Tsvangirai’s health a non issue: Ncube

Morgan Tsvangirai

MDC leader, Welshman Ncube has insisted MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai is the MDC Alliance presidential candidate despite battling ill heath, adding discussion surrounding the latter’s health status is unwarranted.


Addressing journalists in Bulawayo on Wednesday, Ncube, who is the MDC Alliance spokesperson, said coalition partners were in agreement Tsvangirai “remains the best foot forward”, adding: “We will campaign for him without hesitation, without qualification and unconditionally.”

MDC-T Bulawayo South legislator, Eddie Cross sparked debate recently after he urged Tsvangirai to quit active party politics because of ill health. Cross said Tsvangirai was struggling with treatment and was possibly unfit to stand in elections, but Ncube said the alliance had faith in the former Prime Minister and trade union leader.

Cross said Tsvangirai’s family wanted the MDC-T leader to stand down on health grounds amid reports of intense jockeying to take over the presidency of the party ahead of the 2018 general elections.

“It is such a great pity that in our country we now lack the decency of humanity, whether we are in politics or outside politics, as people imbued in a conversation like that while someone is unwell. I just find it astonishing,” Ncube said.

“We should not have a conversation like that at all. It’s in bad taste, it’s unAfrican…this is not the right thing to do. As an alliance, we remain very focused. That, historically in terms of support base, in terms of experience, president Tsvangirai remains our best foot forward. There is no doubt that we will campaign for him without hesitation, without qualification and unconditionally and will not engage in such a debate.”

Tsvangirai was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016, and has been undergoing chemotherapy in neighbouring South Africa.

Ncube insisted the MDC Alliance coalition partners were extending energies towards campaigning for Tsvangirai and not debating his health status.


  1. Comment…Its equally unAfrican to discuss Gushungo’s age and health. Whats good for the geese is good for gander.

  2. Comment…So it is befitting when is Tsvangirai but abnormal when it becomes on Mugabe’s health to lead ZANU PF in the Presidential race. APA paita Dindingwe.

  3. It is our right to chose who we want to lead in Zimbabwe. It is true Tsvangirai is now a sick man but we need him to pave the way to democracy.Tsvangirai openly announced that he is sick and is undergoing chemotherapy in SA. With Mugabe our problem is that he is now too old and frail.He is a candidate of a old people nursing home.We gave him 37 years to rule since 1980 and he failed our nation economically and is now becoming a dictator. So stop comparing Tsvangirai and Mugabe their ideology is totally different.As Zimbabweans we want change enough is enough.

  4. its time to raise the bar of licking Welshman you desperately need to get back in the august house, and only Tsangison has the keys to unlock that jigsaw for you, good statement though.

  5. The real Welshman is back,this is what we want to hear from the MDC alliance partners ,this is unity for purpose. Your are doing the right thing Mr Ncube keep it up. Fight for the better Zimbabwe. With you Mr Ncube and Mr Biti the real MDC is back along side Chamisa and others.Good work,I think its high time for you guys to start the rallies telling the people of Zimbabwe the way forward for the block buster 2018 elections.

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  7. Stop fooling us into your biased reasoning cocoon of defying logic for personal ambitions Ncube unless the country has run short of leaders. This is bootlicking taken to another level.

  8. Boot licking at the highest level. That dictator has all of a sudden turned into a hero. Now that its Save who is unwell the issue of health is no longer an issue.

  9. That dictator has all of a sudden turned into a hero. Now that its Save who is unwell the issue of health is no longer an issue.Nanzvai henyu tsoka vaNcube tikukuonai tiri kuma terrace

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