Byo female war collaborators rally behind Grace

Grace Mugabe

FEMALE members of the National Liberation War Collaborators’ Association in Bulawayo have vowed to rally behind First Lady Grace Mugabe, saying the heckling that occurred at White City Stadium on Saturday will not deter them from supporting her.


Addressing a war veterans’ meeting in the city on Wednesday, provincial war veterans secretary for women’s affairs, Thalitha Moyo said as women ex-combatants and war collaborators they saw nothing wrong in them supporting Grace.

“What happened at White City during the interface rally was very disgusting and uncalled for. We must stop selling the party away like that,” she said.

“As it stands, we are aware of those responsible for the booing of the First Lady and I promise you we are yet to deal with all of you because no one has the right to disrespect Amai in that manner. Is she not the mother of the nation?”

“For your own information, we will not be discouraged by such actions and as women war vets, we will rally behind the First Lady. If we have embraced the President (Robert Mugabe) how then can we fail to embrace and support Amai?”

Moyo said women war veterans should not forget why they went to war.

“We as women went to war with the intention to liberate the country. So why then are we getting carried away by useless things?”

“Let us walk together in one accord and stop creating unnecessary commotion within the party, especially at a time when we are heading towards elections,” she said.

Moyo said the women ex-combatants also supported Mugabe’s move to fire his deputy Emmerson Mnangagwa.


  1. Mazikadzi ose aya ezanu ari kuchemera Gire ipfambi saiyi,hondo akairwira kupi sezvo iriyo motto yemhondi dzezanu pf.We are watching you with red and thick heart.

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