national circuses of small minority of nationals who trivially benefited unduly beyond rational limits from the previous regime,synonymous with allegedly fair competitors in marathon race, but who appear to have completed most of the race by fastest jet. it appears we first of all need revisit our law to remedy its insufficient motivation to truth telling. Before nation starts borrowing money from outside it is important to locate national resorces improperly privatized ,for possible necessary recovery for common good.Greed is s vice that has hediously distorted a people’s strugglr.At least someone owes nation sincere apologies.

  8. It is common knowledge that Chyangwa owns vast pieces of land throughout the country. Just recently he was implicated in the NSSA scandle where it was reported that NSSA purchased non existent land from Chiyangwa.It is important to take stock of the properties this man owns and no doubt he must be taken to task and should the investigations find him guilty, then JAIL time it is for him!Also the HARARE CITY COUNCIL, Housing DEPARTMENT, its Directors, acting Directors and other officers must be investigated becoz they were involved in dishing out this land to these guys. Why is it that The housing department only sells land to developers, they have the equipment so why cant they develop the land and allocate it according to the people on the waiting list. Corruption has been our greatest challenge! Investigate Harare City Council Remebrance Drive, That’s where it all starts, Put them in jail if you guys are serious about doing something about corruption.

  9. if there is going to be fairness in this Restore Legacy thing, ENERGY MUTODI must be brought book, now! he clearly coned people nationwide selling fake stands worth millions. people took him to courts, but nothing transpired, and now street talks claim he was being protected by the then Minister of justice who is a close ally to him, Cde president E.D Mnangagwa. President Mnangagwa must show the nation that he is clean, different by paving way for a free Mutodi trial.

    Above all we rally behind you E.D, deliver as you promised.

  10. All the Herald and Sunday mail journalists are PRO Mugabe and must be arrested. Bring new journalists and fire all those who used to bootlick Robert Mugabe.

  11. Zimbabwe infested with chameleon politicians and they think they can take advantage of any environment and hide from people.If President E.DM is not careful soon he will be dragged in the mud by the same people pretending to praise him.Fidza vaiti munhu wese kuna amai nekuti ndiko kwavaidya,tinyararirewo utigarire pasi.

  12. Yah unoto shaya kuti balanced reporting yacho iri papi and this story is more tabloid than newspaper. Maybe lets start with our media taking journalists back to school so we are on international levels

  13. Everyone who akapfeka a white Garment at Rufaro Stadium Blasphemy Rally…. Automatically he/she is unclean, wasting GOD day……thugs, crooks, Day light Robbers,brutality, plenty of properties yet the innocent children, orphans, old people, windows ARE FACING HELL IN ZIMBABWE–SUFFERING LIKE THAT, THE GOGOs and SEKURUs pensioners sleeping at banks in towns, sewage’s bursting and causing disease outbreaks, Road potholes from CBDs going out, no medication in Hospitals….and you think GOD is happy about.

  14. I have all along been waiting and still am,to see what will happen to the greatest of all saboteurs in zimbabwe ispecially Matabeleland.We all know Chiyangwa bought most of the companies in Bulawayo for the sole purpose of closing them down and removing the machinery to open companies in Mashonaland. Watch out Obert Mpofu

  15. Chiyangwa and Chombo are Siamese twins in crime. One cannot do without the other. Take all their properties and return these lands to the State.

  16. We annot condone thieves. A match ‘to accelerate the ascendancy” of Mr Munangagwa. What corruption is that????? Iwe Tsuro Magenga. you Think Our President haafunge here iwe. Mboko.

  17. “How can you expect to make money in Zimbabwe if you don’t support President Robert Mugabe. You can’t oppose Mugabe and Zanu PF and try to make money at the same time. Those that have attempted to do so (oppose Mugabe) know the consequences,” he remarked in one of his audio recordings.
    what do you say Fidza????

  18. Comment…You stinking tribalists stop posting comments if you don’t have anything to write about.We are talking of national issues you divert them to regional.

    Jabulani Sibanda was senior commander of war vets burning people’s homes in Masvingo,ordering the killing and persecution of the innocent electorate was he doing that for Bulawayo?When gwesela reeked havoc killing people and destroying homes was he representing a city, a region or it was just him being a sadist? Who benefited from the Mugabe holocaust? Every region was a victim.

    He killed people during gukurahundi and that of course was the worst but you must also remember the 2008 re-run purges were he killed and maimed people in Mashonaland.Mugabe and his erstwhile administration were never good for anyone.

    Go to Mashonaland and see how most of the districts are,they are worse than they were in 1990.

  19. Some people need to be detained in mental hospitals; all comments here talk of a cancer that is national. No one has made tribal comments. If Phillip, Obert, Undenge, et al have stolen they must have their day in court. One does not need to go to national archives to find the stink, it is there and always been there for everyone to see.

    If RGM wept in the presence of the negotiators because he had been betrayed, stating that he had protected some official whose name was withheld even if we know who he was talking about – see the Standard, surely RGM must answer for protecting corrupt ministers in his administration.

  20. I did a Chiyangwa name search in the document being used to prosecute Chombo and Chiyangwa’s name popped up more than 30 times.

  21. of Chombo and other like minded persons, I’m beginning to think that His excellence CDE RGM was hoodwinked into believing that slashing of arrears for those who owe the local authorities in 2013 was meant to ensure a landslide victory in that yr’s election but in essence these culprits wanted their arrears cleared, taking into consideration that for one to effect a sale or a change of ownership the property mustn’t be owing anything to the relevant local authority.Considering the magnitude of size of their properties the local authorities were crippled especially City of Harare. It was good for the underprivileged to benefit from this gesture , but for the crooks to hide behind the poor becomes something else…..

  22. please chiyangwa must be removed from that position of zifa persident
    he is very corrupt.sports is no long enteresting with this corrupt guy,he have destroyed peoples joy.

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