Chiwenga calls Mugabe to order

THE Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) yesterday called President Robert Mugabe to order and directed him to immediately stop the ongoing purge on former Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s allies ahead of Zanu PF’s extraordinary congress next month.

ZDF Commander General Constantino Chiwenga told journalists at the army’s KGIV headquarters in Harare that the threat to the nation and Zanu PF by “counter-revolutionaries” in the ruling party could force the army to “step in”.

Chiwenga made four key demands that Mugabe should urgently fulfil failure which the army could “step in”, which are “to stop reckless utterances by politicians from the ruling party denigrating the military which is causing alarm and despondency within the rank and file; that the current purging of which is clearly targeting members of the party with a liberation background must stop forthwith; that the known counter-revolutionary elements who have fomented the current instability in the party must be exposed and fished out; and as the party goes for the extraordinary congress, members must go with equal opportunity to exercise their democratic rights.”

At the press briefing, the defiant Chiwenga, who was flanked by Zimbabwe National Army commander Lt General Philip Valerio Sibanda, Air Vice Marshal Elson Moyo, army chief of staff (administration) Major General Douglas Nyikayaramba, over 90 major generals, brigadier generals, wing commanders and senior army commanders raised concern about the dismissal of Mnangagwa and other senior party officials with liberation war credentials.

“It is pertinent to restate that the Zimbabwe Defence Forces remain the major stockholder in respect to the gains of the liberation struggle and when these are threatened we are obliged to take corrective measures,” he said.

“It is with great humility and a heavy heart that we come before you to pronounce the indisputable reality that there is instability in Zanu PF today and as a result anxiety in the country at large. What is obtaining in the revolutionary party is a direct result of the machinations of counter-revolutionaries who have infiltrated the party and whose agenda is to destroy it from within,” Chiwenga added.

“It is saddening to see the revolution being hijacked by agents of our erstwhile enemies who are now on the brink of returning our country to foreign domination against which so many of our people perished.”

Chiwenga threatened retribution on all Zanu PF counter-revolutionaries bent on “destroying the party from within”.

Zanu PF secretary for science and technology and Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo, who during the time he was expelled, argued that the ruling party could only be destroyed from within.

Moyo is a leading figure in Zanu PF’s G40 faction that engineered Mnangagwa’s recent expulsion from both government and the ruling party on allegations of disloyalty, deceit and attempting to usurp power from Mugabe, among others. Other key members of the G40 faction include First Lady Grace Mugabe, party commissar Saviour Kasukuwere and Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko.

Mnangagwa reportedly leads a rival faction Team Lacoste.

The belligerent military hitherto seen as a malleable tool in Mugabe’s hands, was believed to be sympathetic to Mnangagwa’s bid to succeed the 93-year-old leader and was until his expulsion, a leading contender.

Mugabe who is Commander-in Chief of ZDF, has already been endorsed as Zanu PF presidential candidate for the 2018 election but with the new turn of events, the veteran leader could be challenged by Mnangagwa at next month’s elective congress.

However, it remains to be seen if Mnangagwa’s allies will make it to the central committee given that delegates to the congress could be elected this week.

Chiwenga warned that the current purging and cleansing process in Zanu PF, which so far was targeting mostly members associated with the liberation history was a cause for serious concern in the military, adding they could be forced to take over levers of power if Zanu PF failed to put its house in order.

“But what is significant to us and the generality of Zimbabweans is to remember that all these rebellions were defused by the military, but at no point did the military usurp power. We must remind those behind the current treacherous shenanigans that when it comes to matters of protecting our revolution the military will not hesitate to step in,” the defence forces chief said.
In comments that echoed demands by the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association, Chiwenga demanded that the counter-revolutionaries be expelled from the ruling party forthwith. The ZDF boss, in a thinly veiled attack on Grace’s denigration of the military, demanded that this should stop.

“…We strongly urge the party to stop reckless utterances by politicians from the ruling party denigrating the military which is causing alarm and despondence within the rank and file.

“The current purging which is clearly targeting members of the party with a liberation background must stop forthwith. The known counter-revolutionary elements who have fomented the current instability in the party must be exposed and fished out. As the party goes for the extraordinary congress, members must go with equal opportunity to exercise their democratic rights,” Chiwenga said, in a statement seen as paving way for Mnangagwa’s come back into the ruling party.

Chiwenga said Zimbabweans and especially those that survived the liberation struggle “live on the spirited hope of seeing a prosperous Zimbabwe and also the hope of leaving behind inheritance and legacy for posterity”.

He said Zanu PF’s internal power struggles had left the country on edge, adding this should not be allowed to continue, lest it creates anarchy.

