Breaking: Zanu PF MPs summoned

THE ruling Zanu PF party has summoned all its legislators to a party caucus as the former liberation movement moved to trigger a process to impeach beleaguered President Robert Mugabe.


Mugabe was yesterday deposed as Zanu PF leader yesterday following a special session of the ruling party’s central committee only to be replaced by his former trusted lieutenant former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

A Zanu PF MP who spoke on condition of anonymity told NewsDay they had been summoned for the caucus.

“We have been summoned and all have been asked to report to party headquarters by no later than 14:30 this afternoon,” he said.

Zanu PF chief whip Lovemore Matuke has confirmed the development.

“Yes, we are meeting today at around 4pm and we will advise of details,” he said.

Mugabe was yesterday given until mid-day today to tender his resignation with the Speaker of Parliament following the central committee decision to “recall him” as party leader and President of the Republic.

However, the 93-year-old ailing Mugabe in a televised speech seemed defy the party directive even going to the extent of indicating he will preside over Zanu PF’s extra-ordinary congress scheduled for December 12-17.

Details to follow . . .


  1. Of Course. They will be updated on what is really going on and instructed to issue a BRAVE STATEMENT , but basically HALTING any Impeachment Proceeding.

  2. Dont remove the foot on the pedal guys keep on pressing Mugabe must go Taneta isu.

    1. Keep up the pressure.

  3. This is now clearly a zanu pf succession issue. But who is going to arrest looters ari kuLacoste side?

  4. Robert Mugabe does not do resignations. Never. If he is still breathing then he will cling on. How can underlings tell him to resign?
    Next move – buy loyalty. Give so-called war veterans gratuities and give pesky security chiefs pay rises.

    1. It’s a bit too late for the generals – he wanted them arrested. They got wind of the info earlier otherwise the old one would still be calling the shots. If he’s on hunger strike that’s great. It’s good exercise to prepare for the hereafter – just like what monks do!! Not too keen to dwell on the fact that he also is not taking regular baths now…ummmmmmm

  5. They are only going to instill the status quo. Not even those who have been recanting their master for the better part of last week can do the same face to face with him. They are just out there to heap superficial praises on him to save their political skins. Personality politics my foot!

  6. Section 97 has been invoked and now they must push it through.

  7. Musangano hauna muridzi,handei tione.Gushungo waenda.zvino vachaitwa gamba naniko?pamwe ndizvo zviri kunyanya kuvarwadza.

  8. Mugabe must Go!

  9. Comment…aaah dont impeach mugabe bcoz totopihwa ductactor rine 71yrs rinogara for life rather have grace ari easy kubvisa mazezuru ED is ruthless anotora vakadzi vevanhu achiuraya varume vacho plus next govt isina oposition ma1 ED aah madhende chaiwo pliz regai mauto auuraye mugabe zvakataurwa natb joshua international bodies apinde

  10. We are not much worried about who takes over at this juncture, we will worry about that post-Mugabe era. Once he is gone then we open our eyes, ears and mouth and engage who is to come in for now all energy on pushing Mugabe out.

    1. Comment…you’re day dreaming do you have the Army on your side of to
      do you that . ED naiye avhe chembere 71

    2. WHERE TOO ??????????????????????

  11. I agree Samora Machel, one step at a time, and this first step ( removing him) is the most important one as of now.

    1. Section 97 is part of the process.

  12. Comment…hi there I’m a 23 years old guy in SA I’m a Zimbabwean I really think that we don’t have to force awr president to stap down but we have to talk to him simcele njengo muntu omdala I think if we can have a chance to talk to him nicely he will really understand even I’m willing to go talk to him if there is any chance please I know this myt sound stupid but truly speaking that man need to be respected remember he is a president n he is like awr father so we need to ask him not to tell him what to do but

  13. @Ndlovu.Countries like Iraq,Egypt,Libya have had the worst of this situation because of individuals who tried to pursue personal interest in the name of sovereignty.If he can’t go after being told to,he is just asking to be pushed outside.What is so special about an old man and his family,three generations younger?

  14. Tonderai Chabata

    Its an end game for Robert Mugabe.He has lots of enemies now within and otside Zanu PF.He created his own demise by embarking on selfish Ambitions for personal enrichment.Money and power corrupts.He tainted his legacy by trying to please a young wife.Knowledgeable as he is he should have known that behind the fall of a great man there is woman.Grace fast tracked his demise.Grace is the root of all evils.She was loose mouthed and brainless.She was a used by ambitious selfish young turks to destroy Mugabe legacy.One advice for Mugabe is that,the country is bigger than individual.Go well Gushungo,take a rest and see your mistakes whilst in the terraces.Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans and not for Robert Mugabe.Those illusions of portraying Zimbabwe as a personal property are hallucinations.We belong to greater God and not a lesser God.Its a painful end of legacy.Go well Gushungo.

  15. its so painful at his age to be pushed like that at the same time he have to rest go well

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