New MSU dance group born


MIDLANDS State University (MSU) dance group — Born to Dance— have thrown their first salvo with cover version recordings of Sandra “Sandy” Ndebele’s Tshibilika and Selmor Mtukudzi’s Hangasa, which are trending on social media platforms.

The crew, which is based at MSU Zvishavane campus, has emerged as a source of entertainment for the small mining community.

Group leader, Obey Kanjera (23), told NewsDay that they want to bring in something new to the arts industry.

“We want to try something new as most dance covers done in Zimbabwe concentrate on just dance routines, but we want to marry the concept of the song and our dance routines,” Kanjera, who is a choreographer, said.

The group is working on doing do more dance covers and plans are in the pipeline to open a dance studio in Zvishavane.

Kanjera said they feel honoured to have done dance covers for Sandy and Selmor and they wish to work with the artistes in their future projects.

“We feel honoured to have done these dance covers and this was our first project and being given the greenlight by such big artistes to showcase our talent is something we never dreamt of when we started last year. We wish to work with Selmor and Sandra in their future projects,” he said.

Kanjera said the project started as a hobby and they later became a group comprising of students.

“As the group comprises of students, we have limited chances for shows or talent search programmes. However, we have made good use of the social media in order to promote our covers,” he said, citing YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.