Sekeramayi is Mugabe’s succession foil: Mutsvangwa


ZIMBABWE National Liberation War Veterans’ Association leader Chris Mutsvangwa has again challenged President Robert Mugabe to call a special Zanu PF congress to decide his succession.


Speaking in the aftermath of Mugabe’s Cabinet reshuffle that saw a number of allies of embattled Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa demoted or dropped altogether from government, Mutsvangwa on Tuesday said failure to hold a special congress, war veterans would assume Mugabe was supporting the candidature of Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi.

“And that’s not right because you cannot cheat the electorate by saying I am your candidate, when Sekeramayi is the actual candidate, because they have declared that is their candidate. So, if there is no congress that decides that issue as to who is his successor, we will assume that he (Mugabe) is a foil for Sekeramayi as a candidate,” he said.

Mutsvangwa claimed war veterans had never declared Mnangagwa a candidate, but insisted he was number two in the party hierarchy.
“We have only said we respect the structures of the war and Mnangagwa is in that structure and Mugabe is number one, Mnangagwa is number two. The same way we would respect Dumiso Dabengwa because that is a structure from the war,” he said.

The war veterans leader said the Zanu PF G40 faction, through Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo, introduced the Sekeramayi candidacy at a local think-tank symposium earlier this year.

“The President is now in a bind. G40 has declared a candidate and he says he is a candidate who is in the election, but they already have a successor,” Mutsvangwa said.

“If the President does not challenge the candidacy of his person from the G40, our assumption is that he is the foil for the candidate, which the war veterans have foiled.”

Zanu PF is divided into two main factions: G40, which has the ears of First Lady Grace Mugabe, and Lacoste, which is angling for Mnangagwa to take over from Mugabe.


  1. There goes Mutsvangwa again. He is not even a member of Zanu PF. This war he talks about we have had enough of it, its almost forty years now, its time to take Zim forward.

  2. The president of zanupf and all his followers do the same. It’s this war that gives them a conviction that they are entitled to do whatever they like with the country and its citizens. Without it, their political base and their claims to anything in the land is worse than shallow.

  3. seriously speaking , there is no one who is serious about our economy in zanu pf. let Chombo use his history knowledge to sort the economy. lets see. we cant have the same people in cabinet for 38 years honestly even if they were great performers. its high time the President appoint ministers on merit.

  4. Comment…Prophecy says Mugabe is the Alfa and Omega in zanu pf to hold the state presidency in Zimbabwe.

    He knows that,that is why he can’t name any successor.Mark my words this prophecy was revealed sometime in the year 2000.That’s why you see Mugabe galloping from one apostolic sect to another and always praises the churches that were established a long time ago and urging people to desist from attending today’s churches that are sprouting everywhere like mushroom.That man knows the truth that is why he doesn’t acknowledge any prophecies from this new generation churches.Even if you say gold dust will be found everywhere he won’t take you seriously.

    Only after Mugabe’s demise are we going to have a new president,and prophecy says not amongst anyone’s favourite.The lord said the leader will not be in anyone’s imagination,but from God’s imagination only.

    So be prepared.

    As for Mutsvangwa no one seems to be as confused in the whole of Zimbabwe,all fools in Zimbabwe combined they can’t match him.You will never understand whether he is going or coming.Today he he never recognises Mugabe,tomorrow he expects the same Mugabe to name Mnangagwa as his successor.This man needs deliverance.

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