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BCC launches drainage system ahead of rainy season


BULAWAYO City Council is set to embark on drainage system clearing in preparation for the rainy season, Southern Eye has learnt.


Ward 1 councillor Mlandu Ncube said his ward would engage communities, which would start clearing the drainage system around the central business district.

“We normally do drainage clearing twice a year, which we have already done, but we will be engaging ward 1 community groups to redo the process because we realise that our drainage system is clogged by litter,” he said.

Ncube advised residents to desist from littering and place litter in bins.

“Litter thrown all over finds its way into drains, clogging them and disturbing the flow of runoff water,” he said.

“Residents must desist from the bad habit, litter must be placed in designated places. There are litter bins placed all over the city. There are dumpsites and other places that are made particularly for disposing of litter. Let us use those.”

workers would be resealing slabs between 4th Street and Herbert Chitepo Street, 10th Avenue and in front of Pick n Pay Hyper.

“As ward 1, we will be utilising our 3% retention fund to repair pavements which are in a dire state. We want to improve them and ensure that residents can easily access them. Most of our pavements have potholes, making it hard for businesses to operate,” he said.

“Roads and pavements speak volumes about the state of an area hence we want to ensure we improve the state of the city.”

Bulawayo residents have previously complained of flooded and impassable roads which pose dangers to them during the rainy season.

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