Tony Ray releases protest single


As the country’s economic woes continue to bite, budding Afro-rap artist, Rayton Choto Paraffin known in the music circles as Tony Ray, has released a single titled Tirikuchema, a protest song that speaks about the prevailing situation that has left many Zimbabweans struggling to eke a living.

Arts Reporter

Listen to the track below:

The Tirikuchema track is a direct response to the socio-economic crisis that has hit the masses of the Zimbabwean populace.

Speaking about the single Tony Ray said “We have been captured as nation and now to liberate ourselves from this national melancholy as an artist I saw it necessary to just put our prevailing reality into lyricism and I came up with this single”

In a similar fashion to the yesteryear star Tupac Shakur‘s sensational music his track is highly charged with emotion, Tirikuchema means we are crying and the track is speaking about how the economy has affected peoples day to day livelihood.

To differentiate his sound so as to make a name in this competitive music industry, he has adopted humour in his lyricism of Afro-rap music.

Recently he roped in Tally Bee (real name Talent Singe) to give a cutting edge to his just released single titled Maitiro ako launched on National FM last week

The single was produced by Temptation Chirenje aka T Man of Mount Zion Music.


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