Opposition alliance should not bank on Zanu PF infights


THE most pivotal elections in the country to be held in 2018 look very promising for Zimbabweans at first glance. President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party will play defence, while the opposition plays an offensive role.

Yet, the prospect of a united opposition to face Mugabe is all but diminishing. This is despite the fact that the Zanu PF party is faced with a litany of both internal and external challenges — the economy and service delivery — as well as the candidature of nonagenarian President Mugabe.

As is expected, there are on-going disputes about leadership positions and regional representation in the opposition. The different formations do not even share a common enough vision and political agenda in order to unite the groups and their supporters.

We believe the opposition alliance should not bank on the unhappiness in Zanu PF, poor service delivery, corruption or the poor economy, as this will not translate into a huge support base for the opposition coalition.

Indeed, these could prove to be detrimental to Zanu PF in the months of campaigning ahead especially unemployment, economic and social decay and corruption, succession fights and an elective congress, and the party primaries could further divide both the opposition and Zanu PF along factional lines.

There is no doubt that party primaries help to build name recognition, intensity, and a campaign organisation, but in some cases primaries really do hurt.

It is our contention that Zimbabweans should not wait for the intervention of the West to help them overcome Zanu PF in the 2018 polls. Zimbabwe is of little geo-political strategic importance to the West, and citizens should register to vote in preparation for the next elections.

The opposition should be warned that as Zimbabwe draws closer to the 2018 elections, there is little sign of the demands for political and electoral reforms that will be met by the Zanu PF regime. This is notwithstanding the vicious factional battles that currently dominate the Zanu PF politics.

This points to the fact that whatever the issues that presently divide them, as the country gravitates towards the next election, the Zanu PF factions are likely to find common ground, to protect their control of the State, accumulated wealth, and guard themselves against the dangers of accountability for the massive human rights violations they have been responsible for over the past 37 years.

Mugabe is clear that an unreformed electoral process will ensure little possibility of democratic success for the opposition. Zimbabweans should be warned the Zanu PF regime will inflict its long-honed strategy of selective violence and harassment that may well taper off, as the election gets closer.

The fact that Mugabe has already ordered the removal of vendors in major cities and towns across the country shows that Zanu PF wants to destroy perceived opposition strongholds, which have potential to give them a resounding victory.

Whatever will happen the opposition urban strongholds will be tampered with, and this is designed to ensure favourable voting outcomes for Zanu PF.

We have no doubt that the loss of traction of the once powerful labour movement that was central to the support base of the opposition MDC, should push the opposition to unite and start mobilising support before it is too late.

It is sad that in its current form, the opposition remains divided and fractured, with little sign that they are moving towards a more co-ordinated coalition. It is the citizens’ hope that the opposition put its house in order for a bruising fight with Zanu PF for the benefit of the people.


  1. The opposition are pushovers. We sang the song of electoral reforms for the better part of 2016 but it fell on deaf (opposition) ears. Now they are busy pursuing divergent causes and still expecting to win. What a paradox?

  2. The opposition alliance is an idea born by the media and those political outfits without support as they seek to gain some form of mileage and council and parliamentary representation through being allocated something by the mdct. Those who know that they can win something on their own do not seek an alliance. If, as we already know, the parties do not have support, quite obviously, it is not necessary that they are put under the umbrella of mdct in order that they be allocated an mdct safe seat in a council or parliamentary constituency in any part of the country. Their inclusion adds nothing, in terms of voter numerical value, to any formed alliance. They can be ignored safely. The leaders of those little parties know that they will be first on the list of candidates to receive the hand-outs from the mdct. they are not worried about all the rest of the little membership of their parties, so long as they get a guarantee that they will be in parliament or in a council after elections next year. Why this newspaper and other media outlets keep shouting about an opposition alliance in the face of clear facts that such a monster is worthless, politically or ideologically, baffles the mind.

  3. Vana Mai Mujuru are pushing a zanu pf agenda of dividing the opposition to the advantage of Zanu pf. That womana never left Zanu. She was given an under cover operation to destroy the opposition by splitting anti Zanu vote.

  4. Reforms or no reforms the voting majority, will not be influenced by such. ZANU PF’s so called in fighting is only about the top leadership, what ever changes happening at the top will not influence the voting majority. in short the voting pattern has not changed and will not change in the next election, if anything the new youth voters are the children of ZANU PF members. The majority of opposition members have no voting age children. The majority of opposition supporters have no lodgers, have no farm workers, have no property. The result, and increased ZANU PF majority.

  5. Comment…People are crying and fighting over nothing.There is the time of God’s restoration of our nation, between that time and now people must be preoccupied with something like what’s happening now.The agonising truth is that next year’s elections will not solve the problems we are faced with as a nation.

    There was a prophecy about 20 years ago which I didn’t believe at the time but all these years the pieces are slowly fitting into the puzzle.This prophecy came when I used to go to masowe, that was the time we had real man of God not now when we have mhombwe idzo who are scattered all over Zimbabwe forests.

    It was said people had wishes,wishes they were supposed to carry for almost a generation.Prophecy said, ‘ndaona tariro yevanhu mwaka uno, vanhu vachiti zvinenge zvaita, aah zvinenge zvave kuita asi ndaona zvaramba.Raita gore, rikauya rimwe akasanduka akave makore, ndaona vanhu vatambura kwe makore’.

    I didn’t believe that I always thought president Tsvangirai would be there,but alas that was in 2000 and we are almost to 2020 and nothing has changed.It’s only last week I was remembered this prophecy.With what is happening,I am cleverer now.

    There was a certain madzibaba who was brave enough to ask what will happen to Mugabe.The response was straight to the point, the holy spirit said no one would be able to remove Mugabe,and only God.It was further stated that Mugabe was going to be the Alfa and Omega from zanu pf to rule Zimbabwe.I think that’s why he has taken that to his dairies.Mugabe knows that no one will remove him that’s why he is stubborn.That’s why you see Mugabe patronising those long ago established apostolic sects.That is why he always urges worshippers to fellowship at the churches established many many years ago, not the recently established ones.

    Even Mnangagwa knows going far away from Mugabe he will be swimming against the tide.

    • Should we go to war because we have failed to organize ourselves to do a simple thing, voting ZPF out of power? Just looking at how many people are registering to vote, it just shows the lack of seriousness about our future and that of our children.

  6. Zimbabwean politics its all about regionalism, tribal and individualism. The one in power will never allow anybody to ruin his legacy of maintaining his stance against the west .if mnangagwa took over the power and reengage with the West it will definitely ruin the man’s legacy.

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