Breaking: Mnangagwa cheers Zimbabweans on historic moment

Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Fired Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa has hailed Zimbabweans for their historic moment after pushing President Robert Mugabe to resign in a dramatic and unceremonious way ending a tumultuous 37 years of (mis)rule.

Staff Reporter

Mugabe under pressure from the citizens, legislators and the military threw in the towel in Harare yesterday.

Mnangagwa told NewsDay this evening: “I want to congratulate the people of Zimbabwe on reaching this historic moment. Together, we will ensure a peaceful transition to the consolidation of our democracy, and bring in a fresh start for all Zimbabweans and foster peace and unity.”

He added: “As I make my way back home, I look forward together with you the people of Zimbabwe to tackle the political and economic challenges facing our beloved country Zimbabwe. God bless Zimbabwe.”

The former Vice-President will be sworn in tomorrow.
Details to follow . . .


  1. ED, welcome back…. But we don’t trust you a single bit. Come clean baba. No ministry of revenge. Unite us all. Prove us wrong.

  2. Comment…Nekuti, ZVIUYA ZVIRIMBERI
    natsa kwawabva, kwaunoenda usiku. Nekuti, “ZVIUYA ZVIRIMBERI.” Chokwadi
    chokwadi, “ZVIUYA ZVIRIMBERI.” Jehovah chete chete. Nekuti, ZVIUYA ZVIRIMBERI.” ZVIUYA ZVIRIMBERI. Kutenda kuna SAMASIMBA, vaita izvi pasina mhirizhonga. MAKOROKOTO vene veZimbabwe. Tose ngatichiziva kuti, tikaona munhu, taona munhu, akasikwa naJehovah nemufananidzo wavo. Nekuti, munhu munhu. Nekuti, ZVIUYA ZVIRIMBERI.” Ngatirambe tiri seNJIVA.

  3. It has been a Zanu Pf fight in part,but you can not dispute the abundant input from all peace loving Zimbambweans,the ZDF,and most importantly the Almighty God.
    However,we do have political drunkards like Chinamasa who thinks the opposition should not be part into the transition.How very misplaced,Mr Chinamasa the people are not on your side.That is why you were a Mugabe appointee(noted elected into office),that is why the people booed you at the Zimbabwe grounds.That is why you were also arrogant to introduce a useless surrogate currency (bond note) when it has been furiously rejected.Which i believe was a very stupid and silly decision.If you cant change your attitude,then you do not share the same vision of a better Zimbabwe with above 99% of all Zimbabweans.
    No one should ever manipulate the constitution of the people to propel own self interest,we are all Zimbabweans,and Zimbabwe should never again be run like Animal Farm.VaChihuri avo ne malcontent dzavo bisai zvenyu,mbavha dzakabatwa idzo we urge you to deliver justice.How can one person own Zimbabwe,having stands all over Zimbabwe?Why were the title deeds for a piece of land(now Southlea Park) be fast tracked to one Philip Chiyangwa?We need justice,and only a true transitional government can deliver on this.

  4. Zimbabweans created a dictator out of R G Mugabe when celbrated his human rights abuses in the 1980s. Munangagwa was used to eliminate all those who were viewed as Mugabe’s foes. I do not see how Munangagwa will atone for his brutality in order to get votes from Midlands and Matebeleland? Zanu pf has lost! In a game of chess, this is what we call foolsmate. Let us register to vote and be ready to orotect our vote. Never again shall we allow domination by criminals. Land redistribution is yet to begin!!!

  5. Comment…ED plz listen to the voice of the ppl not your wife. Women can decieve at times. In the Bible many mighty men fell bcz of women.

  6. The people of Zimbabwe have been sold a false promised land for so long. You were lied to all along that removing Mugabe would solve every problem in the country.

    The TRUTH IS THERE ARE NO BIG FAT UNCLES THAT WILL GIVE YOU BAGS OF MONEY because Mugabe is gone! The reality nobody just dishes out money for free…

    Corruption is not going to end just because he is gone! Because the reality is that it you PEOPLE that are corrupt.

    DZIDZAI KUSHANDA kwete madhiri! REGAI HUWORI.. You can change presidents all you want but the real change has to happen in the hearts of the people

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