Breaking: Mugabe at graduation ceremony

President Robert Mugabe has arrived to officiate the Zimbabwe Open University graduation ceremony currently underway in Harare.

This is Mugabe’s first public appearance since the army seized control of the country on Tuesday.

Mugabe appeared without his wife, Grace.

Higher and Tertiary education minister Jonathan Moyo, who is reportedly in the custody of the army, is also absent from the ceremony, with his deputy Godwin Gandawa sitting in his position.

Mugabe’s appearance follows a statement issued by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces earlier this morning, which stated there is progress in the negotiations with Mugabe.



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  1. Comment…Gushungo is a much better devil than ED. Who forgets the violence that ED unleanshed in the run-off presidential elections in 2008? Opting for ED is like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Hopefully, free and fair elections will be held next year and people will choose their preferred leadership.

    1. dont comment on wat you dont evidence on

    2. any change that eliminates sekuru is favorable amana

    3. Was ED the Zanu PF Presidential candidate? In any case don’t abuse mazita emasvikiro enyika. Barking G40 dog

    4. Don’t be so simple minded. Who was the candidate?

    5. usangotaure zvausingazive iwe

  2. Comment…chaminuka kwana semari yebhazi toda kujambira imomo munopisa macho,,makajaidzwa humbavha naMugabe noone is bad lyk mugabe in this country

    1. Remember guys these students invested in this day and mdara got a hiding only this week,also bear in mind negotiating with mdara is like doing it with a grade one where you give him sweets after a beating neh.

    2. Comment…cavidee iwe kwana asirimbavha ndiani Munangagwa tarisa kuti Kwekwe yakafa sei Tsholostho yavanani uyai tigadzirise nyika

      1. who is to blame for Kwekwe industry collapse

        1. Comment…we as Zimbabweans were to blame for the collapse of Kwekwe industries it takes a man like Chivengwa to show us thief’s that go around the President back he can’t be there all the time to notice thief’s

        2. Well said. Can someone show me what the God Father of midlands accomplished other than Alshabab and makorokoza militias? Kwekwe and Gweru are in ruins under his watch and shenanigans.

          This guy’s trump card is chimurenga propaganda in this century!!

    3. @caviedee, you have no idea, @chaminuka has a point. Those of us who know ED can tell you he is ruthless, way more ruthless than Mugabe. During Gukurahundi he wanted to kill everyone in the Western provinces but was stopped. There is a lot of evil things he has done and I have no time for him.

      1. And you trust Dr Fugu and her goblin because you don’t know they are the ones always giving unlawful orders to people in the civil service. That is one of the reasons he is being removed from power.

    4. ED i don’t trust him and i will never, harde kop daardie ding

  3. Your behind Chaminuka iwe. Msunu wako. Even if ED did it, who is the Principal? Are you saying Mugabe wasnt aware of everything happening? Tibvire kumhepo. Zvino kana sekuru venyu vaenda muchanzwa nekurohwa. manga majaira kuhwanda seri kwe a 3 year old. Vanhu rudzii vasingazorodzi sekuru vavo. Dai vari mai va baba vako zvainyatsoita izvi nekamukadzi kanenge joki….

  4. Be careful what you wish for. ED was the mastermind for everything that you hate Mugabe for – even his wife’s long tail that later whipped him [ED].

  5. if Chiwenga really cares for us as the reason for removing mugabe then why arrest only the G40 ppl leaving out well known criminals including Ngwena himself and the army guys themselves very few ppl in Zanu pf have clean us the generality of zimbabweans we agree that bob must go but WE DONT AGREE when the army says they want Ed to replace him.these guys are worse we dont forget how they stole previous elections from us and the plunder of Marange diamonds productive farms and gold mines etc .if they really care for us they shld let a neutral person eg a church leader to lead the transion process while parties prepare for elections next year of which i am sure Mdct will win resoundingly

    1. True @patso, criminals are not only found on the G40 side, they are everywhere in Zanu PF and also in the army itself. This is the same Ngwena who personally saw that over 200 MDC supporters were murdered(with the help of the army) and that angered Mujuru and they(Ngwena and Robert) never liked Mujuru from there. We all know what happened to Mujuru. Open your eyes, lets get changes yes but lets keep our eyes opened, lets not be blinded or we could be worse off.

    2. Uri mwana waMuzorewa chete iwe @Patso. Or else you are part of the cabal which let criminals like Chivhayo near the National purse.

  6. Seems the administration will still get a lifeline Chiwenga’s spirited efforts to bring a fresh start notwithstanding. Choices have consequences. Brace for the backlash!