“… it is common cause that any instability within the party naturally impacts on their social, political and economic lives. Accordingly there is distress, trepidation and despondency within the nation. Our peace-loving people who have stood by their government and endured some of the most trying social and economic conditions ever experienced are extremely disturbed by what is happening in the national revolutionary party,” he said.

“The famous slogan espoused by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Head of State and Government and Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Cde R G Mugabe ‘Zimbabwe will never be a colony again’ is being seriously challenged by counter-revolutionary infiltrators who are now influencing the direction of the party. It is our strong and deeply considered position that if drastic action is not taken immediately our beloved Zimbabwe is definitely headed to become a neo-colony again.”

Chiwenga added: “As a result of squabbling within the ranks of Zanu PF, there has been no meaningful development in the country for the past five years. The resultant economic impasse has ushered in more challenges to the Zimbabwean populace such as cash shortages and rising commodity prices”.

The army chief also said: “Unfortunately since the turn of 2015, Zanu PF’s traditional protocol and procedures have changed with a lot of gossiping, backbiting and public chastisement being the order of the day. Indeed the party is undoing its legacy built over the years.

“While our people might be persuaded to take what is going on in Zanu PF, as internal political matters in that party, the truth remains that Zanu PF’s conduct and behaviour as a ruling party has a direct impact on the lives of every citizen, hence all of us regardless of political affiliation are affected by the party’s manner of doing business.”

Chiwenga warned Zimbabwe could descend into anarchy citing examples of Somalia, DRC and Central African Republic where minor political differences degenerated into serious conflict that has “decimated the social, political and economic security of ordinary people”.

“Among other security threats that are coming out of what is obtaining in Zanu PF are the reckless utterances by politicians denigrating the military which are causing despondence within the rank and file.

“Further we note with concern the attempts by some politicians to drive a wedge between the security services for their own selfish interests. This is unacceptable. We take great exception to this behaviour.”

Following his expulsion last week, Mnangagwa vowed to come back to Zimbabwe in the next few weeks to “take control of the levers of power”.

“I will go nowhere. I will fight tooth and nail against those making a mockery of Zanu PF founding principles, ethos and values.
“You (Mugabe) and your cohorts will instead leave Zanu PF by the will of the people and this we will do in the coming few weeks as Zimbabweans in general now require new and progressive leadership that is not resident in the past and refuses to accept change,” he said.

Mnangagwa also called on his supporters not to ditch the party but remain holding fort, so that they could deliver a decisive blow on Mugabe.



  1. The Match spills into Extra Time!

    Izvo yaiziva zvayo Ngwena kukweva jira ichisiya munhu!

  2. josphat mugadzaweta

    uri kufarisa chiwenga. remember you were appointed and you can be removed in a wink like ed. let us wait and see.

    1. ko perence aripi

  3. Editor, please do your job, too many misspellings in this article, remember the world is reading, shoddy work will detract from an otherwise will managed and reliable news publication.

    1. RevolutionaryHeir

      Also check your spellings, its “otherwise well managed” NOT will managed….. NONSENSE!!!

    2. makapedza here kumarker bvunzo dzevana

      1. kwa kwa kwa kwaaaaaaaaaaaa.Some people focus on the minor things.Vanenge mudzidzisi zveshuwa

  4. So what will the army do? Stage a coup? Even by making these utterances the general is out of order. The constitution is clear on the army’s political involvement. There is nothing legal it can do to RG than weep.

    1. The constitution and Zanu are like water and oil, only brought together for convenience otherwise always worlds apart. Grace was addressing rallies telling us she gives instructions to VPs and was dressing down civil servants like George Charamba, protecting Jonso from prosecution was that part of the constitution?

      1. Charamba is a civil servant aitsvagei ku Political rally

    2. You only know of the constitution when your faction is on the receiving end right, Grace saying Jonso is innocent when the case is under the courts is constitutional? For now its better to just remove the Mugabe dynasty being created

  5. Constitutions and laws have never mattered in our government. The party president is above the law. Anyone can follow suit.

  6. Well said Chiwenga! Justice must not only be done but must also be seen to be done. This is about the welfare of 15 million people, not personal property. Continue standing for the cause.

  7. If protocol works in the manner it should, Chiwenga had the authority of the Commander-in-chief in issuing the statement, right! and RG would have had a view of the statement prior to its release. ..interesting

  8. Army is an institution which safeguards our peace. Politicians cannot be left creating chaos and army sits back to say ndezve politics. Ruling party’s problems degenerate into economic chaos and army sits back and say its ok? The general is right.

    1. Comment…you are right there. i also support Chiwenga’s sentiment

  9. thumps up Chiwenga we dont want a dynasty in our country

  10. @ Zinish the Nq, you are clearly playing dumb,angithi?

  11. I just love what Dr Gen. Chiwenga has said and is about to do. Well done, General. Cde Jonah, pay back the Zimdef loot and sprint like a 16-year old.. Yeyi baba Moyo, ngithe run, mhanya…..gijima, baleka!!!

