Visual artists perfect their work


MBARE-BASED visual artists Christopher Weta and Robson Chikanyanga have been using different forms of painting to educate their community about various issues, while attracting buyers from as far as Europe and the United States


Weta, who was inspired by his brother Raphael to take up art, recently secured a contract to supply 40 pieces of paintwork to various customers in England and Germany, while Chikanyanga has a legion of local clients.

“Each of my paintings tells a story. I have been using my talent to educate my community. We conserve culture by painting. Our history is told through paintings, it’s the same paint that will put us ahead as visual artists,” Weta said.

Chikanyanga — whose artworks range from abstracts, all figures, sunset elephants to village scenes — said his dream was to be considered for major exhibitions, as that would held them tap into new markets.

“If we are included in major exhibitions taking place in the country and abroad, it will give us a platform to share and exchange with other veteran visual artists, as well as sharpening our skills,” he said.

Chikanyanga said his products are on demand and he usually clinches contracts from nearby schools such as Harira, St Michael’s, Chitsere and Chirodzo for chart-making. Some of the artworks are sold in Newlands and Avondale, where he said demand is high.

Weta said there was need for Mbare-based visual artists to join hands and establish an association to push for their interests to earn recognition from institutions such as the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe and the Arts ministry, so as to access grants.

Both Weta and Chikanyanga are conducting art lessons for pupils and other interested young people in the populous suburb of Harare.