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Zhuwao mocks his deputy Tongofa


Youth and Indigenisation minister Patrick Zhuwao yesterday mocked his deputy Mathias Tongofa, saying he had just started campaigning in his constituency because elections are around the corner.


Zhuwao said this before delivering his speech as he was recognising delegates at the youth investment and inclusive growth conference.

“He (Tongofa) is busy campaigning in his constituency drilling boreholes because elections are now around the corner. Don’t worry, sir, you will go back soon, but we need you just for today,” he said Zhuwao said graduates were the most disempowered group of youths in Zimbabwe.

He said the “not-so-learned” population was better off because they did not mind doing all sorts of dirty jobs.

“We have an export that we choose to ignore here in Zimbabwe. Our biggest export is the human capital. The main challenge that the youths have is that we, as the government and the civil service, do not give them the demographic dividend,” he said.

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe deputy govenor Jesiman Chipika said a $50 million fund had been set up to support youths in tertiary institutions who cannot afford to pay school fees.

“Everything has been set up. You just have to go with your parents or guardians to answer some questions and to give certain guarantees,” she said.

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