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Outrage over condom skirt display at Nassaf games


PARENTS have expressed outrage over a condom skirt, which was displayed at the National Annual Science Sport and Arts Festival (NASSAF) games held in Harare last week describing the outfit as an insult to African culture.


Nassaf games are held in schools, with learners showcasing their talents in artistry work from school level up to national level, with the view of promoting art. According to teachers, about 400 000 learners from all provinces were gathered in Harare last week to showcase their talents.

“In our culture, a condom is something that is respectful which cannot be displayed like that. Aids is a reality and at the same time sex-related issues are treated with respect not for public consumption and worse by school children, does it mean our culture has gone to the dogs or dogs have come to our culture?” one parent asked.

Another parent said it was immoral to expose school-going children to condom exhibits.

“A big number of pupils did not attend lessons because of these Nassaf games for the whole week. The grade sevens will be seating for their exams this October and form fours as well will be writing theirs this month, the pupils lost their precious time which they should have utilised had they been at schools,” a teacher said.

Contacted for comment yesterday, Primary and Secondary Education minister Lazarus Dokora said he was unaware of the display.
“A condom skirt, I am not aware of this,” he said.

However, Mashonaland East provincial chairman of the Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe, Chengeta Chapiwa, confirmed the incident,

“I can confirm this, it’s true the condom skirt was displayed on the final day of the Nassaf Games and it won a prize and the minister was there. But I am wondering what kind of mentality are we instilling in our children especially to girls, we have to take note of the environmental factor, these condoms are going to be thrown all over the place,’’ he said.

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