Wounded Mnangagwa fights back


VICE-President Emmerson Mnangawa has accused his counterpart, Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko of lying and causing alarm and despondency through a statement he issued on Monday evening.

by staff reporters

Addressing a Press conference late last night, Mnangagwa said his doctors had told President Robert Mugabe that he had been poisoned.

“During the briefing to His Excellency President Robert Mugabe, my doctors, who attended to me ruled out food poisoning, but confirmed that poisoning had occurred and investigations were still in progress,” he said.

Mnangagwa denied ever saying publicly that he was not a victim of poisoning, accusing Mphoko of deliberately misleading the nation, as the public fight between Mugabe’s deputies rages on.

“I did not say poisoning had been ruled out and it is disappointing that a person of the level of Vice-President Mphoko would misunderstand and misrepresent the statements made by His Excellency and myself,” he said.

Mnangagwa, in a Press conference where journalists from the private media were blocked from attending, went after Mphoko, saying his statement was mainly a figment of his own imagination.

Mnangagwa said Mphoko’s statement was “littered with falsehoods” and departed from the decorum of Zanu PF.

“It is further disconcerting that the statement was littered with falsehoods, mischievous perceptions, malicious innuendos written in a language and tone, which is contemptuous and disrespectful to my person and the office I occupy,” he said.

Mnangagwa accused his counterpart of trying to cause alarm and despondency through his statement.

He ended by pledging loyalty to Mugabe, saying he had no intention of undermining his boss’ authority in any way.

On Monday, Mphoko accused Mnangagwa of undermining Mugabe by claiming he was poisoned at Mugabe’s rally in Gwanda in August.

Mphoko also accused Mnangagwa of using the ethnic card and warned him to stop it.

To add to the intrigue, Mugabe appeared to shoo away Mnangagwa when he arrived at Harare International Airport on Wednesday, before they were later seen engaged in conversation, with Mphoko intently listening on.

Sources said Mugabe questioned Mnangagwa on what he said in Masvingo, with the Vice-President denying the statements attributed to him, saying he had been misquoted.

This comes as the Zanu PF youth league will tomorrow hold a key meeting, which could precipitate Mnangagwa’s downfall, sources said.

Mnangagwa has of late been walking a tight political rope, as he has been the subject of attacks from Mugabe and his wife, Grace.
Zanu PF youth secretary, Kudzanai Chipanga confirmed the meeting yesterday, but denied reports they were plotting Mnangagwa’s ouster, saying tomorrow’s national assembly meeting was a routine youth league indaba.

“We will be holding a national assembly meeting on Saturday.

“It is a constitutional meeting at which we expect the President to officiate. We will also invite the secretary for the women’s league (Grace),” he said.


  1. We saw it all and for sure he was misquoted and misunderstood.So opponents of VP Mnangagwa we urge you to stop spreading lies about this man.We actually have a lot on our table as a nation i.e. unemployment,a cash crisis,a failing economy etc..Why fight him insteady of fighting poverty which is destroying the livelihoods of our people?.Why is it that some have an entitlement or ownership of the struggle for independence in Dzimbaremabwe while people like the VP ED Mnangagwa are not allowed that entitlement or ownership?The ruling elite in Dzimbaremabwe can have a thousand of political gatherings,wash each other’s dirty linen in public,but for whose benefit?Is Our Dear President or Our Dear VPs worth dying for? A big “NO”.

  2. Comment…ED, its finished. You rejoiced at the fall of Dr Joy Mujuru and now its your turn. Dindingwe rinofara kana rimwe richikwevewa asi kana iro rokwevewa roti mavara angu azara ivhu.

  3. This VP ED man is hiding behind a finger, and playing games with serious issues. He talks of further investigation of poisoning but the police have no known reported case ,so who is investigating what, maybe he has to rope in the services of prophets now.