  12. Chivenga operates under the President.There is no way Chivenga can call a press conference without the President’s blessings.Otherwise that only is tantamount to a coup.So ,the president even knew the contents of that press conference before hand.
    We the majority, are just being confused ,there is more than what we can see

    1. Psalms 109 vs 8-9

      i would really need more insight on that, you might be corrected that we end up being derailed from the vision to vote or pressing issue’s .. cos these guys know each other. what if its a game they are playing on us.

    2. i agree with you this is tantamount to coup .where was he when gamatox were purged he was quiet meaning that he applauded the actions of the first lady.a stitch in time saves nine,this shows that the general was grooming mnangagwa and is going to be the king maker.he is also in the zanu pf factions

  13. the tables indeed have turned.flash back to 2008 Tsvangirai won elections but could not assume power because he had no support of the army.Fast forward to 2017 Mnangagwa is chucked out of the road to power and because his friends in the military want him there they are going to force him back.

  14. Comment…Do not blame Chiwenga he is correct, these divisive politicians want to hide behind THE ARMY MUST NOT MEDDLE IN POLITICS , when the politicians are destroying the Party and causing despondence. The fake national commissar is busy in his everyday diary scheming to sack people from the party with the help of this resident minister of Manicaland who , instead of seeing over development in her province she is busy in purging her fellow war veterans day and night.

  15. The Munangagwa who was SUSPECTED of plotting to topple the Government was not seen one day talking publictly like this.This is worse ,but the President takes kore than 24 hours before reacting.Then you tell us that he didnt know about that press conference before hand?

    1. What if he knew?we don’t care but we care what Chiwengwa said, fulls top.

  16. if Chiwenga believes Mnangagwa is popular let him form his own party and meet the likes of Mujuru in the campaign trail.Army should remain in the barracks.

    1. The problem is not Mujuru otherwise they can reunite. The problem is Mugabe and Grace. They think they can do whatever they want to Zimbabwe. Remember it was Grace who spearheaded the downfall of Mujuru but when you are still part of the process you tend to support it to protect yourself, that is what Mnangagwa did. The issue is Grace want to take over and it seems she was promised this by Mugabe, so she is removing all the stumbling blocks to ensure the upstairs are free. The only solution is to remove Mugabe and things start to move.

  17. Tirikukuhonai Hedu

    But why didn’t you say anything during the purging of mai Mujuru and her allies… History is just repeating itself. Kwazobatwa paidiwa nevamwe vanhu – and the question is what were you promised by those that were chucked out?

  18. Unconquerable Chibaba

    Well said General. Elections at congress not just coming to rubber stamp and eating. Why waste money having such a huge gathering yet the real purpose is to elect a leader who says nominate a candidate but there is no vacancy? After all Mugabe has since been elected and will elect every other person hence he can do that at State house and avoid milking parastatals like ZIMDEF. The money can be put to good use.

  19. Well done Comrade Chiwenga ,the struggle and its ideals has been hijacked and we can not just look on. Let not money nor friendship and greedy corrupt us but the cause of the revolution. Was it for one man or a family . No I believe for us all and President’s legacy is also being tainted as Moyo abuses the first lady to influence the president in wrong direction. We salute our liberation, our heroes and all those that follow the ideals of the struggle. Our father did not endure the hard conditions of the war to usher in suffering and prolonged suffering to the people to imply that one man is the hero and the struggle. Disagreeing with him is disloyalty. Our problem is the direction of the party and those calling the chants.

  20. Its just crisis management by R.G Mugabe.He is the one who authored the statement kuvhara mahwani.

  21. Chiwengwa is a puppet of Mugabe,what is new to us which we can not know and see.We only want zanu pf to demise and bring zimbabwe back onto the economic map.The people of zimbabwe,there is no more soft approach towards Mugabe family and his zanu pf party,because the 37 years of self rule has been non productive in our country in whatsoever. We need new brooms and new approach that can take zimbabwe to greater heights.

  22. Was Chiwenga on the side of the people in 2008, the last time the ZDF intervened? What is his motivation today, to protect us the people, or to protect his preferred faction’s leadership?

    We all want to see the back of this government but let us be wary of two things, as this Zanu PF battle unfolds. One: sliding into another (this time open) coup. Two: being passively tossed from one frying pan into another (even if not into the fire), desperately assuming things can only get better.

  23. At least Chiwenga mentioned cash shortages and economic hardships afflicting citizens somewhere in his statement which earns our support immediately unlike Grace Mugabe who has never read a single sentence from an economics textbook

  24. i don’t cee the reason for us going to vote for the party of our choice,as long as this generals are aligned to the ZANU PF(Revolutionary Party),no other party will rule.KUSVIKA VESE VAFA VAKARWA HONDO AVA NDIPO PACHATANGA MAFREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS,OTHERWISE WE ARE JUST WASTINMG OUR TIME WITH THIS NEW BVR THING!

