‘Aliens’ win the right to register as voters

HIGH Court judge, Justice Nyaradzo Munangati-Manongwa yesterday ruled in favour of the so-called aliens and ordered the Registrar-General’s Office to allow them to register to vote during the ongoing biometric voter registration (BVR) exercise provided they produce their identification documents and proof of residence.


The judge said aliens should go and be registered as prospective voters by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) provided that they bring along with them their identity documents endorsed alien coupled with a birth certificate and proof of residence.

The granting of the court order came after human rights lawyer Denford Halimani, of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, petitioned the High Court on behalf of Harare resident, Sarah Kachingwe alongside two political parties, MDC-T and MDC, seeking an order to compel Zec to register the so-called aliens as prospective voters for the 2018 general elections.

The Morgan Tsvangirai and Welshmen Ncube-led political parties joined forces and challenged Registrar-General, Tobaiwa Mudede’s order that aliens must renounce their dual citizenship as a prerequisite to be issued with new identification cards to enable them to register as voters.

The two political parties, together with Kachingwe, filed an urgent chamber application citing Zec, Mudede, then Home Affairs minister Obert Mpofu and Zanu PF political party as respondents.

In the application, the political parties together with Zec “unanimously agreed that a citizen, who is able to produce an identification card showing district of origin and a birth certificate confirming that such citizen was born in Zimbabwe or in the Southern Africa Development Community region and proof of residence should, by operation of law, be freely allowed to register to vote as they would have sufficiently established their qualification to vote by virtue of proving that they were Zimbabwean by birth.

The political parties further said “such people need not prove or do anything else in order to qualify to register as prospective voters”, adding, “If such people bring their identification cards, irrespective of whether they are endorsed ‘alien’ and birth certificate and proof of residence, they are entitled to be registered by the first respondent (Zec) as a prospective voter.”


  1. ah no! Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans man!

    1. jungle boy, you got a better definition of Zimbabwean than a qualified lawyer? Hazvisi zvemusango izvi, zvine chikoro ne mafacts

  2. Thank you Hon Judge, MDC and civil society – such people voted in 1980 without any obstructions, why they should be turned away now (37 years later) boggles the mind.

  3. Rita Makarawu being a senior judge herself why couldn’t she stand for or fight for the right to vote of every Zimbabwean as enshrined in the constitution?

    Perplexing enigmas!

    Like she was taking instruction from a higher authoritarian office which doesn’t care about our rights.

  4. Thank you Justice
    Nyaradzo Munangati-
    Manongwa. May God bless you for protecting the rights of the oppressed and marginalized.

    Now turning to Rita Makarawu being a senior judge yourself why couldn’t you stand for or fight for our right to vote as Zimbabweans as enshrined in the constitution?

    Perplexing enigmas!

    Like she was taking instruction from a higher authoritarian office which doesn’t care about our rights.

  5. No longer an Alien

    Just tried to Vote, with all the necessary paperwork including my ‘alien’ id. And turned away from Mt Pleasant – asked to ‘regularise’ my ID first. So proceeded to Mukombe house where it seems they are 10 steps behind as were confused as to this.

  6. Kugarakunzwananahamandishe Garanewako

    Sarudzo dzadi kuzoitwa 2022. Mari irikuda kushanda apa yashanda mamwe basa akaita seutano, njanji, migwagwa,mvura yekunwa, mabook ekuverenga evana nezvimwe zvakakosha.

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