No need to overburden ill Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai

THAT the severity of MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai’s illness could affect his efforts to lead the opposition coalition is not only sad news, but is sure to derail the struggle for democracy and easily give away the people’s struggle to the fractious Zanu PF regime.

At a time the economy is on a precipice and with the soon-to-be 94-year-old President Robert Mugabe clueless on how to reverse the challenges, it is clear the majority could be further reduced to vagabonds.

While other members of the MDC-T could view Tsvangirai’s ally Eddie Cross’s disclosures on his health as unpalatable and hypocritical, it is important that Zimbabweans are aware of what is happening to him.

We do not hold any brief for Tsvangirai, but we are aware that Zimbabweans, who are neck deep in poverty, are crying for a change after Mugabe’s failed 37-year reign of terror.

There are over 50 opposition parties angling to fight it out at the ballot box next year, and the signs are many could be proxies of the Zanu PF regime wanting to confuse the citizens. We urge the electorate to make their right choices in peace.

Zimbabweans are more sympathetic to Tsvangirai than Mugabe because of the suffering they have endured under the latter’s rule, and with no sign he may relinquish the throne, it means more suffering for the citizenry.

We condemn Mugabe’s love for absolute power at the expense of the majority, who are wallowing in extreme poverty. It is our hope that Mugabe learns from other African leaders, who have let go their thrones to the younger generation for the prosperity of their countries.

Of what help will this be to Zimbabweans if Mugabe dies without emancipating the citizens economically due to poor governance, excessive corruption, and his wife First Lady Grace Mugabe and his sons’ profligacy.

It is time Mugabe walks the talk, put structures and ways of stabilising and growing the economy otherwise his Machiavellian approach of setting his top party officials against each other at the expense of the population should just come to a stop.
It is in this light that we urge top opposition leaders to approach Tsvangirai’s health issue with caution.

They should avoid any efforts to set them against each other for the sake of democracy and the people.

Tsvangirai or not, the struggle for democracy should not be stalled. Besides, the opposition should show that fighting for positions is alien to the alliance for they carry the hopes of the downtrodden.

We believe that the opposition should work even harder and kick-start their campaign to instil confidence in Zimbabweans that they are geared to fight for the throne.

There is definitely no need to overburden Tsvangirai, who is suffering from an aggressive form of colon cancer, and whether or not if he wins the polls, he might have difficulties in handling the responsibility of being the country’s President should not feature at all now, as it is something that can always be dealt with at the opportune time.

It is time for the opposition to come together in supporting Tsvangirai, who could be carrying the hopes of many Zimbabweans going into the 2018 elections.


  1. People can talk soft talking the way they want,but the bottom line is that Mugabe and zanu pf are a gang of evil doers who do not have zimbabwe at heart.The zanu pf fratenity can keep on supporting their blood band part,but the truth is this that the evil spirits will catch with them,i swear.

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