‘Mugabe should reshuffle himself out’


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe at the weekend disclosed he will reshuffle his Cabinet this week, as the succession circus gripping his Zanu PF party continues unabated.


Political analysts accused Mugabe of hypocrisy and called on the Zanu PF leader to look at his performance first.
Academic and political analyst, Ibbo Mandaza described Mugabe as the worst performer and Zimbabwe’s biggest problem.

“I find it inane to talk about performance, as the basis for a reshuffle in a moribund government. It’s a factional reshuffle,” he said.

“It will be difficult to apply performance measurement and if that were to be used, then Mugabe should go. He is the central problem; the country is basically radar-less. Mugabe is a hypocrite. The buck stops with him.”

Human rights activist, Dewa Mavhinga said the reshuffle could be Mugabe’s way of further weakening beleaguered Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is accused of plotting to topple the country’s sole leader since independence in 1980.

“A Cabinet reshuffle will not be decisive on the succession issue, it could be a further decimation of Mnangagwa’s political support base, but Mugabe might retain a weakened Mnangagwa in the Cabinet,” he said.

MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu said Mugabe’s threats to reshuffle the Cabinet was “much ado about nothing”.

“It’s like applying lipstick to a frog. Nothing will change. If at all we must have a Cabinet reshuffle a few months before a general election, then it should be Mugabe reshuffling himself. He could make changes to the executive every hour or every minute, nothing will change. Mugabe must step down,” he said.

The planned reshuffle was reportedly triggered by nasty fights between Mnangagwa and First Lady Grace Mugabe.
The last Cabinet reshuffle was in September 2015, when Mugabe axed allies of his former deputy, Joice Mujuru, whom he fired in December 2014 over accusations that she was plotting to topple him.

She denied the allegations.

Government sources yesterday claimed Mnangagwa’s lieutenants could be the major causalities.

Among those rumoured to be on the move are Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa, a key Mnangagwa ally said to be going back to the Justice portfolio, which will be taken away from the Vice-President.

The appointment of the Chief Justice and Prosecutor-General remain contentious issues with Mnangagwa firmly in the spotlight.

Chinamasa has not endeared himself well with Mugabe and has burnt his fingers after a civil service job cut and expulsion of “Zanu PF youth officers” employed after the 2013 general elections.

Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo is reportedly earmarked to take over as Finance minister, with Obert Mpofu likely to replace Chombo.

Lands minister Douglas Mombeshora, Tshinga Dube (War Veterans), Joram Gumbo (Transport), Simbarashe Mumbengegwi (Foreign Affairs) and Josaya Hungwe (Psychomotor) are among several Mnangagwa allies facing the axe.

Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao could also be on the move, as he is tipped to take over as Public Service minister.

The 93-year-old leader told a Zanu PF youth league meeting on Saturday that he would be looking at the performance of his Cabinet ministers to see if they were still relevant.


  1. If the world’s greediest minister Chombo takes over finance ministry that will be the end of Zim for sure

  2. Comment…kkkkk Gutu nailed t chero akachinja minute after minute hazvina shanduko.Him n da idiotic wife shld leave Zim in harmony

  3. which performance measure will he use??? there is no perfomance as far as 2009. which means everyone was busy looting at the expense of the people

  4. No worries, the greatest cabinet reshuffle is the one that will be made in heaven, God is proving to us all that even while Tsvangirai is battling for his life away in hospital & there’s virtually no opposition to talk about God can still do the impossible & cause Zanupf to be completely destroyed all by itself

    • I concur with you, have been thinking about that for months now, I feel like change is coming which no one will be able to deny. God is in control!

  5. True this power hungry old man should just resign before he starts getting the sympathy of old age

  6. Mugabe reminds me of the worst player on the team being a player-coach and then decides to substitute other players instead of himself. He should be the one to step aside, he is way past his use by date.

  7. True, its all about Munangwagwa. Tisanyeperwe ne reshuffle. He and his wife want to weaken and expose Munangwagwa. Soon he want to go kuma parastatals ese anenge aine vanhu vaMunangwgwa. Aaaaa ngazvipedzane isu tiri kumaterraces.

  8. I think Ed maybe retained. Chris Mushowe may be reshuffled as Zanu information is basically dead as he and Khaya failed dismally to handle the Grace SA assault case.They are no spin doctors at the level of Jona who has not done a bad job at Higher and Tertiary education! Jona may come in to information again and this may mean the redeployment of secretary charamba. But then again Bob mite fire ED and have a woman (oh my God!!Grace) as vp to fall in line with the wat was prevailing before Joyce was kicked out. Ironic that Ed will fall foul to a woman vp -again!!And Bob should replace himself as well.

  9. Comment…He should be in a nursing home not reshuffling anything but playing bingo. The wife needs to be arrested for manipulation and taking advantage of her husband’s old age asap

  10. Comment…VaMugabe needs to be forced to retire ladies and gentleman. He should be playing bingo in a nursing home for Christ sake at 93 not reshuffling anything hamutosvodi?

  11. Comment…Im sure you would agree that you have been recycling your self for a very long time now and its high time you retire peacefully

  12. All about self protection of the Mugabe dynasty and zero concern for the long suffering people. Even the people seem clusless about how to protect themselves from the Mugabe onslaught

  13. In fact Mr President, I would urge you to remove Munangagwa to please your Bambazonke wife , Mboko , Jonso and Saviour. Thereafter you will know that you will enter the 2018 election free of “enemies”.We will then show you the real Zanu people. Ignore advice yangu ini chidhakwa but you will realize kuti ndiwe wakadhakwa come 2018. Sure mukadzi akatiza murume achidanana naBoss ndiye wotaura kuti vamwe ndivana Bambazonke? Handei tione.

  14. The search for a scapegoat is the easiest in all hunting expenditions. Oftentimes we keep seeking for the ‘necessary changes ‘ while blindly ignoring the fact that we are the change in question. Cosmetic cabinet reshuffle is destined to achieve nothing socioeconomically but a recipe for disintregation of the ruling party. This, mark my words, may be the beginning of the end of an era.

  15. One thing I know for sure is that na’nga maprofita venguwo tsvuku nhema ne dze yellow will be busy this week dealing with VVIPs. Back to sender handiende.

    • Rambai makashinga .hanzi nguruve kana yave nenzara inodya vana vayo.this man destroyed our country now he is in final phase to destroy zanu itself with ED gone there will be no Zanu to talk about.

  16. Kkkkkkkkk, pakaipa arume. Reshuffle my foot. Do a reshuffle inside the state house. Dont waste our tym pliz. Tanetawo nemi.

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