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Do not lose your marriage because of hardships


Today, let me encourage readers out there, who might be feeling the pinch from the current economic hardships affecting the nation and the Southern Africa region.

BY Kilton Moyo

I saw a headline last week by one of our local daily papers screaming Economic hardships wreck marriages.

It is sad when one has to destroy their life base just because their economic situation is bad.

I believe that you never let go that which you love and live for under whatever circumstances.

The one thing that everyone of us has to hold onto in good or hard times is our marriages and families.

There is no excuse for giving up on these institutions that do not necessarily depend on the economic situation.

I think there is need for us all to understand and separate issues.

Marriage and families do not operate on money nor by the state of the economy.

Marriage is not a money institution and money does not colour the blood in marriage.

Money is just an instrument that is useful in marriage, but does not make marriage succeed or fail.

For anyone, therefore, to destroy their marriage and say it is because of economic hardships is being irresponsible and ignorant.

Unless you convince me that you married for money, then you can walk away if there is no money or food.

Marriage is designed to last when everything else is gone.

Whatever is born of God overcomes the world.

Marriage is designed to wither the storms of life.

Marriage is founded on something bigger and stronger than lack of food or money or anything you can think of.

Unless we understand these things, we will see people refusing to be responsible and then giving up on their marriages, bringing untold pain and shame to their children and spouses.

All the reasons given are just scapegoats and excuses.

Love cannot be made weak by lack of money or hardships around us.

Love is the weapon we have from God to overcome all these.

Any normal person, who is self-respecting and sober-minded will not sell his or her family with such excuses.

In hard times, responsible fathers and mothers will protect their families.

It’s time to defend your family

You are responsible for your family; you cannot blame the economy or anyone for your family’s collapse.

Any reasonable parent will sacrifice to protect their family.

In times such as these, I challenge and call on parents to readjust and do all they can to defend their families.

You can lose everything, but your family.

You can lose everything, but your marriage.

Lovers stick together

Love is not temporary and is not based on material things.

If you really love your family, the current situation should not change that.

In hard times, winners stick together.

When you are under attack, know who is yours.

Your spouse is your best line of defence and your best teammate.

Your economic status will not necessarily change because you have divorced your spouse.

If it did, you will carry a burden of shame in your heart.

We might not see it, but it will haunt you.

My encouragement is that you stick together.

Now is the time to bond, find each other and fight together.

Do not steal to fend for your family

Corruption is everywhere and is becoming like a normal way of life.

If you are a family builder and you are serious, I am challenging you not to build your family on corruption.

You are working against yourself when you do so.

You are betraying your children and your loved ones.

Never build your family on such a faulty foundation.

Never build your family on such shame.

You are opening your family to serious curses in the future.

Many of us are caught up in this.

Be honest

Beloved, when things go bad, your best option is honesty.

Operate from that level and you will see the hand of God.

I am talking about people who want to build a future.

Think beyond your selfishness.

Think about your offspring.

Shortcuts have a tendency of boomeranging, as their benefits are temporary, but their effects are generational.

I want to encourage a mindset of honesty in such times as these.

Let us be transparent.

Let us engage as spouses and reason together.

Build teamwork and be content with the little that you have.

After withering the storm, celebrating as a couple and as a family is quite joyous.

I am encouraging people to look at the bigger picture.

It is not your spouse who has caused the economic hardships, so why sacrifice them then?

There are things never to let go even in a storm.

You can throw away other things, but not your marriage nor your family.

Keep them and defend them.

As I have said, money is not the lifeline for marriage.

Above all, this is time for us all to be responsible spouses and parents.

In a storm, limit your passion for things and be pragmatic.

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