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Birth of a new era: Wutawunashe


FAMILY of God Church leader and chairman of the Faith for Nation Campaign, Andrew Wutawunashe, has said newly-sworn in President Emmerson Mnangagwa would restore peace and stability in the country.
By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu/
Hazvinei Mwanaka

Wutawunashe told journalists and pastors in Masvingo on Thursday that he had long prophesied that Mnangagwa would take over from President Robert Mugabe, who resigned on Tuesday under pressure from the masses, legislators and the military.

“The time had simply come for Mugabe to accept that he had done his bit. It was time to hand over the baton in the race that must continue at optimal energy and speed, and without jarring distractions,” he said.

Wutawunashe said people did not understand what he meant when he said Jacob was going to take over the post of Moses.

“I saw this in the spirit years ago and I knew it was Mnangagwa who was going to be chosen to rule in the future and take over from Mugabe. I witnessed it in the spiritual realm,” the cleric claimed.

Ironically in 2013, Wutawunashe praised Mugabe for winning elections, saying that he was chosen by the Lord to finish his work.

“I admitted that God elected Mugabe to finish his race just like Moses who handed over his work to Joshua. I talked from a spiritual point of view, but in the end, that is not what happened. The country was not developing, rather, they were having factional wars,” he said.

“I commend the Zimbabwe Defence Forces for the wisdom they applied in midwiving a peaceful transition in the governance of our nation Zimbabwe.”

Mnangagwa has to centre on what is at hand and transform the country.

He served the government since 1980 and people have to bury the past and move forward with Mnangagwa, as he treated the President with respect and dignity and everyone witnessed that, which is why he stood by him for all these years.

Wutawunashe reaffirmed Zanu PF’s choice in choosing Mnangagwa as the President of the country.

He said the incoming government should emphasise unity and reconciliation.

“On the transitional government, I feel that the leadership that is coming right now should examine the situation and advisedly see whether it unifies the nation to bring other parties in or not,” the cleric said.

“I believe what we actually need is that there should rather be a sitting of all political players, civic society the church and others to address the issue of a national charter, in other words, where we actually say to ourselves who is entitled to play the politics of our country and what are the parameters in which that politics should be played.”

He said simply bringing people into a transitional government without dealing with their culture of politics would not help anything except causing wrangles among people and affecting the development of the nation.

Wutaeunashe said it was time for the nation and the leaders to work together and refrain from politics of hate, fear, oppression and violence.

“The fervent patriotism, peace and unity in diversity which has been displayed by our people during this transition needs to be embraced as a continuing culture of our people and leaders,” he said.

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