  25. kkkkkk The gloves are off true history repeats itself when people tried to remove the one centre of power in 2008 it was the likes of Chiwenga, Dhaki Nyikayaramba and company who fought tooth and nail to ensure that the will of the ordinary citizens is denied. Now these same people prentend to be too simpanthetic to these citizens. I smell a rat Comrade Geneneral your statement is too good to be believed. In shona we say Itsitsi rudzii kuti tsvimborume ipisike madzihwa emwana wechirikadzi. Isu we have given up nyika ndeyenyu itai zvamunoda nayo chero mukarovana hanya nyani chidhoma chekwaChivi

  26. Remember Romania’s Caeucescu (excuse me for dictators’ spellings)! Who silenced him and his mad wife ‘Elena’? MILITARY!!! When the military speak, hear! hear! hear!!

  27. Hahahahaha, & the stupid Herald is busy pretending like nothing happened, how foolish can the state media be?

  28. Well done Chiwenga, if you mean what you said. But if we all know how Mugabe and Zanu PF have operated, such a statement will cost you life, and Mugabe doesn’t forgive such a poor show of loyalty. It is therefore puzzling that for the first time in the history of Zimbabwe’s independence some one can issue such a grave warning to Mugabe and remain alive in Zimbabwe. If there are no machinations behind this statement, CDE Chiwenga is better off acting sooner rather than later. There is no question that most of Zimbabwe and indeed the rest of the world will be behind the Chiwenga implied action. We may be able to save what’s left of this country, and from dynasty

  29. Ko pakadzingwa mujuru wher were they

  30. Silly Chiwenga, you are but a mere civil servant. Why meddle in private party politics. Zimbabwe does not belong to Zanu PF and if Zanu PF implodes who cares. Its just another party in a multi-party democracy. We cannot continue to be hamstrung by the 70s war, this is 2017!

  31. Person of Interest

    Chiwenga a good chance for you to climb to the top. Forget about Ngwena think about yourself and Mary. Boot the Matibilis out of power, book Jonso into the same cage at Chikurubhi with Gumbura. Tell everyone the country needs 5 years stbilising period with you at top before free & fair elections. Abolish indigenisation laws reduce tax etc, thereby attracting investment. After 5 years everyone is employed and happy they will want you to stay. We will even forget kutizvambura kwawakaita 2008 along with all the other offside statements you make about Zanu PF yega being fit to rule Zim.

  32. I genuinely think that Mugabe is under house arrest because how could the military hold a press conference a stones throw away from his house and get away with it? To those who think Bob is in it, I say listen to the words again. Bob would never say there has not been any meaningful development in the past 5 years and admit the cash shortages and poverty prevailing….just think about it. Why has there been a muted response from Bob? Bob said he is the 2018 Presidential candidate and the Army Chief spoke of an election in December to choose a leader….which leader, what leader? There is a new game in town. Could this be the end of an era? My sixth sense tells me there is a storm brewing. Only time will tell. Where am I in all this? New world order…

  33. Nhai Newsday are you telling me kuti you don’t know how 6 is written in Roman numerals? IV is 4 and VI is 6. Hence the media address by Chiwenga was done at KGVI.

    Now to the matter at hand, this is feeble attempt by the military to stage a coup. What Chiwenga et al have done is kuchenjedza Chachule and the next thing we are likely to see is the purging of those in the military. They should have gone for a full blown coup. However, a coup is unconstitutional as the military is not supposed to interfere with civilian issues.

  34. is this Martin? oops! sorry. that was a typo: I guess I wanted to say mutiny. I guess the defense force adheres to the ruling regime?

  35. Comment…ZIMBABWEANS let’s speak with one voice and root out this monster which have made us suffer so much. ARMY GENERALS, POVO, CIVIL SERVANTS, (ZANU PF, MDC, ZAPU MEMBERS and other small parties), CIO ETC. LET’S BURY OUR DIFFERENCES AND FIGHT THE DEVIL TOSOGADZIRISANA KUMBERI. SANDO DZENYU ACHIWENGA MATAURA SEMURUME

  36. General Chiwenga should stand by his words and indeed we, the people of Zimbabwe are restless because we can never imagine ourselves being ruled by the careless w**re. If Mugabe is with the people in his party, there should be no pronouncements about his candidature before the Special congress, that’s equal opportunities for all, and contest. Instead the constitution of the party should be amended to accommodate the election of all positions in the Presidium. Also elections should be held in provinces to choose leaders and not imposing thieves like the Energy Minister as chairpersons of Provinces. If Mugabe decides to fire Chiwenga, he should reciprocate by firing him through a coup and we the people will support that because tava kutengeserwa nyika naMugabe takatarisa. Look at ANC in South Africa, Dhlamini Zuma and Ramaphosa are campaigning to take over through an election by secret ballot kwete all these proclamations induced by fear kuti Mugabe is our candidate.

