Professor Moyo nabbed over Chivayo fraud attempt

Wicknell Chivayo

A SUSPECTED Kwekwe fraudster yesterday appeared before Harare magistrate Rumbidzayi Dzumbira charged with registering an Econet line in Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) deputy director Aaron Nhepera’s name before allegedly pestering Wicknell Chivayo for entertainment money.


Professor Moyo denied the fraud charge and was remanded in custody to today for bail ruling.

It is the State’s case that on March 2, 2011, Moyo fraudulently secured an Econet line, and registered it using Itayi Kangarawa’s identification numbers. He allegedly later registered the same line with Ecocash in Nhepera’s name.

During the same period, Moyo allegedly bought another Econet line and registered it again in Kangarawa’s name, but registered the EcoCash account in the name of Ngoni Nyamasoka. On September 9 this year, Moyo phoned Chivayo and identified himself as Nhepera, asking for money to spend entertaining visitors over the weekend.

Moyo also phoned Chivayo using another line which he had registered in Nyamasoka’s name while posing as Nyamasoka from the President’s Office. Chivayo allegedly sought clarification from Nhepera, who confirmed that he was not aware of the false call and Chivayo reported the matter to the police, leading to Moyo’s arrest.

Benjamin Chikerema appeared for the State.


  1. Be professional guys.It is clear that it’s not Prof Jonathan Moyo involved in this case but the impression given here is that the offence was committed by Prof Jonathan Moyo the Minister of Higher Education yet the fraudster’s first name is Professor which is not a title at all,as if this wasn’t enough,the photo placed at the headline is that of the minister.Please guys report accurately before readers start doubting the credibility of your stories.

  2. But the article is very clear, its a Professor Moyo all they way. At no stage is there a mention of anyone called Jonathan (and they are many of those not only one). So Mgobhozi how do you bring it in here. Did you read what is written or you read what is in your mind.

  3. i was also not making sense out of this reporting. its like it was reported that way intentionally to sell the paper. i knew this could have been news all over. but when i checked from other publications there was nothing. Be professional guys in your reporting

  4. Whilst I thought the same initially, it would be unfair to say the newspaper was unprofessional. I say this because the report is factually correct and there are no lies whatsoever. Yes we may feel cheated or deceived but Newsday has done nothing wrong; in fact we should be blushing for being caught. In fact, it is our minds that are myopic to the extent that we conclude that Jonathan Moyo is the only Professor in the world!

  5. I thought Econet were strict on IDs before issuing lines or registering ecoCash. Does this mean munhu uyu had IDs in those peoples names or the person who issued same to Professor by-passed that process? Meaning they acted in common cause to commit fraud.

  6. Nothing wrong with headline, in fact very inventive.Not everyday you get a storyline like this, so good job.

  7. Thats a good combination of Journalism and Marketing. I liked the way most of us rushed to the story with something of our own (making) in mind

  8. Nxaa Maakushaya manje. Ticharegedza kuverenga newspaper renyu. Respect the readers please. Itai zvine hunhu

  9. Any Zimbabwean reading a headline with “Professor Moyo” will naturally think it refers to Professor Jonathan Moyo, just as much as he would jump to the conclusion that a headline stating “Robert Mugabe” is referring to the President. That is obvious. What is also obvious is how cheap the Editor and his paper are to sell their paper with such insinuations. As one observer has already said, in the long term this type of shenanigan destroys your paper’s reputation – and circulation as well as your advertising revenue to boot. Editor, please stop being clever by half.

  10. This is sheer mischief .Journalism at its lowest ebb.No wonder why some say media credibility is compromised by an unbridled penchant for money . News day you have stooped so low. nxa!!!!

  11. Professor Moyo, Professor Jonathan Moyo, Professor Sam Moyo, Professor Sibusiso Moyo, Professor Doreen Zandile Moyo,

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