Archbishop of York ends 10-year anti- Mugabe protest

THE archbishop of York John Sentamu yesterday returned to the Marr Show and reinstated his collar as promised after he cut up his dog collar in December 2007, promising not to wear it until Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe left office.


The archbishop had not worn one for 10 years as a symbolic protest over Mugabe, who stepped down last week after 37 years in power.

When he launched the campaign, he said African leaders who supported Mugabe were displaying “pernicious, self-destructing racism”.

The archbishop said: “He has actually taken a country really into sheer chaos. He has been so brutal that, in the long run, the world has got to say, if the South African people and leaders won’t do it, something has got to happen.”

Sentamu called on Christians to “pray, march and protest” over Zimbabwe as they did over apartheid in South Africa.

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