  37. Let’s all agree that Grace had gone too far. The army is right. desperate situations invite desperate measures. My only worry is ” what happens if Tsvangirai wins?” The army will not accept it either, right?. Our only way out is postponement of elections for 5 years and come up with another GNU to stabilize the country and create an environment of real democracy. for the sake of progress let’s have Mnangagwa as head of the GNU, deputised by Tsvangirai and Dabengwa.This is not the best way out but we need to gradually retire the war veterans otherwise it is a dead end. Let civilians get in carefully get trust of the veterans and i’m sure they (veterans) will retract from their current hard line stance.

    1. Danai Pazvagozha


  38. Lord God of Israel has heard our prayers and his hand is now vividly visible in this Nation Zimbabwe. Kuchema kwedu kwasvika pamberi penyu Mwari, ndiyani uchamira kana masvika imi munoderedza machinda kusvikira aita seasipo. Tipei rudzikinuro in 2018 kuti nyika dzose dzizive kuti ndimi Jehovha anobata pakati pendudzi dzose pasi. Kunyangwe nevanozvikudza vanonyadziswa nemi Mwari,kunyangwe wakapakata zvombo zvakakura sei havangakundi kana imi mazvidzivisa. Nokuti bhiza rakagadzirirwa zuva rokurwa nomunondo zuva rehondo asi kukunda muna2018 kuchabva kunaJehovha. Alelluyah kudzi Jehovha nekuti ndiye anotonga pasi. Amen.

    1. mashoko ako makukutu Tozvi . zvototyisa zvaunotaura izvo. hameno havo vanehutsinye. ichokwadi kuti bhiza rakagadzirigwa kurwa asi kukunda ndokwajehova.

  39. Sorry for posting more and more comments but is shows frustration. I was hurt by the behavior of ZTV, ZBC and The Herald’s stance to ignore the statement by the army. Sure, we had to rely on online media like Nehanda, SABC news and now Newsday and other Independent papers to know what is happening just 2km from where I work. Ndikuoneyi vanhu vaZBC muchiti vhunza maLicence emaTV nereadio. Tichapedzerana chete. Imbwa dzevanhu.

    1. Danai Pazvagozha

      Taura hako mwana weZhira. It is all because of the puppet Simon Khaya Moyo, who thought he had now now found glory by ochestarting the firing of Munangagwa. Moyo has silenced all state papers. But news will continue to spread like veldt fire

  40. jonzo, grace,tyson,mandi chimene, netumwe twacho ityai kana maona masoja

  41. Pakaipa. This can be jumping from a frying pan into burning fire. Chiwenga naMunangagwa mazino futi. Saka lets turn to God vangoita zviri nani.

    Ndatenda hangu

  42. siwenga are you a zanu pf ??? why are you worried about what is happening in that party??? the best you can do is to retire and join politics than to threaten pple under the good name of the army

  43. the pot is definitely getting hot. Soon it will be boiling.In pointing at the weaknesses of ZanuPf Chiwenga is only cleverly pointing at the weaknesses of Bob coz he is the man at the top. Chiwenga is right we have been urinated on by politicians for too long.

    1. Chiwenga urinated on all of us by propping up an unpopular dictator and political party. Who is he calling “our people”? Zanu (RF) supporters? He is an army general of an illegal regime and he must also go!!

  44. the Constitution now matters because ed was fired.when people were killed in 2008, the constitution was not mentioned. Are you not being selfish? Don’t pretend to be doing this for us.

  45. The noble thing to do is to reverse all suspensions expulsions and firings then ask provinsials to vote provinsial chairmans of their choice then call a concrete to choose a ZANU Pf candidate for the 2018. This will bring sanity in the party and Country as a whole.

