‘Next female VP should be ex-PF Zapu’

Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo

THE Christopher Mutsvangwa-led Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) yesterday said it was lobbying delegates to Zanu PF’s extraordinary congress in December to choose the next female Vice-President to come from the former PF-Zapu, arguing Zanu PF had had its time under former Vice-President Joice Mujuru.


PF-Zapu, formerly led by the late Vice-President Joshua Nkomo, stopped existing following its merger with then Prime Minister Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF as part of the December 22, 1987 Unity Accord.

Since then, government has had two Vice-Presidents representing both parties, and these were mainly men. Mujuru’s elevation followed an amendment to the ruling party’s constitution to include a women’s quota in the presidium.

She was, however, expelled from both Zanu PF and government in 2014 after serving as President Robert Mugabe’s sole deputy since 2003, following the death of then PF-Zapu representative John Nkomo.

At the time, Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa was leading the race to assume the post left vacant following the death of Simon Muzenda, but his chances were torpedoed by the amendment to the Zanu PF constitution.

Mugabe has already indicated that he was toying with the idea of introducing a third vice-president, as party youths have started lobbying for First Lady Grace Mugabe to take over from Mnangagwa.

But, war veterans aligned to Mutsvangwa’s executive, which is viciously opposed to Grace’s ascendancy, said they preferred a former PF-Zapu cadre.

“On the issue of a female quota for the presidency while contentious, as the ZNLWVA we feel and are of the view that the next female VP must come from PF Zapu. It is only fair that this be the case as Zanu PF had its time when Mujuru was the VP,” ZNLWVA Bulawayo provincial chairperson Cephas Ncube said.

“We were against this move to amend the constitution to push for a female VP as the whole thing looks all sinister, but if railroaded we will push to have a female VP who was in PF Zapu. The last female VP was from Zanu PF and common sense must dictate that this be rotated and be given to PF Zapu.”

The extraordinary congress will also see Mugabe endorsed to represent the party in the 2018 elections. The Mutsvangwa-led ZNLWVA is at loggerheads with a faction of Zanu PF going with a tag G40 that it accuses of having captured the ruling party. The G40 has the backing of the First Lady.


  1. So in accordance with ZNLWVA’s views on the next female VP, then the next President should also come from ex PF-ZAPU after President Mugabe, since President Mugabe is from ZANU-PF side, andizvo here vaMutsvangwa?

  2. The agreement between Zanu PF and PF Zapu only deals with the vice President’s position . The president’s position can be taken by any one .

  3. That is correct Khulu. If not then there is tribalism.PF Zapu should start working on who is going to be the next President from now.

  4. Comment…Spot on Khulu , the moment that female VP comes from ex-PF ZAPU then the president must also be from ex-PF ZAPU. No complains no tribalism

  5. Should it matter which tribe the next VP is going to be coming from? People should be chosen on merit not on tribe or gender. Also, how many VPs does this little impoverished country need? Greed and obsession with power is way out of control on every level in this country.

    • Exactly, poor Zimbabwe should have just one VP who should double up as minister to reduce number of ministers and expenditure. But no, they wish they have even three VPs and many obscure ministries to get as many people as possible onto the gravy train. Enough.

  6. Hoping that majority of Zimbabweans are the youth and born free, we have to reason outside the box lest we suffer from ‘political malnutrition’ like our predecesors. At present we should be talking of new, 21st century constitutional guidelines on these top seats at the expense of waywardly partaking in compromising juxtaposed post-colonial agreements that no remain longer relevant. Its time to get out of the (mental) incarceration box, kick it away and reason broadly.

    • Comment… the unity accord was just a bluff to Zimbabweans the Mugabe’s they believe in one center power their ideology is the power must stay with Mugabe’s , Mugabe knows clear that he is now incapacitate thus why he as the leader of G40 faction pushing for his wife so that they will also keep their wealthy protected it’s not that he’s not aware of what’s happening inside his ZANU , he just a hypocrite leader.

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