    • hey you clown!!!, its medical investigations not criminal!!! come on smell the coffee. Masamba asiyana. Its not going to be a roller coaster. kuposhera dope unosara nerimwe mumavoko!!! hokoyo. you dont really push a croc just like that, G40 and yr RGM, be very careful. you are treading on slippery ground.

  4. For all those who watched VP Mnangagwa’s address at the memorial services, he never talked about the poison. For those who have not yet seen the speech please hunt for it on youtube I hope its already there. Kuna vaVP Mpoko if you have watch ED talking munofanira kunge mave kutonyara nenhema dzamakamwaya mupepa nhau neTV. NYADZI DZINOKUNDA RUFU weduwe

  5. Grace Marujata should not force ED to like her. She’s a snake and everyone knows it. Auraya musangano wanga wakasimba Africa yese zvisati zvamboitika kubva wakatangwa. They are going to war against her (Marujata Grace) because as Lacoste… “DONT MANAGE THE SITUATION, MAKE IT GO AWAY”. Why can’t you admit that he has become more POWERFUL than anyone else mumusangano? That’s the truth and you can’t hide that, even akadzingwa nhasi tikamuti huya ku COALITION musangano unenge watofa. Whatever happens WE WANT PEACE and we know CHANGE IS CERTAIN… This is a month of surprises “GORE RINO TICHAONA ZVAKAWANDA KWETE KUNZWA”

  6. I enjoy it when it happens to ED coz a lot of machinja suffered on his hands. Its time for him to publicly repent so that people can feel sorry for him.He used to say they fought to get power therefore, he must fight to get the stick from RG.

  7. Zanu politics aside, Mphoko as acting president had every right to question a surbodinate who issues a public statement claiming sovereingnity for a part of the country. What would people have said if it was Mphoko claiming the same for matabeleland provinces.

  8. Robert and Grace’s plan has failed dismally. Grace will not take over from Robert. And Robert will leave power earlier than he had planned. Get out Robert. You destroyed our investments and lives. You have destroyed two generations. I hate you, idiot.

  9. Goko was promised the seat in 2008 after an altercation with nmukuru when the latter had decided to hand over power to Chematama just soon after the electoral defeat. Goko had confronted musharukwa accusing him of clinging on to the power without giving others a chance to rule as well. It so happened that Goko went after musharukwa’s neck, dzviii, and the bodyguards after the former whom they left for dead.
    Goko escaped to Azania where Thabo mediated and that’s when musharukwa dissuaded Goko from trying to grab the seat by force but to wai for his time. He was promised to be the next in line. So chigaro ngecheGoko.

  10. Vp Mnangagwa has shown a lot of restraint and respect. If he stays quiet this worries them, if he speaks they throw a tantrum. The First Lady does not realise that whenever the Vp speaks or stays quiet it is out of respect for the 1st family. Clearly the time has come for those who care for our future to tell the 1st Lady and her supporters the truth about their actions.

  11. Pamberi naDr G. Mugabe. Thanks for destroying Zanu PF. Continue to tear it into pieces until it disintegrates. Pamberi nemi amai.

  12. Munangagwa will never be done a Mujuru. ZANU pf will be the end of it. Mugabe knows they cant afford ED to be on the other side on the eve of an election. Clearly On Saturday Grace will humiliate ED further pushing him to the edge

  13. How does a doctor rule out food poisoning but at the same time confirm that it occurred? Mnangagwa is a seriously confused cockroach for sure and the only person who’s even more confused is Grace Mugabe & cew.

    • Poisoning could have been carried out by virus (nerve gas or other means etc) but not through food ingestion. Zvavakuda ka gwazh mbichana. The way the North Korean broiler rocket man killed his brother a while ago.

      Frankly I’m enjoying the cabaret. I don’t watch dead BC/TV, I could die from doing so!!

  14. lol handinzwire garwe tsitsi bob aida kusiya chigaro 2008 akaramba akaisa maresults mumortuary nhasi chawakadya chamuka muchareurura zvenyu

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