Zanu PF youth league targets ED

THE Zanu PF youth league yesterday called for the reconstitution of the ruling party’s presidium, sounding the death knell on beleaguered Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


An extraordinary meeting of the youth league national executive which was convened in Harare yesterday to consider various issues, including the call for an extraordinary congress, resolved to call on President Robert Mugabe to convene the gathering for the re-introduction of the women’s quota.

“Following the unanimous adoption by all 10 Zanu PF provinces to call on President Robert Mugabe to convene an extraordinary session of congress, the youth league, therefore, implores the President and first secretary of the party to convene an extraordinary session of congress in order to allow the party to reaffirm the endorsement of its iconic leader Cde R G Mugabe as the sole centre of power in the party and sole presidential candidate in the 2018 general elections,” Zanu PF secretary for youths Kudzanayi Chipanga said.

“To call upon the party to respect the Victoria Falls conference resolution, which recommended the re-introduction of the women’s quota.”

Chipanga did not entertain questions. All 10 Zanu PF provincial co-ordinating committees met last weekend and resolved to call on Mugabe to convene the extraordinary congress.

The issue was triggered following a meeting of the politburo, where it is claimed that a faction of the ruling party known as G40, which is bitterly opposed to Mnangagwa’s bid to succeed Mugabe, brought up the issue of turning this year’s annual conference into an elective congress. ads Ads

The G40 group initially pushed for First Lady Grace Mugabe to succeed her husband, but later parachuted Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi into the succession matrix.

The latest demand for a woman into the presidium could, however, signal yet another shift in allegiances back to Grace.

Mugabe has publicly rejected the idea of handing over power to his wife or even to anoint a successor, arguing it would be unconstitutional.

At the Zanu PF 2014 congress, Mnangagwa benefited from changes to the ruling party’s constitution that removed the provision requiring that one of Mugabe’s deputies must be a woman after then Vice-President Joice Mujuru was stampeded out of the party under a cloud on allegations bordering on treason before she joined opposition ranks.

Apparently, Mujuru had benefited from the introduction of the women’s quota provision in 2004, dealing a body blow to Mnangagwa, who at the time looked a shoo-in to take up the position then left vacant following the death of former Vice President Simon Muzenda.

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  1. Pliz its not the youths who had done those resolutions, ndiyo ionzi disguise iyoyo. its piticoti government. The youths are just being used and will be dumped thereafter. there are so many people who were used by Mugabe and later dumped. Zimbabweans voted him in 1980 and were later dumped. Joyce was used to stop Mnangagwa in 2004 and dumped in 2013. Sandi Moyo used and dumped, war vets were used and dumped. Oppah and mnangagwa were used by Mugabegrace (pvt) ltd to uplift grace to women league boss in 2013. Mnagagwa was used to get rid of Joyce Mujuru who was a stumbling block for the ascendancy of disGrace. Now Mnangagwa is being abused because he is the remaining stumbling block. Sorry Homie. Vana Jonso are being used to politically kill mnangagwa and will be dumped as well. Sorry My beloved future leader Ngwena Shumba Chikara. you have worked tirelessly for your country since 1950s unaware that the man you were protecting will never ever love you because he knows your strengths plus he is a tribalistic monster. Ask the ndebeles. He is of The Mazezuru unconquerable tribe and you are a karanga. sorry sir. He will use people to reject u because he will always attack people at their lowest point. after removing all provincial chairmen, youth leaders, war vets, women and men who were sympathetically loving you, the monsters are after you now. There seems to be a creation of a political dynasty in the offing just like in North Korea there. from Mugabe to his wife and then to his son and then to muzukuru etc. Kungoti isu ma zimbo tine hope maningi. Kana munhu achipururudzira kuti sekuru vakwapuka nekuchembera varambe vachitonga zvinoreveyi. Usimbe here, utsinye kana kuti kuzungaira. Ko iwo ma lawyers, doctors, professors, judges, scientists unotoshaya kuti vakadzidzei. Ko varoyi, maporofita ariko here. i wonder.

  2. Spot on! One gets surprised by the number of what should otherwise be “prominent” lawyers, doctors, engineers etc that are clearly being used and manipulated in broad daylight. Perhaps they have reached the conclusion that “as long as I have a car, house & farm – I’ll be ok”. Very stupid logic from someone who’s been through tertiary education. Mob justice will be swift, retributive and completely cruel. This country will have to “start again”.

    1. I wonder why you seem to portray Ngwena as a perfect man. He has been in the system and is one of the people who has destroyed the future of this country. Let him taste his own music. He used the strategy to oust Mujuru.Leave Jona to enjoy his politics. Ngwena had his time.

      1. CentralScrutinizer

        What you say is true. ED is deeply implicated in many Zanu crimes… but rather him than another Mugabe. Can you imagine years of Grace, followed by years of Robert Jnr, followed by years of more Mugabe’s. To me Mugabe is the biggest sell-out ever. How do you go from revolutionary to would be monarch. It’s unforgivable.

        1. including the Majonga saga lest we forget

    2. Yes Zimbabweans have been manipulated for long because many of us we are so gullible and have survived through patronage. It still sound difficult for this country to have to start again because many of us are still gullible and will be manipulated again come 2018. Educated Zimbabweans are the most people who have let down this country through their comments and actions in the political arena.

  3. Don’tstress ngwena.History is to be learnt from Not repeated.Mujuru had allowed herself to be used against you.History has it that Ceusescu s wife tthatshe was now taking over her husband job, the military sstopped her witha piece of metal between the eyes.Deng also. Banda went away withkafzamira.Grace is not going to be VP let alone president.God has his ways.This is not Gods ways, that such a low grade human runs a whole country of good citizens.No.She and her bunch of diplorables like mmoto, kasukuwere will enjoy prison life next year.Ngwena is a lawyer and a calculative character.General ccan’t wait for jJohnsonbut ngwena is keeping him qquite.VViaMugabe vakura ,he cannot be held accountable, legally.Its Johnson and grace.

  4. Ma youth api.hamusati marohwa many are you , top leadership? Ask your other leaders who left .Do your things knowing ucharara kumba skillfully.ZANUcomes from far.pane vakaifira mutaundi nhemudondo.Gen TontoChair Chitepo.lookout masuku.IOwewazuro unoda kubisa Ngwena? .

  5. titambire tete.where were you vp vachivurawa nezvitototo?
    Tete get it on with Johnathan ,he is getting too far.
    How was your leave tete?Your1st comment is spot on.I totaly
    agree with you ini muroyi wenyu.Lets hear more from you tete.Ngwena will he survive?

  6. My advice to Emmerson is that he should pre-empt attempts to fire him by jumping now before he is pushed. It’s very clear he will be pushed.

  7. First family have not started reaping what they sowed.

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