War veterans declare war against G40


THE Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) Bulawayo, Matabeleland North and South provincial executives yesterday declared a bareknuckle fight against Zanu PF’s G40 officials pushing for an extraordinary congress to amend the party’s constitution to allow for the appointment of a female vice-president.


The ZNLWVA provincial executives described the proposed amendment to the Zanu PF constitution to allow for a women’s quota in the presidium as part of the G40’s sinister agendas to change the party’s presidium.

“As war veterans, we don’t have any issue against the holding of an extraordinary Zanu PF congress as long as its agenda is clear, without any sinister motives. We are aware the G40 animal has a sinister motive; it is pushing a sinister agenda where they want to push for changes in the presidium.

“That we will not allow, we are going to defend the revolution,” Cephas Ncube, the ZNLWVA Bulawayo provincial chairperson, said at a Press conference held at the association’s Entumbane offices.

Matabeleland South and North provincial executives were represented by their chairpersons, Section Ncube and Sonny Mnguni, respectively. The three provinces had earlier on held a meeting to deliberate on the holding of an extraordinary Zanu PF congress in December.

The G40 faction, believed to be led by First Lady Grace Mugabe, is reportedly plotting to dump Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa at the congress to ensure he was out of the succession race for President Robert Mugabe’s post.

Reports say Grace was likely to emerge a big beneficiary of the extraordinary congress by being elevated to the post of Vice-President currently occupied by under-fire Mnangagwa.

“The G40 is lying to Mugabe, they have endeared themselves to Mugabe through lies yet under the cover of darkness have a sinister agenda to oust him and others. We are watching them closely.

“They want Mugabe gone yesterday. We know they already have their candidate, but as war veterans we are saying we are ready to defend the revolution.

“We are also not against a women’s quota, but at the same time we are saying this is not a genuine call, but a sinister call to allow for an amendment to the party constitution so that someone or some other people get positions,” Ncube added.

The congress is widely expected to see Mugabe’s successor chosen.

“The (Zanu PF) constitution was amended recently, and we cannot be having a constitution willy-nilly amended to suit G40’s evil intents. We are aware this is a G40 plot, and we are saying no to that. We are stepping in to stop the G40 in its tracks,” he said.


  1. Zanu pf women’s league members are foolish.They demolished the advancement of their cause for no apparent reasons, but for the sole purpose of evicting Joice Mujuru from the presidium.They are confused and easily manipulated and one wonders what type of leadership could emerge from this political circus that can take the country forward.In fact, the shenanigans in this league are tarnishing the image of those women who have provided brilliant leadership for example, Ruth Ncube of First Mutual,Charity Charamba of ZRP,Nesisa Mpofu of BCC the list is endless and rose where they are,not through affirmative action or political connections but through hard work,honesty and brilliance.

    • Comment…mahure emuZanu pf ano dancer arcoding nezvindiwa naKasukuwere,and stupid grace mugabe vanosemesa vakamboti mkadzi haaite nhasi ndopaavakuita nekuti makuda kuisa benzi paCHIGARO riisei ka tione parichakurura hembe muchadzidza kutsvaga benzi rinenge mai mujuru kwaive nani.womens league yevanhu vasina varume voti takamirira vakadzi vapi vacho nehunhu hwenyu hwekungofukura hapwa pose pose kana kunyara

  2. Zimbabweans have been vindicated, at least. This is what the ordinary, common man has been saying since the late 80s when signs of partisan, selfish and self aggrandisement tendencies were beginning to show. Unfortunately, veterans of the struggle were still picking crumps from underneath the ‘benefactor’s’ table and, instead of correcting things, you supplanted dissent. What pains most, however, is failure to learn on our part. We still have a gullible lot, ready to swallow it hook, line & sinker!If being learned (as we are famed for that) entails suspending reason and logic, then garai zvenyu nedzidzo yenyu. We will meet up in heaven.

  3. it is a wonder how such ‘loyalty’can be self-destructive, allowing the purveyor of the call to destroy the follower ‘loyalist; or is it fear of putting a stop to this demagoguery

  4. The mistake was made already when it was made a culture that no one should challenge Mugabe. He has been turned into a monster which attacks and kills those who created it. The question of the day in Zimbabwe shall not be solved by elections, but by blood and iron.

  5. War Vets are no longer relevant in the equation. There is nothing to defend here comrades. You should have defended this long time ago but instead you were actually supporting what you now want to fight

    So its better you join G40 , the train is moving fast

  6. Very true war vets are no longer relevant in this era. For how long have you been controlling the party. It’s the time for the G40 to run with stick. Wake up and smell the coffie maCDEs. It’s either ship in or ship out.

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