NGZ to equip art teachers

National Gallery of Zimbabwe (NGZ)

NATIONAL Gallery of Zimbabwe (NGZ) education and public programming officer, Akim Nyakudya on Wednesday said the gallery will hold a workshop to equip teachers with skills demanded by the new school curriculum.


Nyakudya said the two-day national theoretical and practical art teachers’ workshop will be held on October 30 and 31.

“As the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, we have a mandate to develop teachers and support schools in addressing art appreciation and enjoyment,” he said.

Nyakudya said the workshop — which will run under the theme, Mapping the Future of Art Development, Implementing the New Art Curriculum and Addressing Challenges in the Classroom — will focus on practical solutions for teaching and learning.

“The arts in the new curriculum are a move in the right direction. It will enable an increase in appreciation in the arts by the populace, thereby, facilitating the growth of the sector,” he said.

Nyakudya noted that presentations at the workshop will focus on, among other things, the need for literature by Zimbabweans who understand the local context to complement what is already available, making art practical so that art students will be easily absorbed into the arts industry upon leaving school.

“Art is intrinsic to a balanced education system as it helps build innovation, creativity and help expand democratic values such as freedom of expression and access to information. Teachers will also be given alternative materials for art,” he said.

Zimbabwe has updated the education curriculum to make art an integral part of education, necessitating the need for art teachers to be trained.

Nyakudya said the workshop came after realisation that art is a billion-dollar industry the world over, so it is important it is made the integral part of the economy.