  46. Psalms 109 vs 8-9

    WHERE IS THE $15BILLION… i have worked in Aviation, do you just know how much it cost to make Boeing 767 to fly all the way to a foreign country and then it stays on the hanger for 2 or 3 days? Jesus Christ it pains and sucks trust me.. All that money could have changed a lot of things. One flight to Ghana can make a change,, you can buy a fleet of ambulance to save lives but anhu angu ahaone the potential being wasted.. With that 15billion that went missing, we could have bought brand new B777-300 ((46 of them new ones))) idzwa.. then you tell me such bullshit.. we could have changed our country could be the hub of Africa now
    that AIRBUS 380 the lastest with the double layer we would have 40 of them,, ngatidzweiwo kunyara kanie hama weeeee zvosvodesa what our government is doing to us .. now we using an old model which still operates but its out of the standards,,, like i said before we being lead by heartless people who have crippled everything, why were you silent for all along?? you Zim leaders should just go cos you have failed the state please.. thinking of you or hearing your names its like a nightmare that wont stop, you make us sick,, you have failed just admit and leave us to start on a new page.. I praise you for fighting to gain independence but i wont praise you the suffering you have caused, please Uncle Bob and your friends please go in peace cos we tired, God please hear us taneta we have suffered enough

    1. Danai Pazvagozha

      Psalms wanga wajaira kuwana mari dzemusangano vanhu vachitambura. wanzwa bata naChiwenga. Pasi newe Psalms. Pamberi naChiwenga!!!

  47. Mugabe got carried away listening to Grace in the bedroom, being boot licked & having his ego massaged by nonentities like Kudzai Chipanga he forgot & threw away his real support base like a used condom & now its time for payback. Now I understand how Delilah managed to bring a great man like Samson in the bible down

  48. Point of correction I meant Congress and not concrete. I also meant provincial and not provinsial

    1. …and I think you meant hangar not hanger!!

  49. Zimbabwe has repeatedly chosen to be led by murderers and thieves instead of individuals of good standing, what do you expect?

  50. In the past, the people were living in a state of nature where there were no rules and laws. in order to protect their lives and property, they come to terns and made laws but the current state in zimbabwe is not the laws which were agreed that some people benefit while others suffer. we call for the return to nature and restart making our new rules and laws. this can only be done if we stop observing the current laws and first fight against the monster which triggered the suffering of people. if i speak against the ideas of the president, even if right, i may be arrested accused of undermining the authority of him. people are disappearing for good in daylight, the suffering pple’s taxes are being squandered by extravagant few. stand by your words chiwenga we support you.

  51. Mr army chief, Jonathan challenged you to remove your uniform and join politics and he would show you. What you have done is deserving of a court martial-period! You have threatened a coup because your interests are now being threatened. Sad. Let zanu deal with its in-house issues.

  52. There’s no way Chiwenga will remain chief of the army after what he has done and said. And so are the others in the lineup. Mugabe will move swiftly to relieve the army generals of their duties. That was as good as a coup de’tat. Mugabe is the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. What Chiwenga should have done was to request a meeting with Mugabe first. Chiwenga is sabre-rattling. He has to be fired today.

    1. Danai Pazvagozha

      Chiwenga refused to be fired long back. he cannot be fired. he refused. so he remains the army General. Kkkkkkkk. Gwendo runo Kamba yasangana nemuvhimi akabata Bhidha. Grace anga anyanya mhani. Kuita sekuti ndiye Mwari weZimbabwe. Nhasi zvaiwana Ngwarati kujaira kudya ichirasa tsvina ierere

      1. Can he really refuse to be fired? on what basis? He is only afraid of his personal future without immunity – not the plight of Zimbabweans.

  53. stop observing justice for now, becoz the current state does not require this. the current constitution was draughted in favor of RG and his wife. Chiwenga do what was done in France during the 1890s to bring revolution

  54. obviously they will make decision to quit him, but may i advise him that, don’t wait until they make their decisions against you. take action now. Chiwenga may be commander in chief, why Mugabe busy purging others while he did not purge himself in any one of many posts he occupies in the country

  55. Jamengweni Godonga

    Where is the opposition when all this is happening? Oh, bakithi – awela abangela mbiza

  56. I think the general statement is out of order, it has the potential of causing distress to the local man/woman. the army is supposed to be apolitical and safeguard the rights of every citizen be they zanu pf supporters or not.

  57. hhahahahahahahahahahahahha munedzungu .road yatorwa na Chiwenga. zvatofanana nekutora nyika nechisibmba.nxt 24hrs ndinzwei chiwenga atopa ma1. regai muone kuti mune dzungu

  58. Is this not ironic? This very senior military officer is being openly partisan (despite constitutional restrictions)in his remarks, while his threats of a coup de tat have more potential to cause anarchy and despondency in the nation. Will the African Union (AU), SADC, or the international community allow a military take-over in the country? What seems however to become clearer every day, is that a bloody conflict is coming in which the losers will be ordinary citizens. May Almighty God deliver our nation!

