Tsvangirai will be President in 2018: Khupe

Thokozani Khupe

MDC-T vice-president Thokozani Khupe has declared party leader Morgan Tsvangirai will romp to victory in the 2018 watershed general election, a day after the two kissed and made up following disagreements over the formation of the MDC Alliance.


Speaking during an impromptu tour of biometric voter registration (BVR) centres in Chitungwiza, Khupe said the dire economic crisis in the country could only be resolved by the MDC-T.

“I have no doubt that president Tsvangirai will be the President of Zimbabwe in 2018 with yours truly assisting him. The high levels of unemployment and the plunder of resources by Zanu PF calls on the people of Zimbabwe to take charge of their lives, register to vote and change the government,” she said.

Khupe, who is leading the party’s voter registration mobilisation campaign, was mobbed by students, vendors and the general public as she walked about in Zengeza talking to potential voters on a one-on-one meet the people tour.

She insisted that Tsvangirai, who has been in and out of hospital battling cancer of the colon, was ready to take over the running of the country.

During her tour, Khupe avoided any mention of the MDC Alliance, clearly stating that Tsvangirai was the MDC-T 2018 presidential candidate, sending a clear signal that she was yet to endorse the alliance and was pushing for her party to go it alone in the 2018 general elections.

After missing from public meetings and addressing MDC-T gatherings for nearly a month, Khupe was a hit in Chitungwiza as she was mobbed by party supporters.

She will be taking the voter registration campaign to Matabeleland South over the weekend and will also be in Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe, where she will front the campaign.

“President Tsvangirai has asked me to lead this mobilisation of voter registration so that when the time for elections comes they will be able to chart a new direction for their future,” she said.

Khupe was accompanied by MDC-T organising secretary Abednego Bhebhe.


  1. good to hear you now telling people to register. that is what you did I 1999 and we did will. at that time mdc poster were not saying vote mdc but they were saying go and register.

  2. Thats nonsense Khupe even if you raise the bar of licking we will not forget events of the past few weeks its too late try something else.

  3. and you will be VP madam. our elected VP. vana chamisa hameno kuti vachaendepi nedzungu because they are just like mnangagwa, just chosen like tomatoes pamusika. democracy does not work like that.

  4. That is naked dreaming;but Khupe might hv only been bootlicking Tsvangirai in gratitude for her re-acceptance

  5. The negative mind set of Zimbos astounds me. She disagrees with Tsangirai, you call her all sorts of names, they try to reconcile their differences for the good of the party and ultimately the country, you still call her all sorts of names. Morons, no wonder ZPF always wins.

    • hapana papinda zanu but this khupe does not know what she wants and she has suddenly realised that without Tsangison she is nothing and she is awake to her mistake and learnt from Biti and Welshman who have swallowed their pride and trooped back to the gentleman who matters most in opposition politics, hence reason why she has decided to take licking to dizzy heights..

    • I totally agree with you. What I know in politics there are know permanent enemies but interests so Iam totally excited by the move taken by these freedom fighters of our time.The permanet interest they have is to see change in the gatekeepers of this country. MDC the social democrats of our time must be our gatekeepers in 2018 as an alliance or as MDC T matters not but I will prefer much an Alliance to give Zanu no chance of tampering with the presidential figures as in 2008

  6. Comment…Tsvangirai is nothing without the southern region votes as what happened in 2008 when Vunguman Ncube(welshman comes from Vungu and not Wales) garnered 10 seats and 8% of presidential votes which blocked Tsvangirai. Every vote counts.

  7. Dr. Khupe’s political maturity is astounding. She has not discarded her misgivings of the grand coalition idea, but is willing to work with President Tsvangirai for the greater good. Welldone, madam. You are presidential material.

  8. So long there remains ‘influential’ contestant (s ) that practically cannot afford to lose, then contrary expectations might require prior visit to. physician. I think in place of elections and party coalescing people need alterrnative focus. Dialoguing on VIA-CAPE OF GOOD HOPE alternative route, to the national goal behind the holding of elections.

  9. ini mai khupe ndinovatenda nekubatana natsvangi but yekuti achaita president iwo mayouth ari kumushikashika asiri kuregister aaaaaaaaaa kutaura kwamusina kuswera talk is cheap ita basa amai kunyanya kumayouth

    • Great Dr you are a woman of valour. Truly go on a whirlwind tour of the country moblising the youths and rural folks who are often intimidated by zanu. When Save takes over it must be final push. Rally all the party leadership to the cause of voter registration and voting in 2018. I am not pleased by the recently published figures of recently registered voters.

  10. Our national politics has for sure never been static but firmly designed to perpetually move in a grove. One is thus always free to give our politics one’s own different style of push but with perfectly predictable outcome.

  11. This is how great leaders behave. Thanks madam for ironing out your problems with the President. Put your effort now in voter registration campaign.

  12. Well done mama but please deal with this issue of pple being turned away from voter registration centers bcoz they do not have proof of residence ,This the stumbling block please fix it or else many citizens will fail to vote Makarau is up to no good . Next YEAR FEW VOTERS WILL VOTE .ZEC is complicating everything ,Deal with this issue it is a loop hole a serious one

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