National quality infrastructure policy on the cards

Minister of Industry and Commerce Mike Bimha

The government is in the process of formulating a national quality infrastructure (NQI) policy to enable the country to participate better in regional and international trade, an official has said.


Officiating at the ISO certification of Nash Paints on Wednesday, Industry and Commerce minister Mike Bimha said the policy will lead to public health, consumer and environmental protection and ultimately economic growth.

“The dinner has occurred during an era the government, in its bid to promote standardisation, is working towards straightening the national quality infrastructure as it establishes and implements the practice of standardisation, including conformity assessment services, metrology and acceleration,” he said.

“This will enable our country to participate successfully in regional and international trade, as this leads to better public health, consumer and environmental protection and ultimately economic growth, poverty reduction and better quality. This will be buttressed by a national qualify infrastructure policy, whose formulation is work in progress under my ministry.”

The policy comes as the government has rolled out a consignment-based conformity assessment programme to improve quality of regulated imports and reduce the importation of hazardous and substandard products.

Bimha commended Nash paints executives for working hard in growing the company into a large manufacturing entity.
The company started off with a staff complement of four and now employs more than 200.

Nash Paints attained IRO 9001:2008 quality management system certification to ensure highest quality levels in value creation and customer satisfaction.

“My ministry acknowledges the considerable hard work and dedication the management and staff of Nash Paints have made to achieve this international standard. As it stands, Nash Paints has become a pillar not only for the local sector but also regionally and internationally,” he said.