No holds barred: Mphoko Mnangagwa, in nasty fight


ACTING President Phelekezela Mphoko, and Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa openly traded barbs, as 93-year-old President Robert Mugabe’s succession wars reached a tipping point yesterday.


Mphoko, in a hard-hitting statement released on Tuesday night, accused Mnangagwa of undermining Mugabe’s authority and trying to destabilise the country by fanning ethnic tensions for political expediency.

But Mnangagwa immediately shot back at Mphoko yesterday, declaring his counterpart was neither qualified nor competent to comment on his medical reports, since he was neither a doctor nor his employer.

In his statement, Mphoko warned Mnangagwa against undermining Mugabe by claiming that he was poisoned at the Gwanda rally in August, when his doctors had dismissed the poisoning claim when they met the President.

“It must be said that Mnangagwa’s statement that he was poisoned, when his medical doctor has authoritatively said he was not, is disappointing,” Mphoko said.

“There’s now little doubt, if there ever was any, that there appears to be an agenda to undermine the authority of President Mugabe and to destabilise the country by using lies to fan ethnic tensions for political purposes.

“This must stop and do so sooner rather than later.”

Mphoko’s statement came after ZBC ran a story on Mnangagwa’s Gutu rally address.

“Reference is made to a ZBC report that Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said for the first time in public that he was poisoned in Gwanda on August 12, 2017; the day of President Mugabe’s youth interface rally in Matabeleland South,” Mphoko wrote.

“Contrary to his statement, his medical doctor, while briefing President Robert Mugabe in the presence of Mnangagwa, confirmed that Vice-President Mnangagwa was not poisoned.”

Mphoko’s uncharacteristic statement followed Mnangagwa’s claims at the weekend that he was poisoned at the Zanu PF Gwanda youth interface rally, which led to his airlifting to South Africa for medical attention.

Mnangagwa was addressing party supporters at the memorial service of the late national heroine, Shuvai Mahofa, on Saturday.

Mahofa’s family has openly claimed that the late Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister was poisoned in Victoria Falls at the Zanu PF conference in December 2015.

Mnangagwa, in a terse response, said Mphoko had no authority to comment on his health issues.

“If that statement is his, he is neither competent nor privileged to comment on my health because he is neither my doctor nor my employer.

“Therefore, there is no need to dignify the statement with a response,” he said.

Mnangagwa’s claims he was poisoned where seen as contradicting what Mugabe told party supporters at a Midlands rally weeks after the former returned from South Africa, where he was treated after being airlifted from the Gwanda rally.

Initially, Mphoko’s statement was not on a government letterhead, but later, officials from the Vice-President said a new letter had been drafted and was ready for collection.

“Yes, it is a legitimate statement,” Tabetha Kanengoni-Malinga, the Minister of State in Mphoko’s office, said, before revealing that the original one was prepared in a “hurried manner”.

Mphoko alleged in his statement that Mnangagwa and Mugabe had publicly ruled out that the Vice-President had been poisoned, something Information minister Christopher Mushohwe corroborated.

“Vice-President Mnangagwa’s Gutu claim that he was poisoned in Gwanda on August 12, 2017 is surprising in the light of the public record on the matter.

“No one else other than Mnangagwa himself confirmed this position at the last Zanu PF central committee meeting held on September 8, 2017, where he emphatically said he was not poisoned.

“This was after he made the same disclosure to the politburo the previous day,” Mphoko said.

“In view of the above, Mnangagwa’s latest claim that he was poisoned in Gwanda cannot go unchallenged not least because everyone can see that it is a calculated afterthought to challenge President Mugabe’s public account that Mnangagwa’s medical doctor ruled out poisoning, as the cause of Mnangagwa’s traumatising vomiting and diarrhoea in Gwanda.”

Mnangagwa’s close relative said it was shocking that Mphoko had feigned serious lack of understanding of simple English.

“Mnangagwa was poisoned, it was not food poisoning. There was a foreign substance injected into his food, the food itself was not stale and it was not toxins from the food, this is what President Mugabe said in Gweru, it cannot be Mnangagwa’s fault that Mphoko cannot understand English,” the family member said.

