Opposition courts Mnangagwa


MORGAN Tsvangirai’s MDC-T and former Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s National People’s Party (NPP) have extended an olive branch to President Robert Mugabe’s under-fire deputy, Emmerson Mnangagwa, to join the opposition camp amid reports of a plot to expel him from Zanu PF.

Mnangagwa has come under immense pressure to leave the ruling party after he reportedly told supporters at the late Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Shuvai Mahofa’s memorial service in Gutu three weeks ago that he recently “miraculously” survived an attempt on his life after he was allegedly poisoned at a Zanu PF campaign rally in Gwanda.

The remarks earned him the wrath of Mugabe, First Lady Grace and his counterpart Phelekezela Mphoko, who demanded that he retracts the utterances.

As a fire-fighting measure, Mnangagwa issued a Press statement to try and set the record straight, claiming he had been misquoted by the media, but this was not enough to erase the damage caused.

Mugabe went on to reshuffle the Cabinet, relegating all alleged Mnangagwa loyalists to the dustbins.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu yesterday said it was high time Mnangagwa considered joining opposition politics after Mugabe took away his Justice ministry while Cabinet ministers sympathetic to him were either sacked or demoted in a mini-reshuffle announced last week.

“Events unfolding in Zanu PF now clearly show that Mugabe never liked Mnangagwa and the reshuffle was only meant to fix him and his supporters. If Mugabe was genuine about his reshuffle, he should have first reshuffled himself out,” Gutu said.

Gutu added: “We believe in a big-tent approach, so if Mnangagwa feels like he cannot handle the heat in Zanu PF anymore, which I think that is the point he is at now, he is most welcome to join the MDC-T. President Tsvangirai is always on record saying that anyone who genuinely repents from evil deeds is welcome to join us. I say to Mnangagwa this is the time, come let us reason together.”

NPP spokesperson Jeffreyson Chitando also weighed in, saying his party was looking forward to have Mnangagwa joining them.

“We don’t see the light all at once. Mnangagwa might have a not-so-pleasant past, but if he eventually sees the light and repents, then we are ready to accept him at NPP. Even if Mugabe sees the light someday, we are willing to walk the road with him,” Chitando said.

“We need each other to rebuild Zimbabwe. If ever Mnangagwa resigns and wants to challenge the status quo, he is welcome to join us. Mnangagwa and all the other people in Zanu PF who are being persecuted for being honest are welcome to join NPP.”

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  1. Comment…It makes sense for ED to join NPP as both have the same ideology. Some sectors within mdc-t view Dr Joy Mujuru as a zpf trojan horse and are not keen for her to join the so-called mdc alliance and the argument will be extended to ED. Both Mujuru and ED should join and consolidate their supporters. No need to beg to join mdc alliance.

  2. these are the two people who murdered. thousands of mdc members and supporters.Any oppoaition member wishing to join with them should be detained into a mental asylum.

  3. Ngaasvipwe neZANU obva aenda kufarm rake ondorima. Hatikanganwe Gukurahundi, 2008 massacres and looting of state resources for personal use. Chikurubi kungatove nani pane ku joiner MDC. Let him suffer for his sins.

  4. honestly if people like Gutu had even a little bit of conscience they would not be found talking about bootlickers like ED.that guy ED ,like JOICE,were there when this country was being rundown,sharing the spoils.Tell me GUTU ,when was the last time ED and his family slept on empty stomach? when was the last time ED slept at a filling station waiting for fuel?you guys in MDC are so in love with thins ZANU ,no wonder one of you married in ZANU as if MDC supporters cannot bear beautiful girls.ZVIKAZODII.

  5. Every vote counts! For once, let us learn to rise above trivial historical issues and accommodate all. Without fear of contradiction, I expect a mass walkout from Zanu PF following the impending leadership shake up. This will be last nail in the the ruling party’s coffin. We have to drop these holier-than-thou tendencies of accusing everyone at least to break the sequence of authoritarianism. Lets evaluate both sides of the coin and the safer one.

  6. MDC should worry of being entangled in Zanu PF internal politics. Gutu and his cohorts must start galvanizing the population for the 2018 vote rather than commenting on unnecessary issues. Remember the Baba Jukwa saga!

  7. Opposition parties particularly MDC-T should not be that desperate. What value does ED bring to the opposition…He is damaged goods, contaminated and toxic.
    Taurai dzimwe nyaya vanaGutu

  8. Save is back I think he should reshuffle his team going into the Elections. The likes of Obert Gutu and others should leave their posts. OB day in day out is busy commenting about Zanu PF issues, when are we going to hear about projects and programmes of MDC going into elections. Chitando has also joined in from NPP, vose vave ma spokespersons e Zanu PF hatina zvatirikunzwa zvekumapato avo zvine musoro.

  9. Does the opposition seriously need someone like Mnangagwa within their ranks? This is a guy with an unbelievably tainted history of human rights abuses and someone who was very complicit in the destruction of this country economy. Its best the opposition distance themselves from people like him. I never understand people’s obsession with fawning over these fallen Zanu Pf politicians, who have proved over and over again for the last 40 years that they have nothing to offer to the country but hunger and poverty. When will Zimbabweans ever wake up and learn?

  10. Muchato wembudzi nebere hauna kumbobvira wabudirira nekuti mukupedzisira bere raingozodya mbudzi… Ku alliance pasi nemhanduuuuu…. It can’t, Mnangagwa should stay there and cause confusion there as they fight for power not coming to the well established MDC Alliance. Iye akati ma rejects akasiiwa kuZANU auye ndiyani.. Even Mujuru should walk alone kuma elections she wont get 3 parliamentary seats saka ava vanhu havana basa sekushaya basa kwavakaita ku ZANU. They have abused their positions in gvt and therefore should only face the full wrath of law… FULLSTOP/PERIOD

  11. If Zanu nolomger needs ED, why should theMDC give him new blood? Its hard to see how the MDC has not understood up to now that since Joice joined the opposition, it has gone worst? These are and will always be ZANU people. If given chance, they will go back anytime soon.

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