Breaking: Mnangagwa fired

Emmerson Mnangagwa has been fired from government for, among other charges, disloyalty and little probity in the execution of duties.

Addressing a press conference held by the party’s spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo said Mnangangwa has been relieved of his vice presidency.

This follows a weekend of rallies where Mugabe and his wife directly indicated that Mnangagwa – who has been leading a faction of Zanu PF in the race to to succeed Mugabe, would be fired.

Watch video compilation of Mugabe and Grace attacking Mnangagwa.



  1. saka zvataita iLizard vanhu vachiseka ndiyani azoseka manje, all the current crop of zanupf members from the bush are cowards i do not know how there participated in the war of liberation if there can not tame one old man, sad.

  2. who cares about a post of a sinking government.Thisgovernment is going. A new
    government is coming.Ngwena must now concentrate on party consolidation.No
    going back.No sympathy for Jongwe anymore.The country needs movement.
    Leave sekuru and his gang to enjoy themselves till January.Forget about the fake
    congress in December.Bhora mberi.Pamberi ne Zanu,pasi ne mhandu .Ngwena yestaday you said its their post ,let them have it back.

    1. Yes you are very right there and let pappets be pappets till January vachingosekerera rubish.

  3. Yaaaaaawn…………… Zvakunzwisa hope…. Can we now go back to bread and butter issues

  4. Sekuru vangu ndovaziva he is very cunning. Vatodzinga shamwari yavo wena.hmmmm manje hokoyo vanaChiwenga, muri kushamura

  5. Mnangagwa is holding a press conference at 6.00pm to announce his reaction.

    By the way,he is guaranteed a salary and pension for life.

  6. Focus on the real issues affecting this country and not ZANU PF internal squabbles!!!!! Where are the answers to our ailing economy? Who cares about their squabbles , once again people are being distracted from REAL issues!!!!

    1. But Zanu PF is running (ruining) we cant ignore it

    2. ZANU PF is a strange party, zvekt ngwena ane grassroot support hatirambe, anayo ari muZANU tichiti kana akahwina he will remember us manje zvaaenda togoendepi naye? Tinosara tichitsvaga umwe wekuda futi. ED wont do anything, akada kt bufu tomurova neOfficial Secracy Act yakangosunga ana Mujuru ana Tsvangison chaivo. Zvatopera so, avakutovukura isu tichingotonga.

  7. Sekuru can be impeached by parliament.That is a strong possibility.

  8. Karma’s way of dealing with people. he was also part of those who saw the downfall of joice mujuru and now the same baton stick has worked against him

  9. Sekuru Chaminuka

    Comment…ED must join forces with Dr Joy Mujuru, the war vets and other progressive forces in preparation for 2018 elections which they will win hands down, Zpf for Mugabe and his family chete.

    1. He wont try that at home, munhu akadyiwa make imomo muMidlands muKK kangani naChebudo until azogadzira constituency yake yemawaya kuZibagwe uko. Kana uchibva muKK you know how hated that ED is, he owns literally everything using his office.

    2. I like how you descrie the most unprogressive people like Mujuru and Mnanagwa as Progressive.

      Kutsvaka uta muchirongo chizere mvura.

      These people would not recognise progress if it was urinating on their faces


    1. Unenge unoona iwe!

  11. Edgar Masendeke


    Edgar Tekere, Joshua Nkomo, Ndabaningi Sithole and Enos Nkala used to preach it but you were all ignoring

    “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me”.

    1. you forgot to acknowledge Rev. Martin Niemoler as the original speaker of those words!!

  12. This is total insanity.
    Our Honorable president has a history of getting rid of all potential successors by hook or crook. This is no longer the ZANUPF that our fathers and mothers fought and died for. They did not die for “Imelda disGrace”. This has now officially become the Zezuru African Union Poverty Front, guaranteeing abject material, cultural and spiritual poverty to all future generations.
    It is time for Zimbabweans to wake up and smell the Tanganda.

  13. That marks the end of Zanu PF and its 4 decades misrule and the coming in of a NEW Zimbabwe!!! I cant wait to be part of the New Zimbabwe.

    1. ZANU PF is not an individual but a system wangu

      1. You call Mai Mujuru, Didymus, Rugare, Munangagwa, Muchinguri, Mutswangwa and all individuals and then Mugabe with wife the system? Hahahaha too many enemies created by Zanu and though they were rigging there were some people that voted for these individuals and where does their vote go to next year?

  14. Be that as it may,but Emmerson has just fallen victim to bedroom coup as was said earlier by Jabu.Let me lough my lungs out at Munangagwa and am really enjoying it.ZANU PF knows no gwevereshe.Remember he is the same guy who said pasi ne MDC recently at a rally in Blues.He is also the guy who said ukarota ZANU PF yabuda mupower muka ubike doro nekuti tichatonga tigotonga tigotongerera kusvika tatonga.Zvino atungwa ndiani parinhasi kkkkkkkk.lets watch ZBC.

    1. Kikikikiki truth be told team iri ndiro Zanu original vasara ava Havana kwavanoenda ne party iyi.

      1. Tht spirit of entitlement ndiyo yakatinyudza. That mentality ndiyo yatisvitsa patiri nhasi, liberation war haina kumborwiwa kuti vagotonga vega. Plus hapana akavatuma kuhondo ngavadzosere nyika yacho vaone ikaswerapo. Gire ngaatonge kana chitanda chawira paari.

    2. Pane ane link yeZBC here andiposterewo? Ndirikufa nekuseka nhasi. Amaiwee!!!!

  15. nyatsoteerera unzwe kutonga.ko velacoste muripi vanhu vese kuna amai zvitototo zvelacoste muripi ndichitonga takambotonga tichiri kungotonga

  16. Comment…Tinongotonga tichingotonga tichingotonga, tichingoenda, tichienda, kkkkkk so that means Ngwena yakatadza kubika doro.

