Britain to help solve Zim cash crisis

ABIDJAN — Britain could take steps to stabilise Zimbabwe’s currency system and extend a bridging loan to help it clear World Bank and African Development Bank arrears, but such support depends on “democratic progress”, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said yesterday.

By Reuters

“Those are indeed the things that we would try to do to help Zimbabwe forward, but we’ve got to see how the democratic process unfolds,” he said on the sidelines of an African Union-European Union summit in Abidjan.

Emmerson Mnangagwa was last week sworn in as Zimbabwe’s new President, a few days after Robert Mugabe resigned following pressure from the army, opposition parties and members of the public.

Zimbabwe is due to hold elections next year.

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  1. waaaaaiiiiiittttttttt…….. you want to give us a bridging loan to help clear our arrears…… a debt to pay another debt…. what do you take us for….what is the collateral security if I may ask…. ED let’s get our money from the UK… these Britons have our wealth, I still believe this up to today


      1. Bloody fool! you don’t have the spirit of ubuntu, durin apartheid South africa was helped by a lot of african countries, why can’t you help brothers in times of need? useless

      2. I would like to say that is blunt and immature way of looking at things,as South Africans, we are in no position to send any Zimbabwean out our country,they are in the mending period and while that is happening people need not to be naive and expect a turn in things over a week,the best thing you can advise people is to go and identify business opportunities that will aid the country’s economy. Land belongs to no man and while they are down, it does not mean we should abuse the home advantage. If Britain having so many foreigners, with Zimbabweans having a percentage of population there is willing to help with sending everyone home, who are South Africans to do so,bearing in mind we are struggling with our own presidential mishaps.

      3. Go to hell John. You reason like Mugabe

    2. Kudzi, stop thinking like Mugabe and understand that we need help as a country. Your kind of thinking is what got Zimbabwe in the mess it is in right now. People like you need to wake up and realize Zimbabwe is just another country in a world of over 200 nations looking for investment and being arrogant and stubborn will set us back further. The world doesn’t need Zimbabwe but Zimbabwe needs the world, get that in your thick mind

  2. and by democracy, that means not bending down to twisted morals of accepting the Lesbians Gays Bisexual Transgender Community….. Zim Gvt let money be money and let us preserve our morality founded upon Judeo-Christian values

    1. ahufunge hako iwewe anyway zvawafunga taurira pano but nothing of your shallowness will be considered anywhere…make noise make more and more sing abhurakadhabhura and chemutengure

  3. Sekuru Chaminuka

    Comment…Zimbabwe will never be a colony again. ED either has to abandon Gushungo’s hard stance or accept gays and lesbians so to get the loan.

    1. cde free spiriti

      hayas …… but did you know kuti mugabe was favoured by Britain during chimurenga? politicians twist your brains, in some countries they take that as a human right, however ana mugabe started telling you that they need us to have that, it was wrong bad interpretation. In Zimbabwe that wont happen Sekuru

  4. Whats wrong with us Zimbabweans..If we do not get the loan how do we hope solve the cash crisis..The biggest problem that we now have is this Mugabe mentality,that anything western cannot be trusted..You cry about sanctions,they try to help us we are grumpy…So what do we propose to do to solve this current cash crisis,seeing that ED has choosen to forgive Mugabe and his band of thieves..Has even paid Bob $10m..Do we really think they would just give it to us for free…Why are the Chinese not even offering anything then


  5. zvichanetsa kubvisa mafungiro a mugabe. ma chinese azara muno pasina kana chibatsiro kubva kwavari. nhasi vamvwe voti vanoda kuti batsira zvonzi gay this gay that. iyi yakawe mugabe’s way yekuti zvose zvinobva ikoko zvene chekuita ne gay. chi gay hachimanikidzwe mhani kana uchida ita sekuita kwaunoita mumba mako. isu tisiye tipiwe rubatsiro tigare zvakanaka. hatidi kutambura.

  6. cde free spiriti

    guys let the past be the past ingawani takarohwa 2008 n we forgot, ko gukurahundi, let try to build the economy, we looked east but the Chinese were colonising us, Britain educated mugabe then it means the ideology was from them even some of our houses n infrastructure they are the ones who build them, isu wat we know is corruption, gaya mupfanha chatunga akapfeka watch ye 60000 iwewe ukumira mu line kuti uwane $50 per week. Please separate economics and politics. ivava ana britain nana china they have different political ideologies by they do trade.
    think about it ngatisangojaireii kutuka

  7. Lol some of these comments are really funny. mugabe really screwed people’s brains. Zimbabwe got its independence 37 years ago but you hear people talk of never be a colony lol. Firstly by democracy it means decisions will be made by the people not Zanu Pf or MDC. Secondly yes a great nation is built through collective ideals of everyone. Thirdly whether Zimbabwe wants gays or not should be a decision of the people not a political party. We are colonized, were never colonized, and we will never be colonized by anyone. mugabe is the one who colonized most of these guys…….