Mugabe, in his public statement, disclosed that Mnangagwa had not eaten stale food and dismissed claims his deputy had been poisoned by Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi and Health minister David Parirenyatwa as alleged by the Vice-President’s ally, Energy Mutodi.


  1. Comment…Hutano ndehwa Garwe kwete mboko kana mugabe,tibvirei apa,size tinokupai 2018 vukurai zvenyu

    • zvinotaurwa na chiremba ne patient its private and confidential saka zvekuti akataura na HE hazvina basa anogona kunge akanyepa nekuti dai akataura chokwadi the patient was going to sue him saka munhu anoziva zvakaitika ndi ngwena kwete Mboko

  2. Comment…Why where you singing mazezuru unconquerable in chiweshe a whole big vp like you? that’s when you lost “it” us you can see “we” still remember it

  3. Mugabe has a chance on his side to sink both Mboko and ED accusing them of disunity among themselves as national leaders whom he trusted.He will accuse them of betraying his trust fighting instead of uniting for the party and country.he may possibly fire them for that and replace them with Grace and a another weaker and empty vessel like chombo etc

  4. Mnangagwa said that what happened to Mahofa is what happened to him. I don’t see how Mphoko interprets this to mean that Mnangagwa is saying he was poisoned, unless he is sure Mahofa was poisoned. Secondly, Mnangagwa is right to say that people of Masvingo deserve respect, but he should have gone on to say all people, even from non-Zezuru provinces, deserve respect. Is is actually the ‘Zezuru unconquerable’ song that pegged Zimbabwe back in terms of national healing. The characters in the ‘Zezuru unconquerable’ clowning moment are known, Mphoko being one of them. He should tell this nation what happened to those divisive elements. Why is it okay for top government officials to sing a clearly tribalistic song, while it is not okay for another top government official to ask to be respected? Why the double standards?

    • i agree with you Machakacha, to quote him verbatim he said “Ndinofunga kuti zvakaitika kuna Mai Mahofa ku Vic Falls ndozvakaitika kwandiri kuGwanda…..”

  5. Because it was stated by President Mugabe does not necessarily mean that it is true. Let ED himself explain the poisoning because it was inflicted upon his body. Mugabe and ED should sort out their own issues, please. Biased referees are not invited.

  6. Mphoko you will be the ultimate looser. why release such statement in a hurry to the extend of forgetting to put government letterhead. Also the press release document was written by Jonathan Moyo. iwe chako kugona kutambira song zezurus unconquerable, releasing vasungwa from police stations, always defending Jonathan Moyo kuti hongu akabva but mukamusunga its tribalism.

    Now gloves are off. Mugabe akataurisa, Mnangagwa chibudisa mafiles amugabe aya real video on roles played by Mugabe on Gukurahundi [ mugabe giving instructions, briefings, updates, funding for the army yaindouraya etc ]. the whole country will see this gukurahundi video in few days to come. Video will do all the talking

  7. He says the doctor says there were no traits of poison in the Vice President’s blood. But what amazed us was how Mnangagwa vomited and had diarrhea and there was swelling and they fought a battle to save him. They gave him about four drips in succession… “Anga akuenda murume uyu” (He was almost dying this man). Brain yake futi was getting affected asi akashingirira building up his strength and body .The doctor said we will keep investigating to find out what may have caused the sickness, but it’s not food poisoning,” says President Mugabe. somehow an old man like our president would always tell the truth. old people say the truth sometimes without realising it. “Anga akuenda murume uyu” but it’s not food poisoning,”

  8. Comment…ED is a dead man walking. He should have known he was being used to get rid of Joy with promise that he would replace her

  9. Mphoko has no locus standi to bully Mnangagwa. If he wants to impose such headboy mentality, he should go back to high school (assuming he was ever there). He is merely a pawn on G40’s power chessboard.

  10. The people of Zimbabwe really need brave people. we are stupidly poor because of our cowardice. People sing Zezuru uncongourable. Jonso, Mboko, Chombo, Zhuwawu, Grace etc dancing. Is this not tribalistic? Ngwena says people of Masvingo deserve respect. Is this tribalism or regionalism. Ngwena Says… “Zvakaitika kuna Mahofa ndozvakaitika kwandiri…” Is this really similar to say that Ngwena was poisoned? Please ipai mbiri kuna Ngwena come 2018. Zviya zvokuti Masvingo is one party State (Zanu) zvapera……. ose ma MP ezanu achahwina asi pana President apo iiiiih hameno. Hatingashandiswi kuisa Grace pachigaro ne chitsotsi. Kwete kwete…

  11. Mphoko has no locus standi to bully Mnangagwa. If he wants to impose such headboy mentality, he should go back to high school (assuming he was ever there). He is merely a pawn on G40’s power chessboard.

