Tajamuka benefactor moves in to clear her name

Tajamuka SA protesters blocked from interfering with Zim-SA conference in Sandton, Johannesburg

A TAJAMUKA/SESJIKILE benefactor has moved in to clear her name by demanding a public apology from Promise Mkwananzi over alleged smearing and threats coming her way following their fallout recently.


In a letter of demand by her lawyers, Fadziso Jena claimed she was defamed by the former Tajamuka spokesperson, who is facing allegations of embezzling funds.

Tajamuka led a series of anti-government demonstrations last year. It, however, emerged that Mkwananzi was receiving money to help his colleagues affected in the demonstration, but the funds reportedly failed to reach the intended beneficiaries.

When Jena asked for accountability, Mkwananzi reportedly resorted to name-calling and undermining Jena’s integrity.

She said such allegations were scandalous and frivolous.

“In the circumstances you knew or ought to have known that there was a high risk or possibility that those falsehoods would cause significant or irreparable prejudice or damage to the reputation, character, rectitude, good name and social standing of our client,” the letter to Mkwananzi read.

Jena claimed the former Tajamuka spokesperson went to the media to smear her with baseless allegations, thereby damaging her credibility both nationally and internationally.

She directed Mkwananzi to formally make a public retraction on all his allegations against her.

“By this letter, we also urge you to stop communicating or trying to communicate with either our client and/or any of her family members or friends,” the letter further read.

Concerning allegations that Jena wanted to entice Mkwananzi out of his marriage, Jena said: “You knew our client was never involved in such a relationship with you.”

Mkwananzi has since resigned as Tajamuka spokesperson to pave way for internal investigation to establish if indeed he misused funds.