  7. Its just drama in Zimbabwe.
    RG Mugabe is going to be reinstated to his seat after being convinced by Zuma not to step down

  8. Kanti what is f…..king happening with these guys soldiers why are they playing with us .You can they allow a dumped leader to act as our leader .Tomoro everybody for a final push please the army has done its part we do ours final push everybody we just need to be protected by soldiers from police .

  9. kkkk, Mugabe was limping along looking more like a graduating student himself than a president. The damage has been done, he will never be the same

  10. i dont trust ED, harde kop daardie ding

    1. Comment…all of you could be right because you are speaking from what is immediately around you….but point to ponder! what could be the best way forward for the economy? Discuss

  11. I will wait and see. I think I am seeing zdf playing politics. They want Robber Goblin Murderer to appear as if he is still in charge so that what they are doing cannot be defined as a coup. They (zdf) may also want to see how people react.

    1. Comment…aita chake ndihombarume… patinofamba panotsvedza

  12. wrong move to try and do a march now. it can be hijacked and the resulting chaos wont be pleasant. let the army finish what they started lest we spoil everything.

  13. Veduwee, are you suggesting we carry on as we were? Vanhu universal shuwa. You’re crying everyday kuti zvinhu zvakaoma, somebody tries to bring change maakutaura zvehumbavha nekumunda hwangwena. Mukanzi prove it munozvikwanisa imi. Miniature zvekwamusina kuswera hama vadiwa

  14. Pliz, dont free the nonagenarian. Dont ever attempt.

  15. These guys will be arrested and be treated the way they are best fit. You cant take over power and be immune to the effects of it. RGM is here to stay and he is going to consolidate his power. There after am seeing 17 individuals having a hard time.

    Hapana zvamunomuita Mugabe, now he is back at work…. kwakwakwa….. seka zvako. ini am stuck w my bible.

  16. If it is true that Mugabe officiated at the University of Zimbabwe graduation ceremony then the army is taking the nation for a ride. How could they let him out of custody when everyone else is looking forward to his ouster? Why allow him to perform a national duty as if everything is normal?

  17. vakadzidza pakutama pfungwa dzavo dzakadzama baba ngavarambe vachitonga tichivaona more life more time chibababa MUGABE ndewedu hatimbofa takavarasa tinovada chiwenga atomama kuma barracks ndokwake netumbwa twake

  18. Ini handina kumbonzwa ZDF payaiti ikuda kubvisa HE frm his post bt vakati vari kuda kubvisa criminals dzakakomba Mugabe. Now zvamave kutaura izvi mukuzviwana kupi kuti Ngwena ndiye anzi aende panyanga? Vanamukoma vakati kana vpedza basa, zvinhu zvachadzokara “normal”… mudhara kustate house.
    Moreso, speculation dzenyu is way much blown out of propotion. Steady nebanga machunks haachekwi. Vanamkoma vari kuziva zvavari kuita.
    Ndapedza hangu mwana wemu komuredhi

  19. gukurahundi yacho haisi yakafungwa nabob

  20. Munangagwa cannot bring any fresh ideas for our economy at the ripe age of 75.Why do people enjoy dicing with our lives?Mugabe and Munangagwa are are cut from the same cloth.Hutsinye,hutsinye,hutsinye.Remember when he said ticharamba tichingotonga tichitonga,imi muchingvukura,what he meant in other words is that he is concerned about the deteriorating situation in our country.His main aim is kutonga achingotonga vanhu vachitambura zvavo iye achingotonga

    1. Someone wrote, any change that is coming we like it as long as Mugabe and family are out. Yaah taking him to graduation ceremony is the generals intelligence
      to make everyone believe that this is not a coup.Keep it Mr Chiwenga and company.

  21. nyatsimba mutota

    apamission ikaramba iyo yemasoja vanodonha one one mudhara isimbi motopedza basa ramakatanga vakomana everyone is behind you munhu ngaati tonge tonge ozorora

  22. ivhukuvanhu chete chete

    The Army Generals have done their party in re-organizing the party (Zanu P.f) by flushing out “turn-coats”who had infiltrated the Revolutionary party.
    The re-alignment will see Zanu P.f emerging united and stronger and more viable.
    The opposition can only admire with glee and only hope for the crumbs.
    But those crumbs will be hard to come by.

  23. The removal of Mugabe is what all Zimbabweans want right now and tomorrow will show the world by coming together MDC ZANU WAR VETS everybody march and demand for fast removal of Mugabe finish and klaaa

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