It’s time to confront people calling for Mnangagwa’s ouster: Matemadanda

ZNLWVA secretary-general Victor Matemadanda

ZIMBABWE National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) secretary-general, Victor Matemadanda has said it is time to confront people calling for the ouster of Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


Matemadanda, widely regarded as Mnangagwa’s ally, said ex-freedom fighters were ready to deal with those that claim the Harare’s presidential interface rally was the final push for Mnangagwa’s ouster.

“We want people in Zanu PF to clearly understand, including Mugabe, that they joined the party and it is not theirs. We can’t have problems as a country because Mugabe and his wife dislike Mnangagwa,” he said.

“Right now, people are moving around claiming the Harare interface rally will be the final day to deal with Mnangagwa, but let it be known that their plans will not succeed. The Harare interface will be our independence day. It will be the mother of whatever is going to happen.

“If they think they are going to play around with Mnangagwa, as they did to Joice (Mujuru) then they are wasting their time.”

Former Vice-President Mujuru was axed after a whirlwind of countrywide rallies, on accusations of plotting to unseat Mugabe.

Matemadanda said the country was losing direction, as people were focusing on trivia, while ignoring challenges such as shortage of basic commodities and the cash crisis.

The war veterans secretary-general said Mugabe and his wife were not superhuman and must stop wasting resources that are scarce.
“We were fired from Zanu PF, but we will be at the interface and all the parties including MDC-T must come to the interface rally and we will deal with the issue once and for all. They are wasting money on that interface yet there is no service delivery,” he said.

“Every Zimbabwean, who is not happy about the state of affairs, must come to the interface and we will teach those people a lesson. We will deliver final victory on behalf of the people of Zimbabwe.”


  1. Eh munoona.Takazvitaura kuti nyaya ichanetsa iyi. Chionai.Zvino zvichapera seiko ahona zvichapera zvichapera seiko? Akabvunza Thomas.

  2. Patinoti huyai tijamuke hamuuyi.. maakuda kubatsirwa kuuraya nyoka yapinda mumba menyu nhasi. Hativuyiko. Ngwena waho nemi mese hatikudeyi.

  3. Sorry Victor, stew in your own mess, You helped to morph zanu and its leader and supporters into the dragons that they now are. Go there alone and wop them. Some of us prefer to vote ALL of them out. The violence belongs to them let them stew in it, it’s great news for those against what this stupid govt stands for.

  4. Ngwena or Dzvinyu? This guy has been hyped as a calculating, silent thinker and feared zanu rock. Now he has been exposed. He is just but a useless baby, crying for protection form Mugabe just like all of them. He is fed from Mugabe’s palm, and can not do anything to Marujata/ Hapana ngwena apa. kakorovonjo. If he was a ngwena he would at least try to fight, go down fighting. manje kuoneswa fires naJonathan kudaro!

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