Army arrests G40 ‘criminals’

ZANU PF political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere and Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo— the brains behind the G40 faction in the ruling party — were yesterday “fished out” from President Robert Mugabe’s Borrowdale mansion where they had sought sanctuary and handed over to the military, NewsDay can reveal.


It is understood that the two Cabinet ministers were holed up at Mugabe’s mansion as they evaded late night military arrests early yesterday morning.

NewsDay heard that Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) Commission chairman Mariyawandah Nzuwah was sent by ZDF Commander General Constantino Chiwenga to fetch the two whom he warned on Monday that he would “fish them out” of Zanu PF to ensure stability in the former guerilla movement. Nzuwah is also chairman of the Civil Service Commission.

The ZDF insisted that their action was not “a military takeover of government”, adding the President was still safe and in charge, although there were reports that Mugabe and his wife First Lady Grace were “under house arrest”.

According to the sources, the two have now joined Zanu PF secretary for administration and Finance minister Ignatius Chombo, youth secretary Kudzanai Chipanga, Central Intelligence Organisation director of security Albert Miles Nguluvhe and Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri who were arrested earlier during the night at their homes.

The top government officials were reportedly being held at the KGVI army headquarters in Harare.

“The ministers had been at the house of the President and following negotiations they were handed over and are reportedly being held at KGVI awaiting their day in court,” the source close to the developments said.

There were, however, conflicting statements that Chihuri had also been arrested or was out of the country, but these reports could not be officially ascertained.

This came as Sadc chair and South Africa President Jacob Zuma yesterday despatched a two-member delegation to meet military authorities in Harare to discuss the situation prevailing in the country after the army “stepped in” and took control of the country’s political power.

Zuma in a statement said he had spoken to Mugabe who remained “safe at home”.

“President Jacob Zuma, in his capacity as chair of Sadc, is sending special envoys to Zimbabwe and Angola in light of the unfolding situation in the Republic of Zimbabwe,” the South African Presidency said.

“The President is sending the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans, Ms Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, and the Minister of State Security, Advocate Bongani Bongo, to Zimbabwe to meet with President Robert Mugabe and the Zimbabwean Defence Forces.

“President Zuma spoke to President Robert Mugabe earlier today who indicated that he was confined to his home, but said that he was fine. South Africa is also in contact with the Zimbabwean Defence Forces”.

Zuma also sent an envoy to brief Angolan President Joao Lourenco in his capacity as chairperson of the Sadc Organ on Politics, Defence and Security.

The South African leader called for restraint and for the military to ensure that “peace and stability are not undermined in Zimbabwe”.

The army yesterday reportedly intensified its witch-hunt and arrest of “criminals” around the President, among them key G40 ministers and top government officials, whom they accused of misleading and holding Mugabe to ransom.

Kasukuwere and Moyo allegedly deserted their homes after members of the Police Protection Unit assigned to guard their properties were recalled by the military.

The Local Government minister’s home in Helensvale was deserted with all police assigned to protect him nowhere to be seen and the gate was wide open, with only two cars — a Range Rover and Landcruiser — in the front lock-up garage.

The same situation was prevailing at Chombo’s residence where the gate had been run down, while at Moyo’s home there was no life at all.

Secretary for Information and Presidential spokesperson George Charamba refused to comment.

Police virtually disappeared from all roads with not a single roadblock in sight, but military presence was only at the Zanu PF headquarters, Munhumutapa government offices and all broadcasting stations in the country.

Army tanks were stationed at ZBC radio and TV stations manned by heavily armed soldiers, who, however, did not interfere with the movement of members of the public.

Workers at State House went about their duties with no traffic control at all roads leading to the President’s official residence.

Security was tight at the newly-renamed Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport with people checking in and out undergoing heavy searches.

Attempts to get a comment from the police were futile as national spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba was not reachable.

It was, however, business as usual in the capital, Harare, as most shops remained open for business.

ZDF Major General Sibusiso Moyo in a statement on State television early yesterday morning said their aim was to target “criminals around the President” who remains in charge of the country.

Chiwenga on Monday in a defiant statement that seemed to have shaken Mugabe’s administration warned that internal succession power struggles in Zanu PF had negatively impacted on the citizenry demanding an end to the purging of party leaders associated with the liberation struggle.

