#Tajamuka spokesperson resigns

TAJAMUKA/Sesjikile spokesperson, Promise Mkwananzi, has reportedly succumbed to pressure and stepped down over allegations of abusing huge sums of money donated for the social movement’s various activities, including anti-government demonstrations.
By Cliff Chiduku

In a statement yesterday, #Tajamuka confirmed Mkwananzi’s resignation as spokesperson of the organisation.

“We want to inform stockholders of the campaign and all progressive activists that Promise Mkwananzi voluntarily decided to temporarily recuse himself from the task as #Tajamuka/Sesjikile campaign spokesperson to allow allegations levelled against him to be investigated,” the statement read.

“However, he will continue to participate in the campaign’s activities. We welcome this noble decision that detaches the young peoples’ campaign from potential jeopardy.

“We applaud Mkwananzi for leading by example, especially so in a nation where top officials in government continue sleeping on the throne after publicly acknowledging that $15 billion was missing and some cleansing their loot by calling themselves Robin Hood.”

Mkwananzi was accused of diverting donor funds meant for the movement to his personal use.

He is also accused of personalising a vehicle donated for the “struggle” for personal use.

Efforts to contact him for a comment were fruitless, as his mobile phone went unanswered, while messages sent to his mobile phone number had not been responded to at the time of going to print.

In a statement on Facebook yesterday, Mkwananzi said he was temporarily stepping down from his position as Tajamuka spokesperson, following allegations he had embezzled money.

“I am temporarily recusing myself from the position of Tajamuka spokesperson to save the movement from my personal troubles and to take time to clear my name and allow my colleagues to take a look at the allegations,” he wrote.

“I will continue to serve and participate in Tajamuka activities, but no longer in the capacity of its spokesperson.”

The social movement group said it will soon set up a probe team to investigate allegations levelled against Mkwananzi.

“A five-member committee (comprising three women) chaired by a legal practitioner will be set within five days to allow Mkwananzi to answer to the allegations.

“The report shall be tabled before the general meeting,” part of the statement read.

Gift Ostalos Siziba was appointed interim spokesperson until the matter is finalised.


  1. vamwe vanojamuka vachiita cash neprojects, then u ask masses to join in your money spinning games without any gain.Apart from that, “those who choose to stay away from cash making business are betraying the struggle”. till when shall we continue being condoms, use and throw n bin, beholders enjoying all the fun

  2. So disapointing, so i guess this so called pressure group, #Tajamuka is rather just a money making scheme

    1. Hapana chisingapi mari even kubozha mukadzi semunhu achikwirwa

  3. i don’t know the truth but i have views.it is either true or the propaganda mill is at it again to make the people shift attention to tajamuka and forget about crucial government failures. mkwananzi is fingered in $50k non state funds yet the regime has multi billion dollar scandals.this minor they want us to major on is a drop in the ocean against their multi billon dollar scandals that they triviallise. mkwananzi scandal is not confirmed officially like the regime scandals made official by mugabe.yesterday mphoko was qouted in the herald claiming to know people who are robbing the country and building mansions outside the country and question is why cant he have them arrested.instead mphoko orders the release of arrested suspects. mkwananzi may be wrong but zanupf must go yesterday but one….

  4. Yaah, far too many pressure groups, organizations, institutions, churches, and companies drowned in the deep oceans of financial impropriety.

  5. Marufu Chihwandire

    The chickens are coming home to roost.

  6. If you want to fire somebody…..put them in charge of the petty cash box.

  7. Mafirakureva weDiaspora

    This #Tajamuka/Sesijikile mafia are just out to make money I wonder these organisations funding them never learn that these groups of loafers are all out to make a living from them. They make so much noise about corruption, mismanagement of institutions yet they are even worse. Shame maningi.

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