Updated: Cheers from Zanu PF meeting on Mugabe exit

– IN the latest update: Cheers can be heard from outside the meeting venue of the Zanu PF Central Committee which is currently discussing the fate of Mugabe and his wife.. Whatever it is they are saying in there must be fruitful

Zanu PF secretary for Finance, Obert Mpofu, who is currently chairing the party’s Central Committee, has described President Robert Mugabe as ‘outgoing president.’

Today’s meeting, which comes after a drama-filled week that saw Tuesday’s intervention of the army in the running of the country, and widespread demonstrations against Mugabe’s rule on Saturday, is meant to discuss the fate of the 93-year old strongman after his party’s provinces have already passed a vote of no confidence on him.

In his opening remarks, which may be a sign that Mugabe will be fired from the party, Mpofu said,
“This is a new era not only for the party, but for the country as well.”

Mpofu also paid tribute to the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.



  1. aiwazve obert mpofu is a thief too.

    1. I wish the North Korean Army Chiefs would imitate the Zimbabwe Defense Forces and remove their vicious dictator.

    2. tomubata ambobvisa aimudzidzisa kuba uyo..tomubata chete

    3. Comment…kkkkkk mbavha hombe hapana hapana wangu

  2. I agree with above post. ALL ZANU and current inept opposition politicians must go. They collectively BETRAYED our trust for 37years. The failed to protect, uphold, obey and honour our Constitution. They DISRESPECTED US POVO when the Constitution clearly says they must respect us and that the Authority to govern resides with us and we can take back that Authority we gave them, anytime. Usually elections are when citizens decide who is best to meet OUR NEEDS and Agenda. Our elections were rigged, denying us our voice and our will. Young generation, this is your time to step up and determine your children’s future, Form a coalition of Progressive politics and RUN for office against the old redundant incumbents. RUN for something, anything. We are highly educated n skilled. Lets create a Democracy in which and from which we will thrive

  3. I hope Obert Moofu will also be arrested soon after removing Mugabe from Zanu PF. He needs to tell us where the $15 billion from Diamond sales went to. The guy also owns much of Bulawayo, Hwange and Victoria Falls.

    1. Comment…lifa my fellow zimbabwean who is going to arrest him when all of the rest of ZanuPf are thief’s they stage a coup to keep on stealing.You guys where helping ZanuPf thief’s to march yesterday now look They put a big thief Obert Mpofu maybe now he can finish building his unfinished buildings in Bulawayo

  4. KIKIKI Tricks of the white people, zimbabwe from the Pan into the fire…

    1. he is there cz of rigging and forcing himself on the zim citizens. he has never condemned corruption or fired anybody. Nw he fires VP and purges his opposers putting his wife Gucci to succeed him.. he is just selfish and power hungry.. he fires people for his own good

    2. What does whites stand to gain in Zimbabwe?

  5. Roadblock Money Targets

    Haabvumi kuresigna uyu akaoma musoro. Mark my words. 93 years ichirikuenda Kubasa shuwa anenharo

  6. After chabva chidhara icho, chinhu chinongonzi Zanu ngachimbobviswa paMap in the next 3 to hameno more elections to come vakatisafisa mhani vanhu avo nxaaa todya kurwa hondo here isu coz ndonyaya yavo everyday..haako mafes ayo hauko musangano uyo

  7. Obert Mpofu achipedza zvaarikuita zvekuChair izvo later anofanira kuzotitsanangurirao which type of business he was rakamuitisa mari yekutenga maproperties ese aanawo ayo..mbavha iyo

    1. Comment…makuona mashandiswa ka vhoisa mbavha

  8. Comment…Let mpofu and colleagues fire mugabe and they too shld go
    ..mbavha dzevanhu..Zanu pf is jus a bunch of thieves

    1. Comment…let Mugabe dissolve parliament mbavha dzaisungwa neArmy ndedzipii Obert Mpofu ahana kana Development yakamboita kana muBulawayo anotokundwa naJonathan Moyo shame

  9. Comment…The game is over now Mugabe yatove history chete. Apindwa nechekuseri nekuti anga akura musoro zvisingaite.

  10. As long as zanu pf is in power,zimbabwe haina independence……These are birds of the same frthr…..(Mwana wenyoka haisi huku)

  11. Whoever listened to Grace’s rants on ‘super Sunday’, the eve of Mnangagwa’s disnissal and the sudden turn of events can honour the true God of Haman and Mordecai. Grace has long been baying for Mnangagwa’s blood but now she turns out to be a ‘fugitive’. The hunter has become the hunted!

    1. Comment…hapana hapana chiichacho tirikutaura nekuvaka nyika owe urikungo rota

  12. No critics on Mnangagwa anymore!…….already fearing to mention his name like you did to Mugabe.See how brainwashed and mentally colonised you are Zimbabweans.

  13. The obedient son now turning back on his father!!! Strange.

  14. Coup our coup! This SOB rigged our coup. Watch him dissolve parliament on Monday before his impeachment.

    No one is saint here. Maybe some are just worse than others but Obert Mpofu, Chinamasa wemwana we US$7million mu boot, ndoda ED wemazimari.

    I guess our country is still better off with anyone else chero asi SOB RGM.

  15. kuvukura vukura, Ini zete kuvata…muDB eKGIV

  16. mpofu is the biggest thief of all.he used to demand 10million dollars for himself to give licence to mine diamonds in chiadzwa.he should never to be trusted .kuchinja side kwe mwana wa mugabe.he called himself mugabe s son.

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