He called Mugabe to order and directed him to stop the ongoing purge on former Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s allies ahead of Zanu PF’s December extraordinary congress.
Chiwenga also threatened retribution on what he called all Zanu PF counter revolutionaries bent on “destroying the party from within”.

Moyo, during the time he was expelled, argued that the ruling party could only be destroyed from within. Moyo is a leading figure in Zanu PF’s G40 faction that engineered Mnangagwa’s recent expulsion from both government and the ruling party on allegations of disloyalty, deceit and attempts to usurp power from Mugabe, among others.

Other key members of the G40 faction include Grace, Kasukuwere and Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko. Mnangagwa reportedly leads a rival faction, Team Lacoste, over Mugabe’s succession. Public Service minister Patrick Zhuwao had, according to unconfirmed reports, skipped the border to Mozambique early yesterday while Mphoko was reportedly holed up out of the country.

The ZDF chief returned to the country over the weekend to find that Mnangagwa had been fired six days earlier with events moving fast.

High-level sources told NewsDay that Chiwenga was shocked to meet a team of police officers with instructions to arrest him on arrival.

“He was escorted by a team from the Presidential Guard at Harare International Airport. There was a tense and almost volatile situation which only calmed after the police team retreated,” the sources said.

Chiwenga’s statement triggered a chain of events that thrust Zimbabwe back into the international spotlight and a relatively stable region on the continent into soul-searching.

Mugabe remained mum, but a section of the Zanu PF party fronted by First Lady Grace fought back tenaciously first with a statement from the youth league delivered by a jittery leader Chipanga early on Tuesday warning Chiwenga that he was offside and “millions of youths will not allow you”.

Chipanga warned Chiwenga he was treading on “thin ice” and could be charged with treason.
As Chipanga delivered his statement literally calling Chiwenga to order, Mugabe convened a Cabinet session as usual at which insiders said Chiwenga’s fate was sealed.

“Cabinet agreed he would be charged with treason,” NewsDay heard. Military armoured personnel carriers emerged from Inkomo Barracks and were seen along Lomagundi Road and some parts of Harare as the situation, further deteriorated and tempers flared.

Information minister Simon Khaya Moyo, according to government sources, was also asked to issue a statement in the name of Zanu PF denouncing Chiwenga, but cryptically not as government spokesperson.

“He was shaking and did not know what to do. He was in a sticky situation but it had to be done,” a Zanu PF source said.

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  1. Phillip Anderson

    G40, as far as I know, supports putting Mrs Mugabe into power.
    But I suspect this coup/ military intervention is somehow caused by the ex vice President and his friends in the military wanting Grace out of the picture. out of politics or out of the country.
    Robert Mugabe is a very sick man and only has a few years, perhaps even months left.
    If Grace takes over she could be the new dictator of Zimbabwe until she too is in her 90s, a terrible future for Zimbabwe.

  2. I like our ZDF and especially its leader Hero Chiwenga. Keep on doing the good work Zimbabweans are behind you.

  3. Before you stop all this our beloved Chiwenga set up a government for us please. we don’t want ellections but we want the following people to be in charge of government:
    ED Mnangagwa
    J. Mujuru
    D. Dabengwa
    M. Tsvangirai

    The four must make up the executive and I prefer ED to be the boss.

    On the list of ministers don’t forget Simba Makoni and Prisca Mupfumira; to me these guys deserve to be part of gvt. On the finance ministry I think you can choose between Makoni and Chinamasa they are equally good. Also look at some private sector well accomplished people like Joel Mutizwa (former Delta chief); he deserves to save gvt; a gvt that is apolitical. Please help us Chiwenga we are looking up to you to finish off this job. Mugabe must be retired we don’t want him close to anything to do with gvt.

    1. When you are saying WE, who are you referring to?

      1. We the people.

      2. You are spot on Big P. Jecha should learn to speak for him/herself. After all, there is nothing criminal about expressing your views.

    2. You took the words out of my mouth

    3. You are absolutely right!!

    4. You are not serious ED and J Mujuru have been part of the problem. They should go.

  4. It is too too early to understand what is really going on in Zimbabwe. Eating brings on appetite… I am afraid the military may just keep power, the meal they are tasting now and find some excuses to enjoy it longer.