    1. I agree with you Cde.Mugabe colonised the insane. That gay thing depends whether people want it or not as part of democracy.

      1. My brother being a sodomite, what you call gay is reviled in this country. Dont try to hide behind the banner of so called rights. otherwise our children may get colonised by gay gangsters.

      2. No to gayism. Go hang. If it means we suffer let it be so. Would you love money from your son who tells you he gets it from Gayism. If you are gay yourself, go to hell

    2. we could do with people that share the same perspective as you!!

  8. Pasi nehungochani . Kwete muno muZIMBABWE kwete

  9. Wait before we start borrowing… isu we are zimbos leaving on what we have. hatina zvikerreti chese chatinacho we paid for…. well for us normal zimbos anyway. let us find our 15Billion and pay off IMF all every other debtor zim owes. and be our own man. varungu NEVER help a black for nothing

  10. Comment…kana patoita vakazvipira kutenga nyika ngatitengese.southafrica yakatengesa wani nhasi uno vagere.takaitengesera Zanu Pf yekare under mugabe mahighest bidders vakaita ana Chombo nhasi uno tasakara nenhamo.ngatimbotengeserawo Britain tione

  11. The British want the land back to the whites.That is democracy to them.They claim that the diamonds fields in Chiadzwa are theirs.Wait a minute…can an ordinary Zimbabwean own a farm in the UK? Let alone a mine? These Kith and Kin of the Rhodesians still believe Zimbabwe is their territory and they will try by all means to recolonise us economically.We must paly our cards well.

  12. Lawrance shilowa

    Think before accepting Britain offer,zimbabwe are rich in minerals,you can sign an agreement with investors to use one of the mine for five years then you pay the credit by yourself. Britain and america are the one who sanctioned Zimbabwe how can Britain loan zimbabwe money today?what about the past years.

  13. We need to reset our mindset to progress as a nation.dwelling on the past cannot help us build a better future.I believe all what Mugabe said or did only mend to propel his rule without any obstacle.Evidently,of the 37 years he ruled,his legacy remains controversial with stronger negative opinions.ED is a new chapter,give him his chance.Japan was nuclear bombed in 1945 but are they not a good trading and progressive partner with America?Gay chakazodai,iwo vaMugabe vachiita zvavanoda nenyika vako mwana otengerwa bhora rekutamba kujana.

  14. looking at the comments, this is typical Zimbabwean mentality. Someone extends an olive branch to help you out and you want to bite the hand holding it.
    I really dont think the British care what happens in Zimbabwe they have their own problems to worry about.

    1. Follow their news coverage on ZIMBABWE ON BBC SKY CNN etc…and you will see that they are worried about having a solid grip on our resources.

    2. Hanzi Olive Branch…..Where in rhe world have seen a country HELPING another? Go ahead show us.

  15. I think our socio-political and economic policies should not be determined by other nations. Yes we can do business with them if they wish, but we will not accept conditions for it. We cant sell our soul for a few breadcrumbs. We would rather find our own solutions

  16. fuck Britain helping Zim in what way they owe us a lot stolen our land and resources for 100 years they did not compensate us yet now they say they will help Zim, they are the reason why Zim economy is in this mess
    ngochani kwete

  17. Mugabe after independence actually killed a lot of ANC cadres who had merged with Zipra and fought against whites in Zim. He also locked ANC members. He only supported ANC in the late 80s

  18. fuk ths britain help shit …say mugabe colonised me fine…loan for who .u loan us when u ar the very same reason why we are in this mess nxaa keep your conditioned help

  19. iweee if u cant feed yo kids they become gays and lesbanes lat them help us because we desperately need there help full stop

  20. iwe unoramba condition uneyi kana dolar hauna nonsense

    1. Iwe nesu tine land. that’s why ivo neziDollar ravo havade kusiyana nesu. Ndivo vakutsvaga rubatsiro kwatiri, not the other way round my brother. Mbavha inokuapprocha paMbare musika ichitaura rubatsiro but practically depriving you materially.

  21. guys who said anything about gays? we need this loan from Britain

  22. Ma Zimba tine problem yekuti we are definately a funny people. Which ever way things go we complain. Give ED a chance. Most of us see sense in what he is doing and what the British are saying and demanding. Wr need cash injection please.

  23. From these comments, i believe most comments are a reflection of the prevailing political factions in ZANU PF, most of them comments are meant to discourage would be helpers just so as to deny Munangagwa the goodwill of other nations so that in the end he would be viewed as a failure.Maybe some comments are not even from Zimbabweans but other people who just dont want to see a brighter day for Zimbabweans

    1. Sekuru Chaminuka

      No sense in that chana. We can not sell ourselves for gayism. We need the economy to run but not at all costs.

      Money can come from Britain, Chaina, USA or any other country from any part of the world but conditions are always a worry as you receive a helping hand.

      As for me and my family we will never be gays , never.