  17. This is a circus.

  18. I am not so sure where we are goingg so necommànd agric yamiswa here.

  19. I’ve always spoken of ‘Team LaLizard’!
    Bullies are often felled by gthe most perfunctory o strikes … and this one, the ‘Butcher of Matebeleland’, has, similarly!

    It’s now time for the ‘Gukurahundi Files’. And let’s have them!

  20. Its a high time for the opposition to exploit the brighter side of the fractured regime. The ‘casualties of the clean up’ should be accommodated to rejuvenate opposition efforts. Lets take cognisance of such opportunities and invest on them optimumly.

  21. Grace is a no nonsense lady. A lady who can call a spade a spade. A lady who can not beat about the bush. Am beginning to like this lady.

    1. Ngcitshi Ndiweni

      @Nacido Rico aka Willard Mubvumbi, thula wena njaaaa!

  22. Tsvangirai chiuya utonge haqo lol,,,,monya reZanu rabaya,,,,,kwasara twundire ndire,,,tusingazive kurigger lol

  23. This is a good decision. ED was at the forefront of getting rid of Mujuru and now he is gone himself. Lets see what he does now. He could form a people last, war vets first party with Mutsvangwa.

    1. Its a chain. Those who also helped in getting rid of Gwena are going next. Yu never know

  24. Comment…easier said than done garwe was a strong member of zanu pf jus lyk mujuru bt they all get traped with the same snare.i think its high tym fo him to c tt he z lyk every zimbabwean who needs a change nekuti kudzingwa kwake hakusi kuchinjisa zvinhu munyika zvakutounza kirohwa kwedu

  25. Comment…Mnangagwa na Mugabe same same.That man have containers and containers of innocent blood in his hands.

    Good riddance.All the former and current zanu pf heavyweights are monsters who must not be entertained.

  26. Comment…Mnangagwa na Mugabe same same.That man have containers and containers of innocent blood in his hands.

    Good riddance.All the former and current zanu pf heavyweights are monsters who must not be entertained.

  27. Comment…its good kudzingwa kwake everyone must know that kuti am nt guaranteed in mugabe family of friends,i think all zanu pf supporters are nt educated especialy on top possitions,wy they repeat the same.mujuru and her gang gone ,nw ngwena and gang gone…tommorow Chipanga wil also go,mugabe’s they dont have permanent friend just an advise kune vambosiiwa kusona muromo sana makhosini kurinani vavengi vanoita vashoma wadzingwa (cavie dee) Murozvi

  28. Comment…ini i dont have anything with this tiki taka type of soccer played in zanu pf kwedu kwaChiundura that is the thing chinondiudza kuti zanu madofo from which corner.there’s a councilor who boast himself eating peoples money and threatening them in all sorts since nineghteen eighty ,vakangoudzwa kuti varungu tokutorera musha unonwa munhu oti ndikavhotera mdc ndikawonekwa ndogarepi,,,how stupid u are unofira ivhu risina charirikukupa hauna kana mari ye5kg yembeu.nhasi maiita dzungu kuchirumanzi zivagwe modii mangwana dolololo hapachina ipolitics idzi dzakazara umbavha maita vatete…

  29. Comment…mnangagwa going nowhere__army tells mugabe

  30. i garwe remu game,rinomirira kupiya food rakarara

  31. Comment…vese ngavaende anaka nekuti adzingwa.Imbava idzi vada kutsvaga oposition yekumhanya nayo Tsvangirai afa ne cancer

  32. Comment…Maxx, usarambotaura nezvegukurahundi. Zvinoita kuti vanhu tisakanganwirane, toregererana. Hondo
    kurwisana, kunobvisa gakava pakati pemarudzi, uye paine kudeuka kweropa
    pakati. Munguva yegukurahundi, mapato ose airwisana akauraya vanhu vaive vasina zvombo. Pakati pa1985 na1986, murwi werimwe bato wainzi Gwesela akasvika pane mumwe musha muMidlands akapfura mhuri yose yepamusha apa. Gwesela akasiya anyora tsamba yaiti, “ISU VANHU VEMUSANGO, HATINA MATARE EDZIMHOSVA, ASI MUTONGO WEDU UNOBVA PAMUROMO WEPFUTI. Nekudaro, maonero angu MAPATO ose akauraya. Nekudaro, Gwesela aive muuto, ndivanaani vaitungamirira bato iri raGwesela? Vaitungamirira bato iri vanofanirwa kutongwawo, nekuti vane makuva akawandiwo Matebeleland nemu Midlands, umo mune mhuri yandataura. Kana pasina kuregererana, vose vari Bhiriteni ngavadzose. Smith akauraya, nguva yeZimbabwe Rodhizha
    yakafiwa vaduwe. Asi vamwe vakaita izvi
    varikufamba pamusoro pevhu reZimbabwe. Veduwe, ngati kanganwirane kuti, tiregererane. Pasina izvi ropa risina mhosva rinoramba rodeuka. JEHOVAH!!!! SAMASIMBA!!! MUSIKI Wedenga nezviri mariri, nyika nezviri pairi. Mukatisika imi nemufananidzo wenyu, honayi hatichina kukwana. Batayi mhirizhonga dzooose dzingada kuitika BABA. Ndimi munoziva zviri mberi mberi, kukunda kuziva kwatinota isu zvataita nhasi mangwanani. SHARLOM!!! RUGARE!!! RUNYARO!!! PEACE!!!

  33. madzibaba Hamandishe Hama

    Comment–Gwesela ndiyani? Uye aive webato ripi, raitungamirirwa nani?

  34. Comment…zvakaoma

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