  5. it’s a great relief to have the greatest thief of all time Chombo behind bars

  6. & Mugabe should just be sent to Zvimba for good, no need to waste time negotiating anything with him, he wasted enough years of our lives already

  7. well done sir we are suporting you kana zvaramba ngatidzokere musango

  8. And mandi chimene shud b hanged.that piece of fecal matter has got tiny brains and its frightening to thnk pple in manicaland are led by such morons.kasukuwere wanga wave extremely overweight kusimba nezvgunwe zvese.Does Grace Goreraza know kt Chipanga has apologised to ZDF???Better to name it zdf airport instead of robert matibili.makaita basa gushungo we nt downplaying the gud things u did for zimbabwe bt of late vanhu havachakudai.

    1. @ ZimUnite, No need to hang Mandi-just deprive her of weed, that’s enough punishment! She will be crawling and whimpering for forgiveness!

      1. ..that’s so true no need for drastic actions Mandi is a druggie help her to sober up lol

    2. Its not really a question of not liking the president. I like him so much but reason should prevail. Again fairness should preval. Let the will of the people direct the clourse of this country without manipulation. How do we goble millions of dollars to convine rallies aimed at one thing to undress ones’deputy. Is it how managers behave. Why call him in your office and fire him quatly than to subject your own comrade in arms for years to such humiliation.

  9. Dr Amai Grace Mugabe, Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere ini ndava kunyararaso, mumbori coup-pi?

  10. Patricio Joao escaped to Mozambique? This boy surely knows his roots! Haachadzoki uyo.

  11. Make the cowardly gay gangsters squeal. Vanga vanyanya kuvhaira vanaPidigori. Amai vaye vekutuka varume vakuru pamarari vanofanira kuzhambawo. Kwahi ‘Iwe Joji, huya pano’! Disrespecting fellow adults like? Chivanhu chekupi ichocho? Ko kamupfanha kaye kekuti ‘Emmerson'(a 75-year old citizen), kuna VP karipi? Kanonzi ani zviya? Mbuso Chinguno?

  12. So Mugabe could not defend Moyo? Thats interesting.

  13. To the Boss Chiwenga , well done son of the soil for a job well done. do not listen to Zuma delegation . We Zimbabweans we have our special way of doing out our own things. Where were these people when our country degenerated into this kind of chaos that we find ourselves in. We do not need Zuma people here. Let South Africa start its nonsense , then that’s when it will be taught a lesson by Zimbabweans !

    1. Musanyepa Asekuru, what lesson do you think you can teach the South Africans, if its violence they are masters of the game, they enjoy it like a dance, if its war then , you will have an opportunity to see real arms of war, so chii chaizvo chaungavafundisa ?

  14. Where is the regular commentator on this platform, the one who calls him or herself “Mugabeism”

  15. I hope the apology tone set by Chipenga must be a lesson to the others. Jonathan, Saviour,Grace, Phelekezela, Robert and others must follow suit. It pains to note that these few lunatics were considering themselves gods of Zimbabwe. Saviour was denied by nine out of ten provinces but only to be accepted by Grace to the detriment of all the nine provinces, what a circus. Kuna Mwari kudenga. Patrick and others who ran away must surrender themselves or else the nation will never forgive them for causing this suffering.

  16. When calm returns, civilian rule must be restored as Zimbabwe transitions into the Post-Mugabe ERA.

  17. So the criminals are only from G40 and that is a lie bcoz laCoste its leader is the most corrupt individual everyone knows that is he going to be arrested as well . ? The army is not saying exactly what is the situation its a coup aaah no Mugabe is still in Charge . It seems it want to save ZANU from dying not to solve our problems caused by zanu and Mugabe . Sane pple are worried .

  18. ndkuona someone akut anoda mugabe so much and im wondering is that person bona mugabe or kasukuwere???if nt then wat a weird world we live in.

    1. It is not a weird world but a democratic world, in a democracy you have got freedom of choice

  19. General Chiwenga ndinokudai zvakanyanya ..maratidza zvamakarwira/the gains of the liberation struggle shud never be reversed.Maramba privatisation yenyika yedu yechisikirwa.Makanyanya mdara,imi nevanokuteerai ndinoti Mwari awedzere makore akawanda muhupenyu hwenyu murambe muchiwedzerwa wisdom kuti nyika yedu ye Zimbabwe ive nerugare rwusingaperi.I salute you my General.I can see a bright future characterized with lots of development,peace,love and tranquility.

