Mujuru draws daggers against party treasurer

NPP leader Joice Mujuru

FORMER Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s National People’s Party (NPP), faces imminent collapse amid reports of a massive purge of top officials seen as questioning her leadership qualities.


Several party executives have been booted out, while some have left on their own, accusing Mujuru of exhibiting dictatorial tendencies. NPP treasurer-general Wilbert Mubaiwa appears to be next on the firing line with party hawks dragging him to a disciplinary hearing on allegations of undermining Mujuru and sowing seeds of disunity.

In a letter dated October 9, Mujuru through her secretary-general, Gift Nyandoro, accused Mubaiwa of bad-mouthing her.

Mubaiwa, apparently is the party’s main funder with the party’s head offices located at his Avondale home.

“This letter serves to notify you of allegations of a serious nature being levelled against you. It is alleged that on June 25, in Masvingo you uttered the words to the following effects: “That you had defeated the president of the party Dr. Joyce Teurai Ropa Mujuru when you won elections as the treasurer-general, when she was fighting against you as you were alleging.

That you had been tasked to come to Masvingo and go to Manicaland because you have got money. You indicated that your other colleagues in the top six did not have money for fuel so they had been tasked to go to provinces which were nearer,” part of the allegations read.

Mubaiwa refused to comment on the letter, referring all questions to the party’s national disciplinary committee (NDC).
“You can either talk to Nyandoro or the NDC because I remain guided by the party constitution, that does not allow me to discuss internal party issues in the Press,” he said.

Mubaiwa’s woes came amid allegations that Mujuru was running the party like Zanu PF, with most decisions made by members of her inner cabal.

“She is now a Nyandoro person, hardly listens to the people and has failed to deal with concerns from members decisively. She has allowed Nyandoro to be everything in the party, he is now acting treasurer general, secretary general and Mujuru’s personal advisor and spokesperson. He is also even the defacto spokesperson,” a source said.

Nyandoro refused to respond to the allegations only saying “as a party, we don’t discuss internal party processes in the newspaper and more so on alleged incomplete due processes. Put simply, any attempt to do so subjudices any noble party governance issue.”


  1. Among a crop of other (political) oldguards, Mujuru should be negotiating her retirement package. They are no longer relevant to modern politics and the current woes are subject to their whims. Her domineering character has cost her dearly in her chequered political career. Unless these ‘barriers’ pave way for new blood, Zimbabwe continues marktiming in all fields for as long as it takes. Everyone thinks of changing the nation but noone thinks of changing themselves.

    • @ Man Kenya…………….you have said the truth which many of his supporters do not know. For how many years one being in power. apa she started this politic thing when she was only 18. now as old as she is, she still thinks of helping resuscitating the ailing economy which i do not believe she will be able to do considering that she has been thieving for many years and she never repented on her wrong doings

  2. Mujuru is Zanu Pf through and through. Every reasonable person is/has left NPP. NPP is a Zanu project where Mujuru is surrounding herself with puppets who have no capacity to question her stupid decisions’

  3. mujuru has always been a dictator. remember she was being natured by Mugabe for decades. thus her dictatorial tendencies came not as a surprise because she is used to no challenges. she always hides from the truth

  4. People who are supporting and attending to zanu pf meetings and rallies are fueling the distraction of families and suffering of Zimbabweans.Why are Zimbabweans full of selfishness?But the earth is greater than Mugabe and his evil supporters.

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