Mzembi vows to engage Zim ‘detractors’


FOREIGN Affairs minister Walter Mzembi has said he is looking forward to engage the country’s Western foes in his push for commercial diplomacy.


Mzembi disclosed this when he officiated at United Nations Day commemorations on Monday which were attended by various Western diplomats.

Zimbabwe has had frosty relations with Western countries owing to disagreements on policies.

“I also intend, going forward, to pursue a thrust on rapprochement, we need to get back together with many of our friends that have gone away,” Mzembi said amid applause from diplomats and guests.

“I also intend to open new frontiers of friendship with countries under the UN ambit and if the Uruguay trip was not anything to you, it meant the marking of the opening of relations to new frontiers of friendship between Zimbabwe and the countries that we are identifying, but even more importantly, I will follow a very robust thrust on commercial diplomacy.”

Mzembi added: “We need to convert our political relations now into economics so that we can uplift the lives of our people.”

The Foreign Affairs minister, who is smarting from the embarrassing World Health Organisation incident where President Robert Mugabe was dethroned as goodwill ambassador four days after his appointment, said it was important to reach out to “old friends”.

“My desire is to keep the flame burning around old friendships and we have many of them, they are manifest in this room,” he said as he referred to his shift on policy thrust.

Mzembi said his appointment as one of the youngest ministers in the portfolio signalled the regeneration of the government.

“It will be marked by my own deployment in this sector, which in itself is very symbolic of the regeneration of our government. I am arguably the youngest Foreign Affairs minister to be deployed in this portfolio and in itself it is a signal from the President on how we are going to engage together,” he said.


  1. He is the youngest foreign minister ever to be appointed in Zimbabwe but the French Head of State is even younger.

  2. Mzembi is young, naive & indeed stupid to dream Mugabe is capable of changing his ways for the better, the rest of the wiser world knows the stubborn old donkey will go into his grave unreformed

    • Soon the old man will be gone and it is good that these young people have started to chart a new course, at least by way of intent.

  3. Oh they are foes now that’s why we do not get together with them. That and the fact we do not listen to their economic advice as it in reality says do not steal the peoples money and how could the government survive without corruption and force

  4. He is right but i am afraid that his government wont change its policies as long as the man himself is around , so Muzembi dont waste your time telling us that. Thank you.

  5. It might be “exciting” and “fun” for Walter to be appointed by RGM, some of us think it’s a curse. Why? He could start by figuring out why Zimbabwe has become a pariah. Those he is referring to as “…our people” are voters who are shackled to Zanu (RF) as opposed to having willingly voted for it etc
    Walter, those you consider to be your detractors have full documentary evidence of this govt’s misdeeds. Have you forgotten that the old man “pulled the country out of the Commonwealth” without any consultation? Simply because he didn’t want criticism!
    Even some of the greatest innovators and inventors of our time, consider criticism.
    You’re like a new app running on an ancient operating system mister…

  6. Walter Muzembi could have been a level headed minister in a normal working government,but his dream of ever thinking that Zimbabawe will positively engage the western countries when Mugabe is still at the helm is nothing but a pipe dream.The western countries will only engage Zim when Mugabe stops the sanctioning of abdutions,beatings and murdering of innocent people for exercising their right of belonging to a political party of their choice.This has been Mugabe’s triump card on almost every election except for the 1980 elections so to ever think that he let go something that has made him being the only president Zimbabweans have ever known is unthinkable Walter.As much as you might want to impress on your new job you must keep it in mind that you can never teach old dogs new tricks.

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