  20. Ko millions youths supporters dzaMugabe dzaitaurwa naChipanga dziripiko dzinomutora kuBlue Roof kwaakavharirwa.

  21. Chickens coming home to roost. Christmas will be good this year.

  22. Yah this is good, and somebody need to deal with the police seriously, lets hope Gen. Chiwenga hamusati mapedza naChihuri nemapenzi ake, who are they to detain the Gen on unknown orders. And who in this day and age is still listening to Lady Gaga. Chihuri wairasa

  23. Comment…Chinx ngaaitwe national hero

  24. Before celebrating the future we need to calmly and rationally take stock of the past. I think if we fail to correct everything we did wrong we might repeat the same mistakes.
    This country needs free, fair and unfettered elections open to the whole world. We need the best brains in terms of professionalism, education, experience and administrative skills to run the country. Let’s move away from the assumption that fighting in the liberation war or an MBA means one is omniscient. Let’s allow humility, respect, merit and honour not racism or tribalism to guide us forward. We have capable leaders and the labour force that could even transform this economy by year-end, let’s not jump to conclusions yet – we have the whole future ahead of us. We have a constitution, let the rule of law prevail. Let’s also distinguish clearly political boundaries and government business. Politicians come and go, Zimbabwe is here forever.

  25. Ko Fidza nemapostori ese aive akapfeka ma garments machena na Former ‘Dr’ Amai ku Rufaro Stadium that other Sunday varipi nhai?

  26. Mapostori aya ndwo madhunyazi manje kkkkkkkkk

  27. Obert Mpofu has many cases to answer and mst be arrested too.

  28. This is the 4th Chimurenga taking back our from greedy individuals. The day Mugabe resigns should be declared independence day.

  29. Mugabe iyeye kana ada kurambirira akati zete muimbirei song iya yaakadzidziswa na Gile…..’kana munhu anetsa varume batai munhu’…kkkkkkk


  31. what war with who south Africa will show us what tibvirepo all of Africa is coming to Zimbabwe to learn about military operations my friend this army is not a conventional army its a guerilla army no one will come fight them I. their own terrain don’t forget USA failed to win in Vietnam and you think these street thugs from down south can man up to come here for what to keep Mugabe in power stop smoking that shit

  32. Now Kudzanayi Chipanga is blaming one Rodney for authoring a statement he made when he called a press conference to me sounds hollow. The way he read it showed he was in it full time. Yes he is young but learning no he was not learning he was abusing his position so he must answer. How many times did we hear him chanting amai saying pasi ne ma guerilla at rallies was it Rodney giving him slogans? No this is very bad. He was young but forgot how to respect elders.

  33. End of an era. But a much needed end no doubt. Nobody should care about what the West thinks of the change in Zimbabwe. The U.K and other Europeans country have profited off the backs and the blood of African countries for more than 500 years. If anybody within the liberation as it continues today have a conversation with U.K. about the future of Zimbabwe needs to be charged with treason. This chaos that African nations still live in today is still because of European influence and puppet leaders that have been bought to keep African people in poverty while West and now the East still enjoy the theft of natural resources that keep the Western countries alive. Now this should be an example to the West that Africa is for Africans and not compromise of discussions about the functions and leadership of African countries will not be discussed with outside forces that have only had their benefits at the root of their evil they have gotten away with for 500 years. Africa needs to stand on its own and it is the riches land on the planet and other nations in the world only exist because of what they still take from the motherland. Time is here. I give my brother Mnangagwa my respect. We cannot change the past. But this should be an example to all colonial scumbag nations. That Africa will now start controlling it’s own future with the worthless hand outs given to them be predators that never cared about life and spilling of the blood of African people. Only for their own gain. African leaders should take note of this peaceful move forward. There is no need anymore for Africans to spill their blood anymore for the benefit of their outside oppressors. A house cleaning has been in order for sometime now. Let Zimbabwe pave that example to other countries that Africa will be for Africans. And it will be grown by indigenous African people only. No other outside opinions needed.

  34. This is the best thing that has happened to Zimbabwe since 18th April 1980. Best of luck. Makorokoto.

  35. If SADC and Zuma stopped Our Army ,some Zimbabweans are saying that they are ready to do it on their own

  36. Comment…kuwondonga nyika ruzhinji ruchitambura ngavasungwe bhora mberi vakomana maiti inyika yekwa mugabe here ino

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