  12. And to imagine anyone ever thought – let alone thinks – mnangagwa is smart!!
    What a load of rubbish – even failing to twist something most public of ways.
    The man was always a bully, and like all bullies, he has nothing once his bubble is bust!

  13. @ M Maxxist. you want us to believe you dreams. yes Mnangagwa is not smart but he is not dirty like the current leader who preside over a cashless, jobless, freedomless, leaderless, econormyless …..etc country. Mnangagwa is a better devil shamwari. Who is better between disGrace and Ngwena. we know very well that we are being tricked to vote for someone who would give power to his wife. Open your eyes guys….

    • That guy is smart, he knew how to expose people. He simply issued an ambiguous statement and people started wetting in their pants.

  14. Ngwena haana kutaura zita. Why are these people shivering? Pamwe akaroyiwa nemuzukuru. Kuvhunduka chati kwatika uku. Vadii kungonyarara sezvavanongoita kune vamwe ndiye wekutanga here.

  15. Mphoko hapana chinozikanwa ngaende munhu uyu, where the hell did he come from?? 2018 ED chete chete

  16. Stage managed fictional fights to divert attention from the burning issues in the country, the time people realise this Zanu will be having another fresh 5year mandate to loot and destroy the country

  17. So was Shuvai poisoned if we may ask? No one officially told Zimbabwe that Shuvai was poisoned but fell sick in Vic Falls. So they accept they poisoned Shuvai but not ED.

  18. Comment…When he sang and.danced like a big drunk tout that zezuru conquerable song that’s the moment you lost it Big time as far as many normal people regardless of tribe color or religion are concerned never mind those white folk you where confusing or threatening with your “reconciliation ” offer from 1980 in 2017?

  19. Ko iko kugwara kwaMunangagwa kunoda kuti chiremba wake ape explanation kuna Mugabe or Mboko here? Mboko une zvaunoziva iwe nezve poison wanga woti hapana anofungidzira. You also know a lot nezve cyanide and you have been breaking into Munangagwa’s office kutsvaga incriminating evidence but hapana zviri kubuda. Chasara kuita plant evidence moisa report kuti search him. Mugodhoyi Mboko.

  20. Ladies and Gentlemen why fighting over the two VPs. Let get Dr. Amai to the presidency and maintain cdes Mphoko and ED Mnangagwa as VPs our party will remain stable tikadaro.

    • The will shut the mouth of the like of Kasukuwere, Mutsvangwas of this world, Jonathan Moyos and Matemadanda. I like ZANU PF and I would like to see it united once again

  21. Mphoko has never fought any war; and therefore he has not lost anything. You can only lose if you fight somewhere. Talking about somebody’s health is not a war that anyone normal would like to win.

  22. Those who joined the journey midway now think the journey is theirs, yet it’s not and will never be. If you try to catch a fish by putting a snare on a rock outside water, you will realise that you won’t catch it. Masvingo is the best province, whatever anyone says. Those who castigate the province don’t know what the future holds and when things come to a head, we will try to see where each one of us stands. Zvese zviri kutaugwa zvichapera kana nyaya yaakusvika kumagumo (everything being said and happening now will soon be over). Masvingo should not be intimidated or made inferior. Let’s do our things in unity because there is nothing wrong with standing by the people from one’s home province, so that in the end you are found alongside your relatives. We are a sovereign province we deserve respect. I have come to tell you that what happened to Mai Mahofa in Victoria Falls is what also happened to me. I am making tremendous recovery. Those who wished me dead will be ashamed because when God’s time for one to die is not up, he will not die. I still have many years to live and the truth will come out. -ED Mnangagwa.

  23. Comment..mind you VaMugabe is not God, he himself is aware of the fact it’s these mbokos who want us who are aware of what God can do through first hand experience believe mugabe good or bad is going to live for ever.

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