Breaking: Mnangagwa lands at Manyame airbase, meet army generals

Soon to be President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa has landed at Manyame airbase where he has met army generals for debriefing.

Mnangagwa will leave for Zanu PF headquarters where he is expected to meet Zanu PF’s politburo and address supporters who have been waiting since 1 pm for his arrival.

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  1. Yep, the same dudes that were always bused in with “Munhu wese kuna amai” placards.

  2. I am afraid the same levels of bootlicking may return and with it patronage. You and me know the result

    1. unchofunately you is right.

  3. iwe neni tinebasa ………………………..

  4. 2018 ZANU inohwina chete. pane ane nharo here?

  5. operation restore mnangagwa

    we dont eat politics.whether zanu wins thats not an issue.what we need to know will they be able to fix the economy.Mdc seems to be the only party capable of doing that.if you look at zanu pf its the same crew which was with mugabe since 1980.can they perform a miracle now that mugabe is out.surely mugabe was not alone in the decisons he was making.the mujurus ,mnangagwas ,sekeramayis etc were there.

  6. Look here all sane people do not want zanu in ths country as of Munangagwa just a few la coste of cause and a bunch of confused lot will follow him and making noise to hood wink the world that Munangagwa has support BUT NEXT YEAR WE WILL MAKE SURE HE AND HIS DEAD ZANU GO THEY HAVE NOTHING TO OFFER US AFTER TAKING PART IN THE DESTRUCTION OF THIS COUNTRY ECONOMY . hE IS NOT OUR PRESIDENT HE IS THE ARMY PRESIDENT . But his joy will be short lived

  7. will he reform himself out of power? His overtones of vengefulness on Mugabe are troubling. Pple shld not 4gt that he was the very hand used by Mugabe to do his dirty work. Maybe pple repent, lets watch this space…

  8. Hope people stop hero worshipping people. A president should just do his/her job just like a teacher does his job.

  9. this man also he is old since 1980,,seating on zan in big post under Mugabe control do you think he is going to change things in Zim?????

  10. Comment…leave everything in hands of God guys…

  11. kkkkkkkkkk I laugh and will laugh longest. Kkkkkkk power corrupts all dictators speak democracy but lack practice

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