Mugadza to face the music over Mugabe death ‘prophecy’

Kariba pastor Patrick Mugadza who was recently arrested for staging a one-man demonstration against president Robert Gabriel Mugabe during the Zanu Pf party conference in Victoria Falls last year.Pic By Tafadzwa Ufumeli

Kariba-based Remnant Pentecostal Church leader, Phillip Patrick Mugadza’s bid to challenge his arrest and prosecution over his “prophecy” stating President Robert Mugabe will die on October 17, yesterday went up in smoke after his application seeking stay of prosecution, was dismissed by the Constitutional Court (ConCourt).


Chief Justice Luke Malaba, sitting with the full ConCourt bench, declined entertaining the matter on merits and dismissed Mugadza’s matter on the basis that the case had been improperly brought before the court.

Justice Malaba then told legal practitioners and magistrates that there was a misconception that every matter raising some difficulties between them must be referred to the ConCourt.

“There is a misconception by lawyers and magistrates, who always fail to determine the questions and the issues to be referred to the ConCourt. The lawyers and the magistrates must first decide whether there are questions and issues, necessary to be referred to this court.

“Questions to be answered by magistrates must be done so; magistrates must decide whether or not the questions raised for determination are frivolous and vexatious,” he said, before dismissing the matter by consent with no order as to costs.

Mugadza was arrested in January after he “prophesied” that Mugabe will die on October 17.

The State alleges, by so doing, the man of the cloth insulted the Christian religion and African tradition.

Mugadza’s then lawyers, David Hofisi, Gift Mtisi and Dorcas Chitiyo of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, challenged the laws under which the cleric had been arrested, arguing they were unconstitutional.

During the hearing at the ConCourt, Mugadza was represented by Tawanda Zhuwarara, instructed by Mtisi, while the State was represented by Fungai Nyahunzvi from the Prosecutor-General’s Office.


  1. If I prophecy that it will rain gold and it does not is that an offence I can be arrested for. A prophecy can come true or may not but it is not a case to prosecute but to laugh at the false prophecy.

  2. such predictions are only valid for a person under the age of 70. in the Old Testament, false prophecies had their associated measures. they were written down so that muporofita wacho aisazoti “he-e hazvisirizvo zvandaireva”

    who will win this bet zvamakabhejerana?

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