‘Zanu PF intimidates voters’

A mock exercise by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission on the use of the biometric voter registration kits in Mabvuku, Harare.

ZANU PF supporters with the help of traditional leaders in outlying areas have reportedly intensified their intimidation tactics at voter registration centres, where they demand serial numbers from certificates issued to registered


Independent elections watchdog, Zimbabwe Elections Support Network (Zesn), in its weekly report on the ongoing biometric voter registration (BVR) exercise, said the practice was rampant in rural areas, whereby registrants were being misinformed about the BVR and its purpose.

“Potential registrants are being informed that having registered using the system, it is possible to know who they will vote for in the 2018 elections. These cases were reported in Mudzi North Ward 1, Murewa North Ward 4 and Muzarabani Ward 3, among other areas,” Zesn said.

The elections watchdog claimed that traditional leaders were withholding food aid and threatening violence on perceived opposition supporters.

“In addition, Zesn has received reports of registrants being forced to submit their names and details such as serial numbers of voter registration slips to ward chairpersons and other community leaders as a way of intimidating them into believing that their voting choices will be traceable in the 2018 election,” it said.

“Zesn, therefore, urges the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to conduct comprehensive voter education and information dissemination to ensure that citizens are well informed about the BVR process to demystify some of these shenanigans by politicians.”

But Zanu PF youth league secretary Kudzanai Chipanga yesterday dismissed the allegations as baseless.

“Our duty as Zanu PF, especially the youth league, is to persuade, convince and lure people to vote for our party. In fact, at this time, we don’t even need to threaten anyone because our bus is already full, it’s oversubscribed. If anyone has been threatened, they should report to the police,” he said.

Zesn also raised an issue of the high number of turned-away potential voters.

“Zesn observed that some citizens intending to register were turned away on the basis of presenting defaced identity documents, for being ‘Aliens’, failure to produce proof of residence and producing wrong forms of identification such as drivers’ licences. The government must adequately publicise the procedures for regularising the citizenship status of citizens classified as ‘Aliens’ to enable them to register to vote,” it said.


  1. Comment…Its a case of the blind leading the blind as most of the traditional leaders actually believe in their nonsense. They have not attended any zec workshop but see themselves as capable of explaining the bvr system. Its the word ‘biometric’ which is exciting people. Political illterate.

  2. We beg you, we plead with you, you nincompoops to please come to Bulawayo and try to intimidate us instead of the poor rural folks and we will show you a snake’s buttocks.Lidelela izalukazi lamaxhegu emakhaya. War veterans and other Zanu thugs are as quiet as church mice down here. They are busy beating each other up while we enjoy the drama.

  3. As for me, if there is anyone who can answer me, let him answer. Who is respönsible for issuing affidavits to those who want to register. At Unit J shops ndakaona vana vekwaKafera (anova maHooligan) eZANU PF ndivo vaipa maAffidavit vakagara pasi pemuti about 50m from the Registration centre. When l wanted to register l was told by the ZEC official to go & collect the affidavit from those hooligans. I wasn’t harassed though bt l feared them

  4. Well know ZANU PF hooligans are the ones distributing the affidavits to potential voters at voter registration centres. Can someone tell me kt zviri kufamba sei ipapo

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