    1. Danai Pazvagozha


  59. Gen Chihwenga’s press state is without doubt basically directed at the first lady’s perceived brash encroachment at her husband’s job at state.While itz true that if he spoke on the ZNA’S positions,it seems anti-law;but otherwise he end up being correct.Itz the first lady who shouted at the military,inappropriately assuming false & wrong positions,asking& I quote”WHO IS CHIHWENGA?” I unquote;but if Chihwenga is a nobody, on what roles could she say these words?Again I quote”WHO IS MNANGAGWA”unquote;she said but who are you youself to pronounce such words-remain the lingering question

  60. The guy has just dug his grave, but anywhere who cares let those zanu killers kill themselves until noone is left in the party

  61. Nhai vaChiwenga, does the constitution says you should protect Zanu PF. Why today you said that. Why are you moved by what is happening in that party as if zanu pf is Zimbabwe. who cares whats happening in zanu. ok why didn’t you do the same when Mujuru was sacked. This is coup mr general. Vamugabe you were elected and you cant take instructions from chiwenga your subordinate. Mr general revised your document and see if what you said is in line with the constitution. does it say you will protect or moved by what zanupf. VaMugabe batai munhu pachiri padhuze. iyo I treasonous statement iyo.


  63. chiwengwa pfutseke kungoti newsday havabvume but uri duzvi

  64. TO me it sounds like the army realize that zanupf are going to lose the elections in 2018
    so are preparing for a coup to save themselves. I could be wrong, time will tell.

  65. Comment…we don’t really care weather wat he said is unconstitutional all Zimbabwe needs is mugabe to go

  66. Chiwenga u did a very gud job.I really encourage you to finish off these bastards before they can plot against u. Chipanga and the rest of bootlickers please stop kuvhukura vhura for selfish and egocentric agendas.Hama dzedu zhinji perished in the liberation war for the emancipation of everyone in zimbabwe both politically and economically kwete kuti one family eiite enjoy yega forever.

  67. Danai Pazvagozha

    YEEEES commander. From today we Christian Chiwenga COMMANEDR POWER. Yes sir!, all along I thought we no longer have the commandership that we used to have during the war. We support you fully commander. We are ready to defend you with guns and our lives. We are behind you. Mugabe’s folly to allow Grace to dehumanize innocent people has exposed his lack of horns ‘on the owl’s head’. Mugabe’s head is just full of feathers as it were, or is it just white hair. Robert, so where are the horns that you and your wife boasted of at White City Stadium? Kkkkkkkkkkk. Please, state house is not an old people’s home. Commander Power has exposed Mugabe’s lack of mysterious powers as has been thought and feared by many all along . Thank you commander power for saving us from Grace Mugabe. I cannot believe I am not dreaming. I wonder why Mugabe never studied the Bible on how Samson got dangerously tricked by Delila. May be its because of Mugabe’s age, but it was very stupid of him to allow Grace to publicly chastise seniors like Munangagwa. Now Mugabe has met his match – Commander Power (Chiwenga). In shona we say ‘ today the tortoise’s hardborded body has encountered a hunter wielding a grinder. Kamba nhasi yasangana nemuvhimi akabata Bhidha. Kkkkkkkk. Hurrrraaaa!!!

  68. CDE Chiwenga well done take the bull by the horn,dont allow cowards,taking over for what you guys sacrificed for,they were busy studying acquiring PhD AT A TIME you were fighting the enemy to celebrate this country,this is unacceptable even the present purging its witchhunting,the one centre of power its undemocratic.This unfortunate you reacted lately but the Service Chiefs should have intervened from 2014 when this madness started now its a full blown madness DHIMONI Chairo,but fight back for your citizenry dont lose sleep for those bootlickers or Oliver Twists who knows nothing except to sing for their supper

  69. Danai Pazvagozha


  70. i personally believe it is only Chiwenga and his generals who can save us. infact he must act with a sense of urgency or else the monster does him harm. who is not sick and tired of Mugabe and his wife?. well done Chiwenga. hapana zvavangakuita. they dont even know how to hold a gun. we can suffer in the name of constitution any more. let those who think there is something to glorify about poverty support amai. i smell and see poverty all over after 37 yrs while the Robert juniours are staying in a hotel paying R74 000 per month which is tax payer’s money. even in history wars have been fought for resources. we cant have one family and relatives having all the national resources by themselves while we suffer. any average zimbabwean cannot afford lunch. if he does, its a one dollar lunch. and you people tell us there is nothing wrong. zimbabweans are used to poverty such that even if someone wants to pull them out of poverty, they refuse. look at our standard of living after 37 years. chiwenga flex your muscle.

    1. is the rumour going the rounds that Mugabe has been under house arrest for the past 2 days, and that some road or roads have been closed true?