    2. Sekuru Chaminuka

      ED will win the day for the people. He is on the side of the people and sure should be allowed a chance to do what he can. You see South Africans must not get involved in the matters of our country because we are totally different in approach. They should worry about their land issue exploding any time and leave us to sort out our own. They are only good at killing fellow Africans because they don’t want to work but just to earn from nothing. There is nothing like that. Zimbabwe and its people have suffered to this end of the decade and now is the time for joy. We will do well.

      Aid is needed and it will always have conditions so we trust those who are charged with the responsibility to represent us to do their best in good faith and for the common good.


  24. mandebele Lusaba

    Comment…yet our people are fleeing to SA Botswana and even Britain because their own country can not employ them. people who refuse aid are the ones who stole our money and their bellies are full right now while we suffer in toil peril and hunger. nobody even a tuckshop can borough u anything without (TERMS&CONDITIONS) of service. let the British help if they wish. we have suffered a lot. 37 yaers is not a joke.(BANTU) We are hungry.zwichapera chete.some of us proud of diaspora majority instead of vice versa shame.

  25. This john who istalking about zimbos to leave SA is total out of topic and has drawn my attention.To him I say dont worry john sooner or later we will pack our bags and leave you and your country but Iwarn you thatthe wind of change is blowing across your country and there shall be gnashing of teeth and I hope you maybe only welcomed in Britain as a refugee

  26. Sekuru Chaminuka

    President E.D Mnangagwa Inauguration Speech

    President Mnangagwa pays tribute to former President Robert Mugabe and calls on everyone to a c c e p t M u g a b e ’ s i m m e n s e contribution towards building of o u r n a t i o n . H e r e m a i n e d a father, a mentor, ”comrade in
    arms and my leader.”

    We need to let bygones be bygones as we embrace each other. Let’s work together to improve our nation:

    The land reform program will not be reversed. Land Reform beneficiaries MUST contribute to the revival of the economy Government is committed to work on a compensation plan for former land owners:

    Elections will go forward as scheduled: Our economic policies will hinge on agriculture, with programs like command agriculture.

    There’s an urgent need to tackle the high levels of unemployment. I invite those in the diaspora to come and we take off as a nation:

    President Mnangagwa said complex issues of land tenure will have to be addressed urgently and definitively. We welcome mutually gainful agreements with the international community to boost our economy: People must be able to access their earnings and saving as and w h e n t h e y n e e d t h e m:

    It is indeed! a Great day for the country.

    “All foreign investments will be safe in Zimbabwe.”
    Government will also ensure security and safety for all
    citizens. He says SADC is home to Zimbabwe as we also
    acknowledge that we belong to the bigger house of the African Union.
    He says Zimbabwe has managed to maintain good relations with the global family, but Government will immediately start on a journey to reengage with those who have punished us through sanctions. In the global world, no nation can survive in
    isolation. Whatever differences that existed with those that
    imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe should pave way for a new

    But of course, our resources remain ours. We remain committees to honoring debts.
    He says Zimbabwe will contribute to the well being of the
    global political order through the United Nations. Zimbabwe
    will continue to contribute to the international peace and
    security within the framework of the UN.

    President Mnangagwa promises that he will serve everyone and
    all who consider Zimbabwe their home and encourages all people remain peaceful even as we move into the election period. The
    Voice of the people is the voice of God.
    The newly sworn in President of Zimbabwe, His Excellency
    President Emerson Mnangagwa finishes his inauguration speech
    amid cheers.


  27. comment….I’m surprised by this subject of gay-ism, has it been placed as a condition? I won’t be surprised to learn that all those who are vocal against aid or loan are out of Zimbabwe, safe in the havens of the gay nations. They ran away from the grinding poverty and instability in Zim and now want to teach those at home what not to accept. Varikunze ngavambonyarare, varikumusha vasarudze kuridza or kusaridza ngoma nokudaira rwiyo rurikushaurwa rwauya nemuuyi uyu!(Let those outside Zim be quiet and allow those at home to choose to beat or not the drum of the visitor and to join in the song.)

  28. The Brits will give u a loan on condition u give up you MORALS. You embrace GAY and Lesbianism and they give u help. Is that what Zimbabweans want? NO, NOT in a million years and this is one good thing Mugabe fought hard against and we will not compromise our morals for a loan to pay another loan.

  29. Those enjoying stop saying gay nonsense. Nobody has forced you to join. We lost years of progress thru the same rhetoric. For the sake of future generations we need to start correcting the damage now.Who are you to deny us a chance to progress? Ramba wega

  30. Comment…people of zimba u are fun our topic was whether to accept the loan from britons or not but u hav diverted to gayizm what is gayizm nxxa fuck lokhu kuyezwa ngumuntu okufunanayo not all pple so guyz remove dat mind yekuti isu tirima comrades hatina basa nerubatsiro kana usingade rubatsiro nyarara apo urikuti haudi help apo u are strungling in a foreign land c chi comrade chauraya vanhu braim apo havachizive futi

  31. Sekuru Chaminuka

    Economy must recover now and the people must enjoy life. We trust that Our President will represent us in a fair and progressive manner.


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