  71. Ko vakatadza here vakakusarudza paMgagao kuti uvatungamirire?

  72. The General Of course had done his homework….u cant prepare such a long statement before you do a thorough homework.

  73. Where was Chiwenga when Mujuru, a war veteran I her own right, was insulted and booted out no so long ago?

    1. it’s no use and quite unhelpful crying over what happened in the past to weak politicians who are not strategic. What Zimbabwe care about right now is a change that promises something better. It’s not so important how it comes about, as long as the ‘better’is a likelihood

  74. Cde Chiwenga were have you been i did not know that you are straight talk man. Weil done Commader we have brothers who perished in chimurenga and i wonder where these young guys come from those born free they know nothing they must be chucked out of Zanu we need people like you who know where they are coming from and going not gold diggers want to destroy our party. Stay firm Commader i personally behind you.We fought for our Country not pockets like what these young guys are doing. i wish Army interligence must investgate these children.ZANU NGEYE ROPA ZIMBABWE YAKAUYA NEROPA VARUME MUSAITE ZVEKUTAMBA. VIVA ZANU

  75. Heee hatisaluti munhu asina kuenda kuhondo. Hoyoka President avakuisa mukadzi wake pachinzvimbo. Dr Amai vava VP after congress tione kuti munorega here kusaluta. Mabasa anopera. Your tenure will come to an end by end of this year. It will not be renewed.

    What surprises me is the way you beat up people in 2008 and now you change and grandstand as the protector of the people. People wanted change and you prevented it. you ruined people’s lives for no reason. Now that your interests are being threatened I think you are now scared.

    You people created this mess and it is you who shall sort it before you retire. But remember to do it quickly because you are going to be retired before end of the year.

    1. Tirikukuhonai Hedu

      You are on point

  76. Chimangeni Mapiko

    The warning shorts for the end of Robert Mugabe’s reign have been fired. Although these shorts are a way of preempting or in other ways a way of keeping the old man at bay since he also warned of continuing with these purges in the army,they are a new frontier of another challenge for the Mugabes who had thought that they had begged everything.
    From my own perspective,it seems like the Mugabes have pressed a wrong button this time around. And the army generals have realised that they are next in the firing line as such they need to ward off that threat before it happens.
    They have also realised that the old man has a penchant for surrounding himself with bootlickers,sycophants and deceivers.
    All the same Zimboz have endured hardships of all kinds under Mugabe’s misrule and they fought so hard for his downfall only for u army generals to come with your army boot and crush the peoples hopes. U have been at the forefront of keeping the old man and his brutal machinery. Now u have realised that the system that u have been supporting all along is about to swallow all of u and no one is safe. Mr Chiwenga,Mr Valerio Sibanda,Mr P Shiri,Mr Zimondi,Mr Chihuri and Mr Nyikayaramba u need to realise that when a nation is conducting due democratic processes the army must never intervene in such matters. Actually u must defend the democratic pillars of the nation so that incidents like the ones playing out now in the country shouldn’t never happen. In past elections your hand in Zim’s elections was so obvious in the whole process and u even had the guts to tell the nation who they should vote for. We applaud u for seeing the light just like all those who were part of the sinking Zanu Pf ship but are out. U need to support efforts to genuinely democratise all institutions of government and all of Zimbabwe in particular.
    We have been crying for real change so that our nation in its richness and diversity can square up to other nations regionally and internationally. We are a bright nation ,but we lack astute, able and progressive leadership. We need democratic processes whereby leaders are elected to positions due to their potential and ability to lead. Not the current scenario of entitlement. We are pining our hopes on you guys in the army to restore the dignity of this country.
    Your mansion is not perched up on that mountain overlooking the Brooke valley for nothing ,Mr Chiwenga.You are a sentry standing guard of the nation of Zimbabwe. As such the nation of Zim is calling up to u to stand up in its defence in these times of need. Help us rebuild our lovely Zimbabwe by standing with people,not by the current crop of Zanu Pf highjackers whose mission is to plunder state resources at the expense of national development.
    In your statement u mentioned that there is no national development that has been achieved in the last 5 years due to Zanus never ending squabbles. To say 5 years is an underestimate. Its actually in the last 17 years becoz the current internecine squabbles started long way back. Its only that now they are being played out on the surface and in the open.
    We welcome the checkmate on these wayward comrades who think that they are bigger than Zimbabwe,particularly our first lady whose behaviour is uncouth and undiplomatic. Our first lady thinks that she can do as she pleases coz she is under the armpits of her husband. We welcome your timely intervention before our situation deteriorates further.

    1. Well done General Chiwenga and your team of officers who else was going to rescue zimbabwe from this Grace mad woman for once they kept thier tails where they belong. come out zimbabweans register to vote victory is certain in full. lets get rid of the demi god once and for all.

  77. Nonsense blood Chiwenga you created this monster Mugabe Zimbabweans remember very well you saying during the eve of every election you do not and will never salute anyone besides Matibili Mugabe ,Dander head soldiers have no business in political parties . BETTER arrest Chiwenga now .After all you a coward just talking nothing will happen to Mugabe instead wanyela pogona you will be machainyoka like your friend Mnangagwa

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